#TNANewsBooksImpact: 11/19/14 Episode


This week's episode of Impact Wrestling is the last taped episode for 2014... And the last for Spike TV. While the following weeks could be "Best of" Impact Wrestling shows, these shows will not be advancing stories or producing matches. With that being said, this is the last "#TNANewsBooksImpact" for 2014 and it can very well resume in 2015. With that being said, I am taking this show as the "season finale" so the show will have to pull out ALL OF THE STOPS to not only let viewers remember the show, but to make sure they tune in in 2015. There needs to be interest and intrigue. Get their attention and they will not only wonder but look-up when Impact airs next and on what station so they can follow the action.

On a side note, last week's show failed to receive over 1,000,000 viewers again, and from what I wrote DURING the show last week, I am not surprised. If TNA actually thinks they can put on a show like that and think it will catch people's interest they are insane. I'm not saying my script is better (That is a subjective discussion), but I am very well trying my hardest to produce quality stories that leave people wanting more. You can't have matches that mean nothing with people who people barely care about.

Since TNA advertised their match card for the show this week, I am going to have to work with those matches, even if I disagree with them. However, I will be giving MY matches and what they would be this week following what happened on last week's show. Let's go!

TNA's Advertised Matches:

Low Ki vs. Manik vs. DJ Z vs. Tigre Uno for the X-Division Championship

Since the X-Division literally means NOTHING right now in TNA, there is NO WAY this match will be the main event of the night or even in the middle of the show. No one cares about it so let's just give it out of the way. However, I will make the division mean something with this match.

During the match, I would have Low Ki suddenly walk over, grab the belt from the time keeper (or whoever is holding it), walk up the ramp with it around his shoulder and go backstage. In the ring, Tigre Uno gets the win over DJ Z. Uno expects to be handed the belt, but Low just walked away with it. It's so simple and it starts Low Ki vs. Tigre Uno.

Havok (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell for the Knockouts Championship

There's no doubt I would have Havok go over in this match as she gets the pin on Gail Kim. This would, though, set me up to do Havok vs. Taryn Terrell starting on the next episode as Taryn has the defense of saying, "Havok never had me down for the 3 count. She never pinned me or made me tap. I'm still a shark who wants blood. I'm seeking revenge for Havok attacking me and I'll get it!"

DURING this match, I would have The Beautiful People (Angelina Love and Velvet Sky) come out and sit down on some chairs on the stage to watch this match. When Havok wins, Love and Sky will stand up and applaud. Havok will see this, turn her head sideways in confusion... As we all will!

Kenny King vs. Chris Melendez

I would have Kenny King by himself in this match while Chris Melendez would have Mr. Anderson in his corner. There is a back and forth match here, but the ending would see Kenny King win by cheating (using the ropes and/or Melendez's shorts). Anderson would come into the ring and help comfort Chris. Both are standing in the ring. Ken walks forward to leave, but he turns and CLOSELINES Chris down to the mat. He will then get him up and hit the Mic Check on him. Ken will stand tall while we all ask, "WHY?"

Bram vs. Tommy Dreamer in a Hardcore match

I would have Bram win this match, but as Bram celebrates in the ring, Magnus is shown backstage watching Bram on a monitor. He pulls out his cell phone and calls someone. The person answers and Magnus says, "I need your help!"

My Booking Matches:

I would actually have these matches on my script as well:

Havok (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell for the Knockouts Championship

Kenny King vs. Chris Melendez

Both of those matches will be booked by how I described above.

My other matches would be:

Magnus vs. Devon and Tommy Dreamer

During the show, I would have Magnus go to Kurt Angle's office and discuss how he wants a match against Devon and Tommy Dreamer. Kurt doesn't understand what he is trying to accomplish. Magnus starts yelling at Kurt to just give him the match. Kurt does.

The match is a rough one for Magnus, but he does pick up the win at the end.

A quarter or two after the show, Magnus goes up to Bram backstage and asks him if he watched his match earlier and how impressive it was - Beating two people. Bram laughs in Magnus' face and says he can do that in his sleep. Where's the hardcore? Where's the pain? Bram tells Magnus that he (Magnus) is nothing without him (Bram). Bram walks away. As he does, we see Garrett Bischoff (YES, Garrett Bischoff). Bram walks by him, tosses him around like a rag doll and then leaves him motionless backstage. Bam continues on his way.

Rockstar Spud vs. Shark Boy

Early on in the show, I would have a backstage segment between Spud and Eric Young. Young tells Spud he has booked him a match tonight that Kurt Angle approved. This is a little start as Eric Young teaches Spud how to be a master in the ring.

Spud beats Shark Boy in a basic match.

Also before this match, there was a promo cut backstage from Ethan Carter III and Tyrus. While Ethan is mad that Young beat Tyrus last week, Ethan says will take out Spud once and for all tonight.

After the match, Ethan Carter III jumps through the crowd and attacks Spud in the ring. He then sets up a table on the outside. Tyrus comes down the ramp, but Eric Young rushes down the ramp and fights Tyrus all the way to the back. Ethan goes on the apron and grabs Spud, but Spud knees Ethan with a low blow and then hits him with a huge Super Kick that sends him falling back THROUGH the table. The crowd would eat it up.

In-Ring/Backstage Segments:

For the X-Division Championship, I would have Kurt Angle in the ring with the X-Division Championship. He would call out the stars of Homicide, Tigre Uno, Manik, Low Ki, and Crazzy Steve. He tells them that he wants to revive the X-Division to what it was back in the day. He says we can start with this list and then grow it as we go down the line. Low Ki interrupts him and trashes each and everyone in the ring... Including Kurt Angle. He goes behind Angle to leave the ring, but he turns, grabs the belt from his hand and runs off. The others try to stop him but Ki was just too fast. Basically - Turn Low Ki heel!!

In a video segment, I would have Samuel Shaw and Brittany take a little road trip to Gunner's hotel room. As they enter, they go through all of his things to try to dig up some personal secret they may blackmail Gunner with. They find his army uniform (as he always takes it with him). Shaw puts it on and he and Brittany start making love on the bed. Brittany starts ripping the uniform off Shaw - We can hear the rips! As we do, we hear someone at the door. Shaw and Brittany quickly jump up and hide in the closet. Gunner opens the door. TO BE CONTINUED!

In a backstage segment, I would have Angelina Love and Jessie Godderz try to comfort Velvet Sky as Crazzy Steve planted a wet kiss on her last week. Love gives a little idea to Jessie and he likes it. They tell Sky and she'll give it a go. Threesome? - Story here is, The Beautiful People are here to take advantage of The BroMans (Waiting on the return of Robbie E). They are here to take advantage to not only be shown on television, but to gain exposure and hopefully an opportunity at stardom in the acting career.

With The Wolves being somewhat "written off" television for the time being from what we saw last week, I would have James Storm and Abyss in the ring (along with Sanada and Manik beside them). James cuts a tremendous heel promo on how The Wolves were and will always be nothing. Everyone thought they were the best but they never faces James Storm... Yada, yada, yada. The Hardys come out and state they have their championship match as they won the Tag Team Tournament. James tells them to just walk away now. Hardys never back out of a fight. They will fight soon and The Hardys claim they will win. As they leave, The Revolution attacks The Hardys and pretty much leaves them lying in the middle of the ring. - It wouldn't be an injury beat down, but just enough to show The Revolution are the real deal.

Two things to point out:

One, there would be about two or three short segments in the back showing Chris Melendez preparing for his match tonight. It will also show Mr. Anderson with him hyping him up. Each segment conveys that Anderson is THERE FOR Melendez.

Second, there needs to be many, and I mean MANY, videos about Impact Wrestling moving to another network. Here is to hoping that TNA has a new television deal in place. I would make it a mission if I was at TNA to get a deal done by now. But again, play TONS of videos about TNA moving to INFORM the audience.

In the last segment, I would have Bobby Roode in the middle of the ring talking about last week's show and how Lashley went on a rampage. He calls Lashley out. Lashley comes to the ring and they brawl, but MVP comes to the scene. He pulls them back. MVP turns and attacks Roode. As he beats him up, Lashley pulls off MVP. They start trash talking. However, it turns to Roode and they both beat him up. Kurt Angle now comes out and separates MVP and Lashley from Roode. MVP distracts Kurt as Lashley goes to attack Roode. Lashley turns as Kurt pushes MVP out of the way... Lashley runs and SPEARS Kurt. Lashley gets up as MVP is appalled and Lashley SPEARS MVP! Lashley is the only one standing.

Before we go off the air, the camera is backstage as a limo pulls up to the building. It stops. The driver goes and opens the back car door and... OUT STANDS... The show fades.

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