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I looked at the calendar for Friday's date and, as you can see from the title, it will be the 13th! Sometimes I feel like Friday the 13th is underrated considering how much it has been fabricated throughout the decades. Smackdown has aired on Friday for years and the 13th landed on that day of the week plenty of times, but I don't think they ever capitalized on the opportunity. I feel like TNA Wrestling really should and they can do it this week for Impact Wrestling. All you need are the right characters and you can create eerie scenes!

This week, and the weeks to follow, Impact Wrestling will reside from the United Kingdom. I always enjoy these shows as it represents very pure TNA Wrestling fans. Beyond that, I don't think they try to steal the show like some of the crowds in the United States. What gets me is there will be people who hype up the UK shows stating that the "selling point" is the audience in attendance. However, when Impact aired from the Manhattan Center, the crowd was in complete darkness (except for the first two rows) and some would easily state that the crowd shouldn't be noticed. They are contracting themselves. If the crowd shouldn't be seen, or even heard for that matter, why have a wrestling show in front of an audience? It doesn't make sense, and I will leave it at that.

Coming from TNA Wrestling themselves, they have already announced few matches and are asking some questions before this week's show. Here they are:

Madison Rayne vs. Awesome Kong

Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries Bram vs. Crazzy Steve Rockstar Spud, Jeremy Borash, and Mandrews vs. Ethan Carter III and Tyrus What will Kurt do next? How will The Beat Down Clan respond? Matt Hardy gives an update on Jeff.

20 Man Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender for the TNA World Championship

I am getting tired of beginning #TNANewsBooksImpact each week, writing the matches the company is advertising for the week to see that there is absolutely no story behind them. Granted, last week was Lockdown and there were stories, but they were weak and I blame the creative team for that. But, apparently, I can't write anything negative about TNA Wrestling or Impact Wrestling itself as that indicates that I want them to "die". It's laughable. It's hilarious! I watched TNA nonstop since 2006 (where others gave up on the company in-between then and now), bought TNA merchandise, attended their live events whenever they would come to my neck of the woods, and published hundreds of articles about the company. If I wanted them to die, do you think I would give up my time and energy on them? Let's be realistic!

Madison Rayne vs. Awesome Kong - There's no build to this match. There's no reason for me to watch. A little segment or promo during the night is pointless. Can this be a start of a program? Sure! And in that case I will wait to see it play out. However, TNA absolutely missed the boat when it came to Kong vs. Havok! I would LOVE to see Havok come in and interfere in this match, costing Kong the win, to further their program. Let's wait.

Bram vs. Crazzy Steve - I missed Bram last week as he is truly one of my favorite characters in TNA. Facing Crazzy Steve though? Again, no story. However, this is Friday the 13th and the freaks do come out. I wouldn't entirely be against this match if they went that direction and built some crazy story about superstition during the night. Even more so, I would love to see Magnus interfere as we know there is a program between him and Bram. What I would LOVE to do is throw Samuel Shaw in the picture. I have booked the shows in the past where Bram would team up with Shaw to take Magnus down, so I think that can work here. Magnus as the baby face and Bram/Shaw as the heel team. Magnus needs to find a partner anyway for his Feast or Fired briefcase.

Rockstar Spud, Jeremy Borash, Mandrews vs. Ethan Carter III and Tyrus - Here is a story that I continue to give TNA recognition for. Fact is, the story between Rockstar Spud and Ethan Carter III has lasted for over a year... Remember Dixie Land? They were great friends, but Ethan turned against Spud and now wants to destroy them. On top of that, they brought people into the angle from Tyrus to Jeremy Borash to Mandrews. This is one of the best stories from 2014 and I am so glad it is continuing in 2015. Long-term stories work!! Tyrus beat Spud and Mandrews last week, but Mandrews and Spud looked strong at times. The team, along with Borash, are those people who get bullied, but they always have the biggest hearts. Ethan and Tyrus may win this match, but I would like to see the tides turn. I would book Rockstar, Jeremy, and Mark to win as, when they are united as one, they can defeat all! It would anger Ethan and set a whole new fire underneath his feet!

Bobby Roode vs. Austin Aries - Can Eric vs. Roode be over? I mean, Roode did beat Eric last week, but don't you think Eric wants some sort of revenge? Unless there is interference of some sort, just like every other match going down, the story is broken. I don't know the direction TNA is going with this match, but I am open to hear it. Both are on the same side. Roode wants the TNA World Championship and Aries is waiting to cash in his Feast or Fired briefcase. We shall see. I have Roode in the 20 Man Battle Royal, so him winning to matches in one night just seems like an odd route for TNA to go with.

20 Man Battle Royal - Let me try to figure this out... This match is to determine the Number 1 Contender for the TNA World Championship? Wait, doesn't TNA produce the Top 5 Rankings each week to show who is in the number one spot for the belt? TNA producing this Battle Royal ultimately makes the Top 5 Ranking MEANINGLESS! Roode has been number one ever since the first Top 5 Ranking has been produced and he hasn't received his one-on-one match. He was in a Fatal Four Way match, but I am guessing that doesn't count. Nothing counts anymore, I guess. I'd make Roode win this, but I wouldn't even have this match so I can make the Top 5 Rankings RELEVANT!

What will Kurt do next? - This question is stumping me. I mean, what is Kurt really going to do? He won the Lethal Lockdown match last week with a pinfall. He beat The Beat Down Clan? At this time, The BDC is no longer a threat. The only step Kurt has next is to go for the belt... Which means he will be part of the 20 Man Battle Royal.

How will The Beat Down Clan respond? - I expect another promo from MVP with the members of the group surrounding him. He will say how the group isn't dead yet. They had a hiccup last week, but they will continue to run the show. (It is the same old promo that every heel group gives when they lose some match as a team.) I see the group entering the Battle Royal. MVP still wants that belt!

Matt Hardy gives an update on Jeff - This would be a great in-ring segment for The Revolution. Picture this: Matt tells the crowd how Jeff is doing and that he is recovering from the hard fall he took at Lockdown, but Matt gets interrupted by The Revolution. They come and slowly dissect him like he was a frog in science class. It is a horrible assault. Enters The Wolves! They make their presence known and fight The Revolution. The Revolution retreat but their destruction is known. The Wolves stand up for Matt and it can now lead to The Wolves vs. The Revolution (Even though we saw it, I still feel the story can go a lot further).

TNA Star returning - I find it funny how TNA plugged last week that a TNA star is returning to the company, yet the company announced it last week on their official website that Mickie James is back. Just seems like they are trying to spoil their own show. Maybe it is a tactic to get eyeballs watching. At any rate, I see Mickie coming out, probably during the Rayne vs. Kong match, or at least afterwards, to stare down Kong. We have to wait, but I am curious where TNA takes the Knockouts division.

I will keep pushing for Mr. Anderson to make his way on television in some sort of program. He is an underrated talent and I hate the excuse of either "there's nothing for him" or "there's too much going on". Secondly, I like how Gunner was in the Lethal Lockdown match last week and I would like to see more of him in some fashion. Are there any programs that he could be in?

And, let's not forget about the X-Division!!!

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