#TNANewsBooksImpact: 10/29/14 Episode


When I first started #TNANewsBooksImpact, I stated that I would act like I am new to TNA Wrestling's creative writing department each week, but when I saw the huge difference from my show to Impact Wrestling last week (10/22/14), I started to think whether I should carry on my stories or go with theirs. At the end, I have made the decision to continue my quest as if I started in TNA every week. So, with last week in the books, I have just been hired by TNA this week to start booking their shows.

Looking at TNA's line-up, I am going to have to carry their matches that they have on their show over to #TNANewsBooksImpact simply because they are already announced. I AM NOT going to change something that has been advertised. That is not how I am. That is not how you conduct business. I'll be working around those matches as well as what has happened on last week's Impact Wrestling. Let's get started!

Opening Segments:

A video package plays showing the recap of what happened last week from all of the stories that occurred to the Tag Team Tournament. The video then turns to Bobby Roode vs. Lashley for tonight. It shows each star's history in TNA, their goals and aspirations, and what this match means to them tonight. The big fight feel is certainly there.

The camera is backstage as it shows MVP, Kenny King, and Lashley from earlier today. Lashley has the TNA World Championship in his hands as he continues to look at it. MVP tells Lashley that he has this match tonight. He tells Lashley how dominate and fierce he really is and he will have no problem retaining the belt tonight and he (MVP) and Kenny will also had gold soon in terms of the TNA Tag Team Championships. They will have most of the gold in the company and that speaks volumes. Lashley looks up from the belt and tells MVP that he doesn't want him or King at ringside. Lashley knows how great Lashley really is and he wants Roode all himself. MVP tries to tell Lashley that he and King will be there just for support... but Lashley moves toward to MVP and says he doesn't need support.

Match One - Samoa Joe & Low Ki vs. MVP & Kenny King in the Tag Team Tournament

This easily becomes a 12 minute long match that really shows why they are some of the best athletes in the wrestling industry. Joe shows his unstoppable rampage while Low Ki shows his impressive moves while MVP shows his ground wrestling ability while King shows his high impactful kicks and suplexes. It is a back and forth battle between the two teams. It becomes an all out brawl in the ring as all the stars enter. It ends with Joe and MVP. Joe does his combination moves and ends with a Muscle Buster for the win. Low Ki enters and he celebrates with Joe. They hug in the ring but we can see Low staring at the X-Division Championship on the other shoulder of Joe.


Backstage Segments:

Devon and Bully Ray are in their new dressing room because of them going into the Hall of Fame earlier this month. Devon tells Bully how crazy Bram really is because of their Hardcore match last week. Devon says he is quite a force, and he even wants to add Magnus to the list, but he says they need to be taught a lesson. They have no respect for the people that came before them. Bram is certainly a young gun, but Team 3D is not down for the count yet. Bully completely agrees and says he has a few words to say to them and he may even teach them a thing or two about being hardcore. Devon and Bully pound their fists and Ray leaves the room. He is walking through the backstage area and gets to the staircase. Out of nowhere, Bram comes from behind and pounds on the back of Ray. He stumbles. Bram continues with forearm hits to the back and knees to the gut. He then grabs Bully Ray and pushes him down the steps!! Ray tumbles down and lands on the platform. Ray is motionless!! Bram smirks and then plants a huge wide open smile on his face. He then raises his head, closes his mouth, and closes his eyes as he Ray's groaning is so soothing to him.

Gail Kim and Rebel are in Kurt Angle's office. They are already in discussion mode as Kim is trying to pitch the idea to Kurt for her to face Havok. Kurt stops her and states she isn't healthy enough to compete. He doesn't want her to get anymore injured. He understand Gail's determination and passion, but she needs to rest and become 100% first. He turns to Rebel. Rebel states that even though she wants Havok, she would really like her the match she was suppose to have last week against Angelina Love. Kurt agrees to that match. It's next.

Match Two - Angelina Love vs. Rebel

Love and Sky come out at first. Rebel comes out next. Sky stays at ringside for the match. The match itself is a decent dominating match by Love. However, Rebel comes back in a fury with some impressive moves. She is on a roll and goes for a couple impactful moves to get the win, but music hits and here comes Havok!! She walks down the ramp and Love rolls out of the ring. Sky runs up to her and they hide in the corner where the guard rails meet. Havok enters the ring and Rebel tries to fight her off like last week, but Havok stops her, grabs her by the throat and does a huge Chokeslam! Havok stands on top of her. She turns as, out of the corner of her eye, she sees Gail Kim on the stage. Gail stares at her and does some trash talking. The camera then cuts to The Beautiful People as Love and Sky whisper to each other, smiling, and staring at Havok the entire time. They both agree to something. They like it.


Backstage Segments:

The camera is backstage as we see EMTs putting Bully Ray on a stretcher. Devon is there supporting Bully. As they wheel him off, Devon asks who attacked him. Bully softly says, "Bram." Devon stops in his tracks as he watches them wheel Bully to the ambulance. They put him in the back, close the doors, and drive off. Devon stands in the parking lot with a furious look on his face. He starts going into machine mode as he marches off looking for Bram!

Eric Young is in a room with Rockstar Spud. Spud is sitting on a chair in a very depressed mode. Eric walks back and forth and then stops and turns to Spud. Before Eric says anything, Spud tells Eric he just isn't good enough to be here. Young tells him to stop. Eric says he picked Spud to team up with him last week for a reason and that reason is because he sees himself in Spud. He was the Spud in the early days, but he has grown and become one of the guys. Spud can too. Eric says it takes time but it can and will happen. Spud doesn't know what to do. Eric thinks and then states, "I'll teach you!" Spud doesn't get it. Eric says, "Welcome to The Guide of Eric Young!" Spud looks like he just seen an angel come down from heaven!


In-Ring Segment:

Samuel Shaw's music plays and he comes out on the stage. Brittany is by his side. They start getting very intimate right from the start. They are around each other's hips as they walk down the ramp. They stop and do some kissing. They continue down the ramp and then stop and Brittany jumps up and Samuel catches her. He brings her into the ring. Samuel grabs a mic. He states he never had many friends growing up. He was a loner. No one really talked to him. He had self-esteem problems going forward but always wanted to find a friend... a person that can be more than a friend. He kept looking (remember Christy Hemme?). Once he was in solitary confinement, Gunner came to his aid. He thought Gunner was his friend. He thought Gunner could be more than a friend. He liked Gunner. He wanted to be just like Gunner. However, once Shaw dressed up in Gunner's uniform, he realized Gunner wasn't the person for him. He wasn't the friend he thought. He wasn't a friend at all. Then came Brittany. Brittany was all over him at first sight (as he talks, she is rubbing her hand all over his body). They connected. They became friends... They became more than friends! He waited all his life for someone like Brittany. Out comes Gunner!


Gunner has a mic and begins talking as he walks down the ramp. Gunner tells Shaw that he was his friend. He wanted to help Shaw get better and thought he was on the right track. But, that is all they were... Friends. He was there as a friend! When Shaw got too attached, it was becoming a problem. Gunner gets in the ring now. He continues talking by asking Shaw why he had to attack him last week. Why did he have to go that route? As Gunner is talking, Shaw is preoccupied with Brittany as they start going into their kissing mode. Gunner starts to get upset. He yells, "LOOK AT ME WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!" They stop kissing and stare at him. Shaw backs up. Brittany grabs the mic and says, "Don't you talk to me or my lover that way!" Gunner moves forward to Brittany and starts to back her up in the corner as he says, "You are the one that caused this!" Just then, Shaw grabs Gunner by the throat from behind and applies his choke hold finisher. He has it on tight and Gunner fades away quickly. Shaw lays him down on the mat. He then tells Brittany, "Go get it." Brittany exits the ring and grabs a bag from under the ring. She hands it to Shaw and he takes out a pair of scissors. He grabs Gunner's head and starts gutting his hair! As he does, Gunner starts to move and then pushes Shaw away. Gunner stands as Brittany and Shaw exit the ring. Gunner looks and sees some of his hair on the ground. He's furious!

A video package showcases some of Bobby Roode's best moments in his TNA Wrestling career.


Backstage Segments:

Ethan Carter III and Tyrus are backstage. Ethan is getting pumped for their match soon. Tyrus brings up their match last week with Rockstar Spud and Eric Young. They freeze and then laugh!!! Ethan is almost falling over laughing so hard. They talk about how Spud is a joke and will never be anything. He also states Eric Young had his 15 minutes of fame at the top and that's now over. Tyrus says not only is Ethan undefeated but Tyrus is also undefeated and that will continue tonight. Ethan tells him that when you partner up with him (Ethan) and actually have talent (like Tyrus), then there's no surprise that they are undefeated.

Inserting the ending of what I wrote for #TNANewsBooksImpact last week into this script at this point of the show:

The camera quickly turns to the backstage area as the camera man is running up to a body laying on the ground. Chris Melendez is down and laying in a pool of his own blood. Mr. Anderson kneeling there trying to confront Chris while at the same time yelling, “We need help! Get help! We need help!!” Chris is motionless on the ground. Ken stands up and looks around with a very worried look on his face.


Match Three - The Hardys vs. Ethan Carter III & Tyrus in the Tag Team Tournament

This match really becomes one of the highlights of the show so far as we see tremendous tag team chemistry from both teams. The Hardys shouldn't be surprising but Ethan and Tyrus really work well together perfecting some excellent double team moves. They start to get the upper hand as Tyrus nails down the opponent and Ethan comes in to dissect them. The Hardys try to come up but as Jeff goes for Whisper in the Wind, Tyrus catches him in mid-air and tosses him out of the ring right on the floor. Matt, the legal man, enters but Tyrus does a huge running cross body to him. He tags Ethan in. Ethan hits the 1%-er on Matt and gets the win.

Tyrus and Ethan celebrate in the ring. As they do, Samoa Joe and Low Ki come out on the stage. Tyrus and Ethan stare at Joe and Ki while Joe stares at them but we can see Low Ki looking down at the X-Division Championship that Joe is holding in his hand.


The Wolves are sitting backstage as they are both watching the show on television. Eddie Edwards is telling Davey that they will either be facing Ethan Carter III and Tyrus or Samoa Joe and Low Ki. Davey says, "Yeah." Eddie says he doesn't care who wins as he will face any... He would even want to face both. Davey says, "Yeah." Eddie asks who Davey wants to win. Davey replies, "I don't care." Eddie turns to Davey and asks what is wrong with him. Davey turns and just stares. Eddie goes on to say that he has been acting weird all week since James Storm and The Revolution talked to him. He asks what they said. Davey says, "It was nothing. I'm fine." Eddie stands and says there's obviously something wrong and leaves the room. Eddie is walking through the hallway. Eddie looks up and stops dead in his tracks. He sees James Storm at the end of the hall. James walks up to him and knocks on a door that he passes. The door opens and The Great Sanada and Manik come out. James goes on to tell the same thing he told Davey last week to Eddie. He then introduces him to Manik.

Bobby Roode is shown walking backstage as he is about to head to the ring. As he turns the corner in the hallway, he sees a row of stars lined up. We see Austin Aries, Eric Young, Rockstar Spud, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Samoa Joe, Low Ki, and Mr. Anderson. Each give a little pep talk to Roode as he walks to them. He shakes each one of their hands. He continues on.

An epic video package plays showcasing the history of Bobby Roode in TNA Wrestling. It then shows the history of Lashley in TNA Wrestling. It then shows what each have encountered between each other since they started battling.


Match Four - Lashley (c) vs. Bobby Roode for the TNA World Championship with Special Guest Referee Kurt Angle

This match totally becomes the Match of the Night as the twenty minute bout becomes quite a classic to many fans. It seriously becomes a back and forth battle with so many near, AND I MEAN NEAR, falls. Kurt is there calling it down the middle. Both are hitting impressive moves that keeps people wanting more. They also hit their finishers several times during the match and cover but it is always a near fall. Near the end, Roode starts to get the upper hand as he is hitting all of his signature moves. He starts to set up the Roode Bomb, but Kenny King and MVP run down the ramp. Roode turns and stares at them. Kurt tells Roode to keep fighting. Roode continues the attack but MVP and King get on the apron. Just then, Lashley grabs Roode and tosses him across the ring with a hiptoss. Lashley turns and stares at MVP and King. He tells them to get out of here. MVP and King slowly get off of the ramp as it looks like they woke the sleeping giant. Lashley turns... Roode is right there and picks Lashley up and hits the Roode Bomb! Roode wins!!!

Ending Segment:

The camera cuts to backstage where we see Devon looking for Bram. He comes from the backstage scene and back out to the parking lot. He senses something. He starts looking around the cars. As he does, a car's alarm goes off across the lot. He runs to it. He gets there and it stops. As he is about to look around, Magnus comes from behind and puts a black cloth pillowcase over Devon's head. Magnus knees him several times in the gut and then hits him with a low blow. Magnus grabs Devon, rushes to his car, and puts him in the trunk. Magnus looks around and then gets in the car and speeds off. The show fades.

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