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#TNANewsBooksImpact: 10/22/14 Episode

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It was voted BY YOU that the new series I should write right here on is Booking Impact. We had booking articles on here in the past from our writers, but there was never an instance that came from me. The difference is that I used to write scripts for wrestling shows from 2008-2010 in my online fantasy wrestling company. Some can say it is called "fantasy" for a reason, but in all seriousness, it was a tough task that required a lot of time and energy and it was as close as you can get to an actual wrestling show.

With #TNANewsBooksImpact, I will be writing the script of the show based on how I would do the stories, angles, and matches. I will be looking at the previous week's Impact Wrestling and pretty much say, "If I stepped into the booking committee after that show aired, how would I book the following week?" Simply put, my bookings will not entirely mash together week after week BUT it is TNA's job to make the most sense out of their stories and feuds on their show. Each week I will insert myself like I just started with TNA Wrestling. So, everything you see on my script will reflect what happened last week (as well as the previous week with some stories not being showcased on the last Impact show). I would love to read your thoughts and you can even give your own booking ideas! Let's squeeze some creative juices out of our minds! Let's begin!

Opening Segments:

I would first start of Impact Wrestling with a video package showcasing what happened last week highlighting the winners of each match and ending it with Bobby Roode standing victorious as he is the Number 1 Contender for the TNA World Championship. I would have the voiceover guy state at the end, "The fallout from all of that and more on tonight's Impact!"

The camera will show the arena with the crowd on their feet. The camera cuts to Kurt Angle backstage. The camera is following him as he walks up to Kenny King and MVP as they are walking to Lashley's room. Kurt stops them and tells both of them that, if they missed it last week (as they both had the night off), Bobby Roode is the new Number 1 Contender for the TNA World Championship. Both MVP and King mock Kurt as he talks. Kurt goes on to tell them that there will be a contract signing between Roode and Lashley tonight in the ring. Kurt will be conducting the signing and states that both can be out there BUT if they attack Roode at any time in or out of the ring, he will have no problem suspending them without pay or even firing them. MVP and King flip out. Kurt tells them to have a nice night and walks off.

Devon's music hits and he comes out on the stage, walks down the ramp, and gets in the ring. He has a serious look on his face like he means business! He grabs a mic. He tells the crowd that he has been bruised and banged up his entire career! It doesn't matter what wrestling promotion he was in, he always received pain to the highest degree. He brings up Bram and how he attacked him last week. Devon understands where Bram is coming from. He can take a beat down, BUT there is no way he is going to let someone else slide and that's Ethan Carter III. Ethan stated that he beat Devon last week which Devon totally discredits. There's no way he beat him. It wasn't even a match. If Ethan wants to put his money where his mouth is, then come out and fight - Or should he say his aunt's money... If her parents gave her the weekly allowance. Devon waits. Ethan doesn't show up. Devon goes to leave, but Tyrus comes through the crowd, enters the ring behind Devon, and hits Devon in the back of the head. He falls. Tyrus picks him up, whips him in the corner, does several big splashes, then does a huge body slam to Devon in the middle of the ring. Devon holds his ribs in pain as Tyrus stands over him. Ethan comes on the stage, walks down the ramp, and enters the ring. He grabs the mic.

Ethan states Tyrus is 100% more effective than his former best friend Rockstar Spud. Ethan then looks down at Devon and tells him he is a washed-up fool who should no longer be in the business. Ethan puts his foot on Devon's chest, Tyrus falls to the mat and counts: 1-2-3! Ethan jumps up! Tyrus stands and holds Ethan's arm in the air! Ethan gets on the mic, "I just beat Devon!"


Backstage Segment:

Jeff Hardy is walking backstage but Bram quickly comes from behind and hits Jeff in the back of the head with a trashcan. Jeff falls. Bram continues the assault with trashcan shots to his back, arm, shoulder, and knees. Matt Hardy runs up to the scene but Bram tosses the trashcan at Matt and Bram quickly runs off. Matt aids Jeff.

First Match - Crazzy Steve w/ Rebel, Knux, and Freak vs. Jessie Godderz w/ Angelina Love and DJ Z

It's a singles match between Crazzy Steve and Jessie Godderz with Rebel, Knux, and Freak at ringside for Steve while Love and DJ Z at ringside for Jessie. It is a pretty dominate match from Jessie. DJ Z tries to distract the referee several times. Freak has enough and walks over and takes DJ out with a big boot. Jessie lifts Steve up for a military press but Steve falls forward and turns it into a small package for the win. Steve, Rebel, Knux, and Freak celebrate up the ramp while Jessie is furious in the ring. DJ is still out while Love looks worried for Jessie.


Backstage Segments/Video:

Jeff and Matt march into Kurt's office. Kurt asks how Jeff is doing. Jeff can withstand pain, no problem, but Matt is furious. Matt tells Kurt that they are in the Tag Team Tournament as it was announced on TNA's website on Friday. Matt beat Magnus last week but still isn't done with him. He now wants Bram and wants both of them for the tag team tournament match. Kurt books it for tonight.

A video plays that was filmed earlier today of Eric Young and Austin Aries talking in the backstage area. Both praise each other for their tremendous work in last week's Fatal Four Way Elimination match. They are both upset that they didn't win but are happy for Roode. Aries goes on to state that he really likes the work of Eric Young and has honestly been impressed by him. In fact, Aries knew Young had it in him ever since he first saw him in TNA. Aries mentions that 8 Tag Team Tournament that is starting tonight. Aries would love to team up with Eric for the opportunity to get gold. He admits he failed at the X-Division Championship and for the TNA World Championship. Maybe he needs that extra something. Young loves the idea and agrees to team up with him.

The camera shows Homicide and Tigre Uno talking backstage. They agree to team up and be part of the Tag Team Tournament as they reveal their disgust with James Storm and his Revolution!


In-Ring Segment:

Taryn Terrell's music hits and she comes to the ring. She states that she is one Knockout that is still left standing ever since Havok came into the company. Havok's music plays and she comes to the ring after her menacing entrance. She grabs a mic and asks if Taryn really wants to do this. (I want to build Havok up to be more multi-dimensional so I'm giving her time on the mic). Havok goes on to state she took out Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky, and Gail Kim. Taryn states her match against Gail on 7/24 ended in a No Contest. She is up for the challenge. Havok tells her to watch what she wishes for. Havok turns around and goes to leave, but Taryn turns her back and does a dropkick to the face. Havok falls through the ropes but lands on her feet on the outside. Taryn stands and smiles while Havok has a stunned look on her face. She becomes furious. She grabs the steel steps and tosses it up the ramp. She grabs chairs from under the ring and throws it up the ramp while keeping one and hits the steel ring post multiple times. Havok screams full force. She slowly walks up the ramp keeping her eyes locked on Taryn.

Video package plays hyping the force that is Lashley and then the man that is the It Factor of professional wrestling, Bobby Roode. Their contract signing is later.


Second Match - James Storm and The Great Sanada vs. Homicide and Tigre Uno in the Tag Team Tournament

It is a great contest that nearly takes up 10 minutes of the show as it features each star showcasing their unique talent. The match is over when Sanada uses the green mist on Homicide and seals the fate with a Super Kick.


Jessie Godderz is backstage. DJ Z and Angelina Love try to comfort him but Jessie tells DJ to go get him a mirror so he can look at himself to make him feel better. DJ goes. Jessie stares at Love with a very interested look on his face. Jessie starts to whisper in Love's ear. She nods and has a smile on her face. Jessie points to a closest and Love agrees. He walks her to it and they go in and close the door. Soon after, DJ Z comes into the screen looking for them. He has the mirror. He can't find them so he uses the mirror for himself.

Brittany is sneaking around the hallways of the backstage area. She gets to a door that says "Locker Room". She quietly opens the door and peaks in to see if anyone is in there. No one is. She proceeds in and searches for the name tag "Samuel Shaw" at a locker. She goes up to it, opens it, and takes out a luggage back. She opens it and looks through it. She takes one of the shirts Shaw wrestles in. She puts it in a ball and rubs it all around her face while smelling it. She suddenly folds it nicely, puts it under her shirt, and gets out of the room.

Third Match - Samoa Joe vs. Low Ki in a Non-Title match

This match becomes a huge spot fest between the two as they try to out due each other. They go back and forth with close near falls every two minutes or so. The fight goes from in the ring to outside to in the ring to the outside. In the final moments, Joe has the upper hand and goes for the Muscle Buster, but Low slides out of it but "stumbles" and hits into the referee. He falls. Joe turns and grabs Low but Low hits Joe with a low blow. Joe falls to the mat instantly. Low climbs the corner, hits the double foot stomp, and gets the 3 count. Low quickly leaves the ring, walks up the ramp with a smirk as Joe, laying there, stares at him with dead eyes.


The #Impact365 video plays, which was released on TNA's YouTube page earlier this week, showing Rockstar Spud in the airport about to board a plane but gets a call from Kurt Angle at the last minute. The video ends and a graphic appears: "Spud Speaks - Next Week!"

The Wolves are shown backstage. They are in front of a dry erase board. They are writing down the matches that will/had happened in this Tag Team Tournament. They start to ponder about the other tag teams involved. They get excited as they can only imagine working with even more legends in the business.


Fourth Match - The Hardys vs. Magnus and Bram in the Tag Team Tournament

The match showcases several combination moves by The Hardys, as well as from Bram/Magnus, but the tag team chemistry really shines with Hardys. However, every time Magnus is the legal man, he seems to go more on the defense while when Bram is the legal man Bram becomes more on the offense side. The match ends when all four brawl it out in the ring but it only leaves to Bram and Jeff the last two standing (Legal men). Bram takes advantage of the beat down he gave him early as he goes after the back and neck area. He finishes it with Velvet Noise.


Contract Signing:

MVP, Kenny King, Lashley, and Lashley are in the ring. Kurt is conducting the contract signing. Lashley is willing to sign on the dotted line, but MVP stops him and cuts a promo about how outrageous this is. Roode tells him to shut up and cuts a tremendously emotional promo on his love for the business, for TNA, for the fans, and for his family. Lashley signs and throws the contract to Roode. Roode signs and throws it back at Lashley. Lashley throws it this time at Roode’s face. Roode stands but MVP and King move forward in front of Lashley. Roode laughs. King and MVP stare at Kurt and then slowly move away. They leave the ring. Lashley goes to leave, but he turns, jumps on the table and tries to spear Roode in mid-air but Roode catches him and Roode Bombs him through the table! King and MVP look like they saw a ghost. Kurt smiles as he takes the contract and leaves the ring.

Backstage Segment:

The camera quickly turns to the backstage area as the camera man is running up to a body laying on the ground. Chris Melendez is down and laying in a pool of his own blood. Mr. Anderson kneeling there trying to confront Chris while at the same time yelling, "We need help! Get help! We need help!!" Chris is motionless on the ground. Ken stands up and looks around with a very worried look on his face. The show fades.

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