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TNA Value

In my last post I predicted that the TNA World Heavyweight Championship match between Kurt Angle and Lashley was going to be good. I stated that if the match had happened ten years ago that this would have been a better match. I had anticipated to see a solid match as the main event but I was wrong. I will admit when I am wrong but I think this may be one of the best matches so far in 2015 for TNA. The match was quite unpredictable and both performers were at the top of their game. The seesaw battle was epic. I expected to see more of a slow moving match considering the ages of both performers. As a fan if you paid for a ticket for that show you would have gotten your money’s worth. Again I will admit when I am wrong. As a fan if you stayed home and watched the show this was great entertainment.


Not only did you witness one of the best of matches of 2015 you were able to see Rockstar Spud turn in his briefcase to capture the X-Division Championship against Low Ki. I was happy for Rockstar Spud. I think he is a wrestler that is slowly coming into his own despite his size. I consider him as a bright spot in TNA. I enjoy the feud that he has had with EC3.

Someone made the comment to me that all I do is complain about TNA. I understood their perspective. I am a firm believer that if TNA removes the idea of ever trying to compete with the WWE they will be fine. TNA has plenty of former WWE stars and finding other talent abroad. I like the overall talent. I scratch my head sometimes at the creative direction and storylines. At the end of the day when I watch TNA I see value. Not every match will be amazing and not every storyline will make sense in the eye of the fan. I think as a fan I watch it for what TNA has to work with financially. It’s very easy to say that TNA doesn’t have WWE money. I think we all know that. Unfortunately in most people’s eyes the WWE is the benchmark.

Although I wasn’t thrilled to see Kurt Angle win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship the value of the match that I received was better than average. This match could have easily been put on a PPV and had people pay for it. Perhaps that is the one thing I would do differently. The point that I am trying to make is when I watch TNA from week to week I see value. There are bad, good, great, and amazing matches. Every week I see something good. I see stars evolving. Rockstar Spud winning the title is progress especially after his feud with EC3. If I watched every match of TNA and they were all bad I wouldn’t be writing this article.

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