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TNA Turning The Corner?

Does TNA need another faction? I love the fact TNA acquired Drew Galloway and think he is a great acquisition. When the two other unknown members entered the ring on Impact Wrestling and stood beside Drew “The Rising” was born. It appears that Drew’s feud with The Beat Down Clan is no longer a numbers game. I was hoping to see Drew stand on his own two feet and slowly climb through the TNA rankings but the creative team has chosen this path. I am not opposed to this path but it occurred to me that TNA will now have three factions – The Revolution, Beat Down Clan and now The Rising. It will be interesting to find out who the other two members are in “The Rising”. Will more members be added to this faction? It will also be interesting if Drew will be a great leader of this faction. Only time will tell.

Is EC3 finally getting his push for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship? When Kurt Angle stood in the middle of the ring trying to enjoy the moment of being the champion many former TNA World Champions claimed to be next in line. One by one, each wrestler came down to make a statement – Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Bobby Lashley, Eric Young, and the most interesting one EC3 with Tyrus beside him. It will be interesting how this plays out over the next couple of weeks the fact six guys claim to be the number one contender. I thought it was quite intriguing how EC3 was in the mix despite never being a World Champion. In fact, I was thrilled. EC3 not being a former World Champion was pointed out. Perhaps we are getting closer to the fact EC3 is ready for the main event. Perhaps Kurt Angle is a transitional champion. I would love to EC3 as a World Champion by the end of the year. Right now I am just enjoying the fact that TNA has thought he is deserving of a push.

Why is TNA taking a gimmick match such as Lethal Lockdown and making this a main event on Impact Wrestling? Jeff Hardy against James Storm was an impressive match. Jeff did get his revenge with a victory. I just would think that this is the type of match that TNA would book on a PPV. On the other hand, perhaps TNA is trying to acquire more of audience and trying to increase the numbers of people watching at home. I am fine with that. I was just looking at it from an economic and value point of view.

After watching Impact Wrestling Friday night I do think the overall product is improving. Again, I think there is tremendous value. When TNA is making Lethal Lockdown a main event on Impact Wrestling a fan should be thrilled. We are only in the first couple of months of 2015 and am very impressed with the overall creative direction. Perhaps the creative direction is turning the corner.

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