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What TNA Wrestling Needs To Focus On In 2015: Match Meaning

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This new website series titled "What TNA Wrestling Needs To Focus On In 2015" is so self-explanatory, but it also warrants the statement of what I think TNA Wrestling needs to focus on. These focal points are certainly subjective and we definitely saw that for my first one about the X-Division. That is completely fine. I love hearing your thoughts and opinions. I still think the X-Division needs to be focused on in 2015 as that is the division that TNA Wrestling was built on in the early years. It is what SET TNA APART! It is what made them UNIQUE! And setting themselves apart and being unique is WHAT TNA WRESTLING NEEDS! They need to be different. The X-Division does just that. For the next focal point, it is quite simple and it is all about the the meaning of matches!

Let's face it... MOST of the matches TNA Wrestling has on Impact Wrestling mean absolutely nothing! We seen that from the X-Division to The BroMans and The Beautiful People vs. The Menagerie. And while there are some matches that do actually mean something, the story is weak and there's no purpose. What's the payoff?

I will certainly get into the process of story telling in the next focal point, but for this, for there to be a match there has to be a reason. There has to be a reason why Gunner is facing Bram while Gunner is already feuding with Samuel Shaw.

I wrote yesterday on Vince Russo's website questioning whether Friday nights will actually hurt Impact Wrestling. During that article, I pointed out the possibility that TNA Wrestling is just targeting their core, loyal, and hardcore audience and no longer is their top priority growing their casual audience. That is my assumption based on what I see, so I am not stating that as fact. Until we get an answer from top TNA management, which I doubt they will say anything about that, we just have to speculate. At any rate, if they are in fact just targeting and pleasing their loyal hardcore fans then they could care less about the meaning of the matches. They could care less the purpose of the matches because they will watch either way. It is the casual wrestling fans that will tune out if the match has no meaning.

Matches are suppose to be revolved around the story lines, and the art of story telling is the next topic I will get into. They go hand and hand, but I certainly would love to see TNA Wrestling focus on the point of the matches they are making. I made it my mission on "#TNANewsBooksImpact" so I expect TNA to do the same!

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