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What TNA Wrestling Needs To Focus On In 2015: The X-Division

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Over the course of the next week, or couple of weeks, I will be writing short write-ups here on the website about what TNA Wrestling should be focusing on in 2015. As we all know, Impact Wrestling will now be airing on Destination America starting January 7th with a LIVE episode of the show. They will then be moving to Friday nights the week after. Being a TNA Wrestling based website, it is our duty to not only deliver the best content about the company, but to do our very best to help the company out in terms of getting the word out and to hype whatever they have in mind. With them moving to Destination America in 2015 (Yes, that's another plug), I want to take a look at the show and the company as a whole and look at what they need to focus on in the coming year to help them on multiple levels. Listen, wrestling is subjective. While there may be some people who say, "TNA doesn't need to improve one single bit," that is a total and utter lie. Stating that should be a crime! There's always room for improvement. Nothing is perfect. Plain and simple. So, I will be doing my best in giving my thoughts on what TNA Wrestling should focus on. I encourage other writers for the website to do their own articles on this as well if you have a difference of opinions, AND I also encourage readers of the site to email me an article, if you want to write one, about what TNA should improve on and it will be published on the site! If you are interested, email me:

As you can tell from the title of my article, it is obvious that I want TNA Wrestling to focus on the X-Division in the coming year. Why? It's quite simple.... IT'S DIFFERENT! It's unique. It is not something we see everyday. It is not something we catch on regular WWE programming (their competition).

The X-Division is a lot more than just high flying matches. I want to make that clear. You can have all of the high flying matches in the world, but it isn't going to matter if, well, they don't matter. Those matches won't matter if they don't mean anything. No one will care if you don't give them the sense that they should care.

First, the X-Division needs a story or two. When the X-Division was hot in 2005 and several years beyond that, there has always been a story or two involved. It could get personal from AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels to Samoa Joe vs. Christopher Daniels. You had these personal grudges. However, beyond the story is the characters!

Back during that time you had these characters that you can really categorize - Whether they be from a different country or if they had a different style or by their personality. They were all different and unique. You can certainly tell them apart. Each one had something special. If you look at the X-Division right now, what is the difference between Low Ki and Homicide? They really haven't gave us any reason or any casual fan the ability to tell them apart besides who is actually the champion right now.

Stories. Characters. Next, and last... The action! When I first tuned into the X-Division, not only did I remember the characters and I followed the stories, but I watched the in-ring work from them because their stories resulted in them having a match. You then watch the match and it would blow you away. It would be tremendous. It would be so awesome. The action. The ability. The talent. They would blow the roof off of the arena. It would be a sight to see. Some people like that kind of matches while others like more ground mat wrestling, but at the end, these matches will certainly turn heads and would absolutely have the casual fan remember it.

I certainly thought the X-Division would get a face lift in 2014. It did, yes, but nothing... NOTHING like I or anyone else thought it would. In all honesty, as I am not going to lie, it was bland. It wasn't great. It was flat out horrible at times. No story. No build. Just random matches. That's great if you just want to fill time up on the show, but if you look at the short term picture of a 3 month period, that match will not only not do anything for the show but it would be utterly useless.

With Impact Wrestling airing on Destination America starting January 7th, I can only hope that the company will start showing focus on the X-Division once again. This focus can't be stop and go. This focus can't last several weeks. This focus needs long-term. This focus needs character development and stories. This division is what MADE TNA Wrestling unique. It WAS what people remembered TNA Wrestling by. In the start of the new year, the company has to do everything in their power to be unique and different (More on that in later articles). However, one thing that certainly sets TNA Wrestling apart from other major wrestling promotions in the United States is the X-Division. The X-Division is established. It has history. It can certainly be marketable. Like a plant, if you water it... It will grow!

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