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#TNANewsBooksImpact: 11/5/14 Episode

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I look at what TNA Wrestling produces each week on Impact Wrestling and compare it to my #TNANewsBooksImpact and I think it is obvious what I want to do differently than what TNA Wrestling is doing. We can compare and contrast all day long on which segments or match results are better, but I am here giving my side on how I would do it.

Now I revealed on my Facebook page earlier this week that I will be doing #TNANewsBooksImpact differently this week and the main reason for that is to describe why I did what I did on my shows the past two weeks and where I would head from here on out based on last week’s Impact Wrestling. Let’s dive in!

Tag Team Finals

This is a no brainer for me... An absolute no brainer! The Hardys vs. Samoa Joe and Low Ki would be an absolutely amazing match - It houses four awesome talent. Let’s be honest though, The Hardys do not need to advance. They don’t need to win this match. They don’t need to face The Wolves. I had them losing in the first round and then in the second round as TNA kept pushing them forward. I would have Joe and Ki win the tournament and face The Wolves.

Low Ki and Samoa Joe

The first week of my booking I had Low Ki turn heel on Samoa Joe. The second week I had Samoa Joe and Low Ki advance to the finals but I had Low keep a close eye on Joe and X-Division Championship. Why can’t the X-Division have a solid and emotionally invested story? Let’s have Joe and Low Ki battle it out in a classic feud. These two are great and would make for a great story. There’s a lot of history there. Moving forward, I would have on this week’s show Joe and Low win, but I would have Joe out on the outside. Low gets the pin but goes and grabs the X-Division Championship, holds, and stares at it. He is just about to take it but Joe gets up and he does a sly transition to hand it to Joe. Then, next week (which I am guessing will be whoever wins the finals vs. The Wolves) I would have Low Ki turn heel on Joe and causes them to lose the match. The rocket pack will then be put on Joe vs. Ki.

Chris Melendez Being Attacked

When I first started booking Impact two weeks ago, I ended the show with my own story of Chris Melendez being attacked in the back. Last week, I added the same segment in the middle of the show. Why? Because I am so high up on this story! Not only does it have people guessing and wanting to see where the story goes, but they would be in a major swerve. If I had this story going on, I would have Mr. Anderson go on a mission and interrogate everyone to see who attacked Melendez. Melendez would come back after several weeks, or a month or so, and help Anderson for a couple weeks. They nail down the people. They then form a plan to attack the person (or people) who attacked Chris at the beginning. Anderson tells Chris they will meet the person (or people) in a back alleyway. As they go to meet, no one is there, but Anderson tricks Chris and attacks him from behind and leaves him in a bloody pulp. Anderson was the one who attacked Chris at the beginning.

Why can’t we have a decent story featuring Mr. Anderson? He is too talented to skip up.


I would have two different Knockouts’ stories going on. The first one deals with Havok. With how TNA is booking Havok, they are trying to make her the main deal in the Knockouts division. That is fine by me as she is talented and impressive looking. However, I want to make her multi-dimensional. I would give her mic time and slowly hint at some of her flaws (not everyone is unstoppable). I want to book Taryn Terrell vs. Havok in a hush-hush fashion for a major match as well as having the Gail vs. Havok feud going. Simply put, Taryn will always be around the corner.

The second story I want to have going is The Beautiful People and The BroMans. In my first booking script, I had Jessie and Love going into a closet to have a little fun alone time. This would be built each week till there will be a little battle between them and Velvet Sky and Robbie E. Jealousy! Wanting to impress. It will all be shown.

On my script last week, I hinted that The Beautiful People would hire Havok as a bodyguard. It was really implied, but each week I would have The Beautiful People look at Havok’s carnage. They would try to get her as a body guard. This will be a long process (like their story with BroMans). Could they get her as a bodyguard? If so, we may see an ultimate swerve where The Beautiful People just used The BroMans all along and then they send Havok after them to “get rid of them”.

With Madison Rayne turning on Taryn Terrell on last week’s Impact Wrestling, it looks like Taryn will not be going after Havok at this time. With that being said, if I would be booking Taryn and Madison, I’d make this an all out personal cat fight. Let’s give some back story and “reveal” that these two were actually close friends in high school but there was always tension on Madison’s side. I can see a lot of stuff they could do if they go that route.

Bram/Magnus and Team 3D

This is probably my favorite story going on right now in TNA. Bram is an absolute monster and I love writing the segments for his character. I had a lot of stuff happen last week on my show - Bram pushed Bully Ray down the steps, he got taken to the hospital, Devon went searching for Bram, but Magnus kidnapped Devon and drove off with him in his trunk. So, now what?

I would show this week Magnus driving quite a distance away from the arena. I would have him stop at a rest stop or gas station where Devon almost escapes from making nose and trying to escape by ripping the backseats to crawl through. In the following weeks, we see Magnus in an abandoned building with Devon tapped up. Magnus would then reveal that he wants Devon’s help (end of segment). Magnus would go on to learn from Devon to try to take out Bram as he feels Bram stole his spotlight. This would set-up a Bram vs. Magnus feud and also a future story of Bully Ray seeking revenge on Bram where Bram can prove his hardcore dominance.

On last week’s Impact Wrestling, Devon had Tommy Dreamer at his side. That’s fine and all, but I honestly feel having Bully beside Devon is more effective. It looks like his contract may be an issue. We shall see.

Samuel Shaw/Brittany/Gunner

This is a WILD story that I can really sink my teeth into. My first booking script I had Brittany stalking the stalker Samuel Shaw. TNA jumped the gun and had Brittany and Shaw go together right out of the gate. Shaw turns on Gunner for Brittany. I had Shaw explain why he did what he attacked Gunner and sided with Brittany. Brittany and Shaw continue their lovely-dovey ways; however, each week they try to make Gunner more and more like Samuel Shaw. Last week they wanted to cut his hair. They want to change the way he dresses. They even go as far as to drug Gunner, take him, and try to shock his mind/brain in order to change the way he acts to be like Shaw. Let me state, Brittany and Shaw just can’t go and try these tactics of shock first and they stalk some people to do some experimenting - Let’s stretch the boundaries!

The Revolution/The Wolves

I want to be clear, I would do one of two things depending what TNA wants to do. One - Have Wolves face the winner of the Tag Team Tournament and then move to The Revolution and have a personal, emotionally invested feud with them from what we saw in the past two weeks on Impact OR... Two - Not even do the Revolution segments with The Wolves and have a personal emotionally invested story with the tag team that wins the Tag Team Tournament. Now, since I would book Low Ki and Samoa Joe in the finals, I can’t have a personal feud between them and The Wolves as I will be changing from Joe vs. Ki.

With that being said, The Revolution vs. The Wolves story checks out. There is tension right now between Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, but after some discussions, mind tricks, and confusion, we see Davey and Eddie will always be as one and they will go and try to stop The Revolution.

Ethan Carter III/Tyrus/Rockstar Spud

With Ethan Carter III and Tyrus losing the Tag Team Tournament last week (as Tyrus was pinned), I have no idea where TNA will go from here. I have no idea why they even did that. They need to build a story where Ethan is far better off with Tyrus instead of Rockstar Spud. Now insert Spud!

Rockstar Spud/Eric Young

Last week on my booking script I had Eric Young wanting to train Rockstar Spud and rolled him in his own class. Each week we would see videos of Spud being trained by Eric. As weeks pass, we see Spud getting better and better. It will lead to his return where he will want to challenge Ethan Carter III and Tyrus. This story can really be a hit in terms being written for months. There’s even a back story to it with Dixie Carter and this story could even lead to her returning to television.


What is the purpose of these Sharkboy segments? Don’t get me wrong, I love Sharkboy... He is a funny character that really brings “you back” to TNA 2008ish. However, I would not be booking him going fat and turning from Sharkboy to Whaleboy. The show has a lot of stuff going on and I can’t find it making my booking script.

Austin Aries

However, one guy that I would focus on instead of Sharkboy would be Austin Aries. Aries - “The Greatest Man That Has Ever Lived” needs a story and needs to be showcased. We can’t pass him up. So, instead of the Sharkboy segment that we may see in the future, let’s insert Austin Aries segments/promos where we see him at home, at the gym, revealing his dietary food regime, etc. We will not only get to know Aries better (to make him multi-dimensional and more like-able), but the segments will showcase Aries being in the best shape of his life for his ultimate return to action.

Bobby Roode/Lashley (MVP and Kenny King

TNA is promoting that there will be a face to face confrontation between Lashley and Bobby Roode on this week’s Impact Wrestling. I’m certainly for that segment, but I do have to wonder what they are going to build it around. Obviously Lashley will be asking (or MVP demands it) for a rematch for the TNA World Championship. I’m assuming it will happen. However, their face to face confrontation needs to be strong. It needs to be personal. It needs build upon the story. So, how can that happen?

Well, in my booking, I would have Lashley come out and tell Roode that he was in fact the better man last week. Lashley gave it his all but failed and Roode came out on top; HOWEVER, that will NOT happen again. As Lashley states that, MVP and King come out and try to defend Lashley. Lashley doesn’t want them. He doesn’t need them. He tells them that he doesn’t need them to fight their battles. Lashley turns around to Roode and wants one more match. Roode, being who he is, accepts the challenge.

To end the show, I would have MVP and King talk behind Lashley’s back. They agree on something. King moves forward to Lashley and is about to attack him from behind as Roode is talking, but Lashley turns and King quickly stops. He smiles and pats Lashley on the shoulder like nothing is wrong. Lashley starts to have a questionable look on his face. There builds the tension!

Let me hear from you! What do you think? What would you do on the show?

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