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TNA Title Talk #2

Most of thought we would see EC3 wrestle Kurt Angle for the world title at Slammiversary. This match was removed from the PPV. Slammiversary has brought back the King of the Mountain Match. This should be good. Lets back up I'm not sure how the fans felt about Destination X but it was a solid show but did have a couple head scratchers. It just seems that TNA seems to waste the Feast or Fired concept. Austin Aries has captured two chances, not only one briefcases for a shot at the World Title. It just seems that TNA's creative approach is completely different than WWE's version of Money In The Bank. The MITB concept seems to elevate stars such as Seth Rollins, Edge, and the Feast or Fired just gives the wrestler the opportunity. I'm not saying that TNA needs to duplicate what WWE is doing but something is missing. I think most of us see it is EC3's time anyway. I didn't see Austin Aries winning it nor did I see Rockstar Spud do the same. The matches though again were solid.

Currently the TNA World Tag Team titles are vacant. At Slammiversary we will see match #5 of best-of-five series between The Wolves and The Dirty Heels. This has been a TNA classic in my mind. The first four were great matches. I see The Wolves recapturing the gold. I am sure #5 will be just as good as the others. When The Wolves recapture the titles who will be next in line? Will it the be The Hardy's again? It would be nice to see a different team battle The Wolves for the titles. I wouldn't mind seeing the Beat Down Clan or The Rising. \

Just like the Tag Team titles are vacant the X-Division title is too. We witnessed a colorful tournament at Destination X. Low Ki, Tigre Uno, and Grado have advanced in the tournament. Next week we will see the crowning of a new TNA X-Division Champion. I would be happy to see either one of these wrestlers win it. This is a title though where the reign doesn't seem to last long.

One of my concerns in this era of wrestling is how often a title changes. I think if it changes too much the title becomes less prestigious. I'm not saying that we need reigns to be like Bruno Sammartino but Bobby Roode's reign was significant. It truly elevated him as a wrestler. In my eyes it's not the title that elevates the superstar but the reign is what does it. It's the title defenses, how he or she wins, and who he or she beats.

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