TNA Title Talk #1


TNA title Talk are posts that will have my thoughts, views, and opinions on the current state of any or all of the TNA titles.

The TNA World Heavyweight Championship title held by Kurt Angle has me scratching my head. Currently he is feuding with the bizarre one Eric Young. I get the feud. It is a solid feud and the matches have been very entertaining. I think most of us are enjoying the feud. Last Friday night in the middle of the ring Drew Galloway the leader of "The Rising" stood face to face with Kurt Angle. Drew was in the process of asking for an opportunity in so many words for a title shot. Eric Young had to interrupt stating that he was not done with Kurt Angle. Eric won't be done until he is the new TNA World Champion. This is what I have expected with this feud. At the same time Ethan Carter has been campaigning for a title shot. Week after week Ethan has been coming out dressed in a suit with Tyrus boasting what he has accomplished since his arrival and claiming he is the next World Champion. Ethan has been feuding with Mr. Anderson. On top of that Austin Aries has been carrying his briefcase around meaning to turn it in on many occasions for a World Title shot. There seems to be plenty of interruptions though that he has been unable to turn it in. It appears to be a theme. Currently we have a handful of wrestlers that the creative team has decided to be in the mix for a title shot. There is something about it I like. I can't put a finger on it. The direction feels like the wind and perhaps that is the intention by the creative team. I have to applaud the creative team for generating confusion for the fan.

The TNA Tag Team division have been hampered with injuries. First it was The Wolves. Eddie Edwards had gotten injured and The Wolves had to vacate the titles. The legendary high flying tag team The Hardys had captured the titles in a tournament. It wasn't long after capturing the titles that Jeff Hardy injured himself. The Hardys had to vacate the titles. If you are a member of the creative team this would be frustrating. Eddie Edwards has returned though so it shouldn't be long that The Wolves recapture the titles. The good thing is that TNA has a couple of other teams that are possible contenders such as The Rising, Beat Down Clan, Dirty Heels, and The Revolution. TNA has depth in the Tag Team division and has an opportunity to push younger wrestlers.

Whether it's the World Title, X Division, Tag Team, or the Knockout title capturing them is significant for wrestlers. It's a special moment and a milestone. Last but not least it gives us something to talk about.

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