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#TNANewsBooksImpact: 11/12/14 Episode

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Ever since I started #TNANewsBooksImpact I wanted to not only test myself to see what I could come up with in terms of booking Impact Wrestling, but I also wanted to let everyone know what I would do on the show since I have been quite vocal about the show as of late. Since I have been doing this for almost a month, I have noticed quite a difference between the shows, but I have also noticed some slight similarities like the development of the Samuel Shaw, Brittany, and Bram characters. However, there is quite a long way to go in terms of TNA being the best they can very be.

As for this week's show, I am quite disgruntled about the fact that they are advertising 6 matches in an 8 quarter segment show. I can state how wrestling doesn't draw all day long, and I don't want to beat a dead horse. With TNA announcing 6 matches for this week's show, it is my job to have those 6 matches on my script. It is bad business to not have something on the script when it was announced. That's false advertising. So, these matches will make my script, but the end result may, and probably will be, quite different from how TNA will do them. Why? Because this show has stories to tell and I need time to tell them!

Opening Segments:

The show has to start out with a video package of everything that happened last week. It has to touch on the major stories going on from The Wolves/Revolution, Shaw/Brittany/Gunner, Bram/Magnus/Devon/Tommy Dreamer, etc, etc, etc. The video package would then ask the question of whether you are ready to see what will unfold tonight.

As the video ends, we see Bobby Roode in the ring with the TNA World Championship. He talks about beating MVP last week and putting him in his place. He has waited so long to do that. After a quick promo, Austin Aries makes his way to the ring. He shakes Roode's hand and praises him. He is so glad Roode won the belt as he deserves it. He was thrilled to see that moment. MVP interrupts Aries as he comes out and goes to the ring. He states Roode was the better man THAT night but he is NOT the overall better man. He says he can beat Roode any other day of the week. He wants one more opportunity. Well, Lashley comes out and gets in the ring. He states he wants his rematch for the belt that he never received yet. MVP stares at him with a slight glare but doesn't say a word. Lashley turns to him and isn't happy at all. He starts walking to MVP. Austin Aries stops him and tells Lashley that he faced him and lost but never got another chance. Maybe Lashley should feel how he and everyone else felt and go to the back of the line. Lashley asks Aries if he really wants to mess with him. Aries tells him to bring it on. Lastly, Kurt Angle comes out and says this is enough and tonight it will be Austin Aries vs. Lashley... with special guest referee MVP! MVP starts to flip out but calms down and sees the value in refereeing this match. (First off, I wouldn't book Aries vs. Lashley tonight as there is very little to go about this match, but TNA announced it so I had to add it to the script. As you can see, the match feels rushed and out of place. I had to add MVP to it to give it a little extra push and interest.)

Bram and Magnus are backstage. Bram is pacing back and forth in a room as Magnus just stands there. Bram stops and turns to Magnus and starts flipping out on him for being pinned last week in the Hardcore Tag Team match. Magnus apologizes and says Dreamer came out of nowhere with that low blow kick and then it was suddenly over. Bram grabs his hair and starts pulling it. He looks around and then slaps Magnus across the face. He tells Magnus to never say sorry again. Magnus says he will find Dreamer or Devon tonight and "take them out"!! Bram isn't impressed. (Alright, with Magnus being pinned last week I would go the route of having Magnus look like the weakling compared to Bram; however, it is all going to lead to a swerve as Magnus planned on being pinned in order to get into the head of Bram for an ultimate takedown.).


Taryn Terrell vs. Madison Rayne

This back and forth Knockouts match becomes quite impressive as each show their individual talents. The match has Taryn Terrell win. As she stands tall, we see Havok come out on the stage. Taryn stares at her and motions for the strap to be around her waist. Havok does the cut throat sign to Taryn. As they stare down, we see a split screen of The Beautiful People watching on a screen backstage. They point to Havok and start whispering to each other. Love nods and then leaves.

The camera cuts to Magnus looking around backstage to find Devon or Tommy Dreamer.

The camera then cuts to Eddie Edwards as he walks up to Davey Richards who is leaning against a wall. He tries to talk to him but Davey doesn't say anything. Eddie gets angry and tells him to not look far as a friend is standing right in front of him.


A video plays from earlier today where Eric Young is talking to Rockstar Spud backstage. Eric tells Spud that Tyrus is not as unstoppable as he looks. He can be pinned and that is proven. He may be a big buy, but at the end of the day, it is all about heart and Young and Spud have the biggest hearts around. Eric tells Spud to really watch the match tonight and see how Eric works in the ring as well as saying to remember what he taught him in his first week of Wrestling School. Just then, a short humorous video plays of Eric Young and Spud training in a wrestling facility. The video ends with them high fiving each other.

Tyrus vs. Eric Young

This match consists of Tyrus mainly dominating but Eric has some huge openings where he really knocks the big man around. He even knocks Tyrus off his feet. One major thing to point out is that Ethan Carter III is not at ringside. The match ends, however, in a double count out as Tyrus is tossing Eric all over the outside from hitting him into the guard rail to the steel ring post to the steel steps.

The camera cuts to backstage as we see Ethan Carter III demanding the camera man to follow him. Ethan sneaks up to a room and busts the door open. We see Rockstar Spud lying on a couch watching what was Eric vs. Tyrus. He pops up and goes starts to panic. Ethan slowly walks toward him and says he is about to be finished. He's sick of Spud and wants him gone. Ethan pounces on Spud and punches him immensely. Spud squirms away. He tries to crawl to the door, but Ethan grabs him and picks him up. Spud turns and KNEES Ethan with a low blow. He falls immediately. Spud runs away.


DJ Z and Velvet Sky are waiting backstage for Jessie and Love. They need to hurry as their match is next. We see Jessie and Love coming from a distance. They are wrapped around each other's waist. They come to DJ Z and Sky and they look so sleazy. They are having way too much of a good time. The four walk off to go to the stage.

A video package plays showing the history of The Menagerie. We then see DJ Z and Jessie sitting at a set talking about why they hate The Menagerie and while they fear clowns, they are over it and hope to move on from this stupid group.

DJ Z, Jessie Godderz, Angelina Love, and Velvet Sky vs. Knux, Crazzy Steve, and Rebel

This mach isn't anything special as each get their time to shine in the ring. However, the main focus I would put on this match is the constant fumbling between Jessie and Love on the apron. As they stop, Love looks at Sky and has a little smile on her face. Jessie gets the pin over Crazzy Steve and he and Love have a great celebration in the ring.

We see Lashley getting ready for his match tonight against Austin Aries. MVP comes into the room and tries to talk to him. Lashley turns and says he never needed help in the past and he still doesn't need help. He doesn't want MVP to get involved and mess anything up. MVP starts to get upset as he never messed anything up and tells Lashley he has always been here for him... He is that one who made him big in this company. He should be kissing his feet. Lashley turns and yells that he (Lashley) makes his own success and MVP will forever be jealous. He tells MVP to call the match down the middle tonight, and if he doesn't, then there's going to be a problem. Lashley walks off.


Samoa Joe is in the ring with crutches. He tells Kurt Angle to come out. Kurt does and Joe explains the injury he is suffering on account of last week's match (watch the #Impact365 video for further explanation).

Joe states he will be out for awhile and has to relinquish his championship. Kurt is upset but it's doctors orders. As Joe is about to hand over the belt, Low Ki comes out and gets in the ring. He tells Joe that he is weak and a fool. Joe is nothing like he was. He is a shell of his former self. The other Joe would have worked through the injury and pounded anyone who got in his way. It is sickening. Joe tells Low Ki to stop while he is ahead. Ki shakes his head in frustration. All of a sudden, he kicks Joe's crutch and Joe falls to the mat. He stomps on his injured leg. He then grabs the X-Division belt as Joe dropped it and walks away with it. Angle checks on Joe. (This is not what I wanted to happen, but there is has to be a reason why they are writing Joe off television. Low Ki still needs to turn heel and this is a set-up for a possible feud between them if Joe comes back in 2015.).


Gunner vs. Samuel Shaw in a NO DQ match

This match becomes brutal and physical and every word in between. These two really give it their all. The match goes from in the ring to around the ring to up on the stage to down the ramp. Weapons galore as well. Brittany is at the commentators desk during this match and praises Shaw every chance she gets. The match really looks to be going in Gunner's favor, but Shaw turns it around with some quick weapon hits to Gunner and then the famous choke hold that puts Gunner to sleep. As Shaw stands tall, Brittany walks away from the commentator's desk and gets in the ring.

She and Shaw celebrate as she touches him all over and start their love fest. They fall on the ring mat and make-out, but they stop and look over to Gunner. Shaw gets up and pulls Gunner to them. He gets on one side of him while Brittany gets on the other. They go to make a triangle of love, but Gunner starts to wake up. Shaw applies the choke hold and puts Gunner to sleep again. This time Shaw has Gunner in his lap and then Brittany comes and sits on top of Gunner. She reaches for Shaw and starts kissing while Gunner is in the middle.

Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards are walking backstage as they are heading to the ring. Just then, The Revolution (James Storm, Manik, and The Great Sanada) stop them. James wants an answer from Davey. What's it going to be? Davey stares at each one of them then at Eddie and then at the tag belt on his shoulder. He looks forward and extends his hand... to Eddie! Eddie turns and sees this and smiles, shakes his hand, and they walk right around The Revolution. The trio turn to watch them leave and we see James apply a sly smirk on his face. He then chuckles.

- Commercial

The Wolves vs. The Hardys for the Tag Team Championships

These teams have another classic match that really highlights why The Hardys won the Tag Team Tournament. The Wolves continue to work a flawless match. It is a back and forth battle that ends with The Wolves winning. The Hardys stand and shake their hands. They leave to go backstage.

Eddie and Davey stick around as they celebrate in and around the ring. They interact with the fans and then get back in the ring and have a good laugh between the two. As they raise their arms with the belts in hand at one side of the arena, Manik and The Great Sanada come through the crowd on the other side. They get behind them and attack The Wolves. They beat them motionless. James Storm's music hits and he slowly walks down the ramp. He gets in the ring as Manik and Sanada bow to him. He gets on the mic and tells Davey that he made the biggest mistake of his life. Now, it's just going to be a slow and miserable time for him here. The Revolution is hungry and they need to be fed. James stands tall while Manik and Sanada kneel in front of him and go into a praying stance.


Magnus is walking backstage and he spots Devon from a distance. He start playing spy. He goes and sneaks up behind Devon. He grabs him from behind and applies a chokehold. He turns him around and pins him against a wall. As he does, Tommy Dreamer comes out of nowhere and attacks Magnus. Magnus falls and both are about to pound his head in but Magnus yells, "No, no... Wait... I need your help!"

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are talking backstage about Lashley. Roode tells him what he should look after and what he should do to take Lashley down. Aries is taking all of the information that Roode is providing.


Lashley vs. Austin Aries with Special Guest Referee MVP

These two have a tremendous battle that really is the match of the night. These two are so talented and that certainly doesn't go unnoticed. MVP is calling the shots fair down the middle. However, near the end, Lashley goes for a spear but Aries moves and he hits MVP with it (just like he hit Kurt Angle two weeks ago). Lashley can't believe it. He holds his head with his hand but then shrugs it off. He turns but Aries hits him with a disc forearm. Lashley falls back in the corner. Austin hits the running dropkick and then goes for the Brain Buster, but Lashley slides behind him, bounces off the ropes and hits a spear that turns Aries inside out. He covers. MVP slowly comes to and does a QUICK count of 1-2-3!!! Lashley sits up and can't believe it but MVP rolls right out of the ring. He walks up the ramp holding his gut. Lashley isn't happy.

Matt Hardy is walking with his backstage backstage. He is going to his car, but... Out from behind a parked truck, Samuel Shaw jumps up and grabs Matt and shoots him something with a needle in the neck. Matt becomes limp and falls quickly, but Shaw grabs him, drags him two cars over, opens the trunk, and puts Matt inside. He closes it and gets in the passenger seat as Brittany is driving. They speed off. The show fades.

What did you think? Let me know your thoughts and what you may do if you were booking Impact Wrestling. Make sure you use "#TNANewsBooksImpact" on social media to spread the word!

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