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What TNA Wrestling Needs To Focus On In 2015: Unpredictability

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Over the past several weeks I have been writing installments for the series "What TNA Wrestling Needs To Focus On In 2015". The topics I am discussing is simply subjective through the eyes of my own. In the series, I mentioned the X-Division, match meaning, stories, and now I will be talking about one key word and that's... UNPREDICTABILITY!!

While TNA Wrestling needs to be unpredictable in 2015, they also need to start it right off the bat with their live show on January 7th, 2015! Impact Wrestling will be going live on Wednesday the 7th of January at 9PM ET. We know in the past that "live" may not actually mean live, as it could be taped an hour or so in advance before airing, but it is as close as live as live gets without it being live... Does that make sense?!

With that being said, the company needs to make 2015 start off with a bang! They need to give it their all with this show. The following week Impact Wrestling will be on Friday nights, but as far as the Wednesday show goes... They need to grab people and keep them interested! They also need to show the whole wrestling world what they are about. TNA Wrestling is not dead. They are alive and they need to show people that they are kicking!

On this live show, the company needs to forget about their old format. They need to drop the "pure wrestling" attitude. If the company wants to blow everyone out of the water, they, in my opinion, need to drop bombshell after bombshell. Let's go back to January 4th, 2010 for a minute. Remember that show? It was LIVE on Monday night where Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff made their debut as well as the return of Jeff Hardy. It was an explosive night all around! So, how can TNA bring unpredictability in 2015? First, we already know that Bobby Roode vs. Lashley for the TNA World Championship is set for that night. Imagine if Lashley won the belt back... Sure, that's unpredictable. Let's take it a step further. Imagine if both got knocked out by MVP as he finally turns on Lashley to take him down so he can capture the belt in 2015? What if we saw someone make their debut in the company... Maybe Alberto Del Rio as he interferes in the main event? They could make the lights go out and then have them come back on with both Lashley and Roode motionless on the mat. Who did it? We then try to connect the dots in the weeks to come. Capture the audience. Make them want to return!

This show needs to have surprises. They can bring new people in, as I said, like Alberto Del Rio. Just make sure it is the right people, not like The Nasty Boys. Surprises could also mean the return of Bully Ray or Samoa Joe and they destroy several people in the back and also ruin one of the matches during the night to make an impression. Maybe a start of a new faction? Maybe a new championship? What about a return of the queen, Dixie Carter?

That is just for that January 7th show. Again, TNA needs to engage the audience. They need to make them want to watch the following week and the weeks to come. There needs to be interest. Following that live show, some say it may be harder to capture people's interest because they will be taping a series of shows for the next month or two. Spoilers will be out there for the world to see. Alright, that's fine. Yes, it actually is. Record the matches and let the spoilers of the matches be available. You can't stop the internet. But, don't let the people know what happens backstage. When you record backstage segments, do not show them to the audience. Keep them a secret. It will be these backstage segments that will make everything unpredictable. If Dixie doesn't show up on January 7th, maybe she will show up a couple weeks from then through a backstage segment. She could be with MVP at her side. Talk about a swerve! New factions could be made through backstage segments. Debuts can be made through backstage segments. I haven't even mentioned The Revolution yet. As that faction keeps growing, imagine if some top star like Bully Ray returns to join the group. The story for that can be that Bully doesn't want to lead a faction, as we seen what happened to Aces & 8s, but he wants to be part of one to take a bite out of the company. Instead of Bully Ray it could be Jeff Hardy! There needs to be a story and reason as to why he would join with them. Create one and you are off to the races!

Unpredictability doesn't have to be just on live shows. It can be on taped shows as well. It can be all year around. TNA Wrestling needs to create that image of being unpredictable and "can't miss"! Start with January 7th and then every week after that. Make sure something huge at the end of each episode happens to keep people tuning in. That is simply my opinion.

I'm excited for 2015 for a number of reasons, but one of them is the return of Impact Wrestling with original programming. The company begins a new era and we all should hope for the best!

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