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TNA Wrestling decided to go ahead and announce all of their matches for Friday's Impact Wrestling on their social media pages. I understand why they do this, but I don't really like the fact that they do. Sure, you can look up the spoilers for the show, but I would like to be surprised. I want to see the matches come together. Remember, matches need to have meaning! Beyond that, since TNA announced the matches, I can't go ahead and book my own on #TNANewsBooksImpact. That would be false advertising and that is not how you conduct business. For this week's script, I will be stating who I think should win the matches TNA made and how I would book them and then give my own matches and how I would book those. Let's get this started!

The Beautiful People vs. Brooke and Taryn Terrell

This match ACTUALLY makes sense to me and I want to applaud TNA!! Here's the story - Not only did Taryn Terrell eliminate The Beautiful People last week, but Brooke came back and attacked Robbie E (Who is in a relationship with Velvet Sky). It works. Now The Beautiful People are seeking revenge. Simple, yet it works. If they are sticking to this story, then I would actually have Brooke get the pinfall on Velvet to get Robbie E's panties in a bunch. Could they actually go to the level where Sky and Brooke fight over Robbie?

The Hardys vs. The Wolves

This match actually follows my booking sheet last week where I had The Hardys slap The Wolves across the face. It would set-up this match. I actually want to give The Hardys a little bit of an edgier feel... A more heelistic feel. Face it, their time as being on the top is over and they need to continue to elevate The Wolves. For this match, I would have the hard fought battle end with The Revolution attacking both teams. No one wins.

Austin Aries vs. Low Ki (c) for the X-Division Championship

This is a rematch of last week's match already. Too soon? I think so! But this time, Low Ki is heel. The best way I would book this match is to also have interference (Like the tag team match), but I would have Samoa Joe come out and attack Aries. Low Ki doesn't win, but these two are proving their point. On top of that, these two can both go after Aries.

Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young in a No Disqualification mach

This match speaks for itself! Eric is one of the guys who cost Roode his Championship last week. Now Roode wants revenge and it is a No Disqualification match. Simple booking, once again. For a finish, I think I would have Roode almost win, but Joe, Low, and MVP, come out and destroy Roode. EY picks up the win after the huge assault.

Now my matches:

The Beautiful People vs. Taryn Terrell and Brooke

I actually LOVE this match so much that I would book it myself. However, I would take a different direction. Instead of having Brooke win over Sky, I would actually have Sky sell a simple punch from Taryn. She would sell so hard that it looked like Sky died from it. Taryn would get the pin. Sky jumps up and celebrates with Sky. Remember in my booking last week I went the direction of The Beautiful People wanting Taryn part of the group? Sky and Love would indicate to Taryn that they will also help her win in match scenarios. Taryn starts to think about it while Brooke is in her ear trying to stop her.

The Hardys vs. The Wolves

Here is another match I would have on the show. Again, it makes sense from my booking sheet last week. Again, I would have The Revolution come out and attack both teams. During the match, I would have The Hardys bend the rules a little bit to give them that more heel side of them.

Magnus vs. Bram

Flat out, I am tired of TNA stalling on this story. More importantly, I am tired of them stalling on both Magnus and Bram. Magnus was TNA World Champion about this time last year and now we barely see him on television. Bram is one of the most interesting characters in TNA, yet they are stagnant with his growth.

For this match, I would have a backstage segment with Magnus and Bram. Bram would be fed up with Magnus - Saying he is a waste of talent and time. Bram then puts himself over. Magnus is tired of hearing Bram talk all the time and tells him to show it or shut up. Bram tosses the idea of a match between the two and Magnus loves the idea. We see Magnus' crazy side come out in this segment. Match time and it is a wicked match with both impressing the audience. Magnus would get the win at the end with a quick roll-up. Bram freaks out. Magnus walks up the ramp and looks at Bram as he starts to laugh uncontrollably. Magnus is puzzled. From behind, Samuel Shaw attacks Magnus with a sleeper hold. Magnus tries to fight but Shaw puts him to sleep on the ramp. Bram starts jumping all around in his sadistic way.

Roode and Austin Aries vs. Low Ki and Eric Young

Plain and simple, I wouldn't have Aries vs. Low Ki this soon. The rematch needs to be built... Not just thrown at us. So, let's build it with this type of match. Not only does Low Ki want the belt back, but Roode wants his hands on Young for costing him the TNA World Championship. Roode and Aries have great chemistry. I think this would be a pretty entertaining match. However, let's develop the story even further. I would LOVE to do a swerve here and have Aries turn on Roode at the end, BUT I can't afford to lose another face on the roster. The amount of faces on the roster are slim. With that being said, I think we need to turn a heel to face. At the end of the match, let's have Samoa Joe, MVP, and Kenny King come down the ramp, get in the ring and attack Roode and Aries. They literally assault both of them to a pulp. Now, let's have Lashley run down to the ring. He enters and takes out Low Ki, Eric, and King with one closeline each. MVP and Joe roll out of the ring and look on from the ramp. Lashley stands tall. He had enough to MVP's shenanigans!


A show can't be just about matches. In fact, there are stories that not only TNA has in the box but ones I have as well and this is the part where I can develop them.


I explained this above so I don't need to discuss it again. I just wanted to remind everyone.

Awesome Kong/Havok

This story can AND SHOULD be a gold mine for TNA Wrestling. There's no reason why these two should face right off the bat. Let the story build. Put them in single matches against other opponents. Put them in tag team matches... But never a Havok vs. Kong match yet. At any rate, for this week, I would have a video segment showing Kong at her house months ago. I would have her watch Impact Wrestling and see the carnage of Havok. Havok seeks and destroys everyone and becomes champion. If the announcers said Havok is the most destructive Knockout in TNA history, USE IT! Again, have Kong watch it and get mad... Get furious... Get angry! No one out beats Kong. No one is more destructive than her. The video will show her throw a fit. She then says she is coming back! The video would show Kong train in the ring and in the gym for weeks leading up to that January 7th show. Lastly, have Awesome Kong park outside of Havok's house one night. Let the personal story begin.

Mr. Anderson/Chris Melendez

Let's have a backstage segment where Anderson meets up with Chris and thanks him for the support and taking time to go the Television & Critics Association event in Los Angeles. I figured they weren't at the Friday tapings last week, so this has to be backstage instead of in-ring. Anyway, Chris talks about the opportunity and was thrilled to be there. Chris and Ken walk away together. Ken puts his arm around Chris' neck and, ALL OF A SUDDEN, whips him against the wall. Chris falls down and Ken stomps away on him. He picks him up and hits the Mic Check. Ken stands and spits on Chris saying, "Waste of time."

Ethan Carter III/Rockstar Spud

Here is a great chance to have an in-ring segment. Ethan Carter and Tyrus stand tall in the ring to talk about how they trashed Jeremy Borash last week and had his little friend Spud watch. They are still after him though. Jus then, a video plays on the titan tron and it is Spud in Ethan's locker room. He starts going through his suitcase and begins to trash his suits from throwing coffee on them to cutting the pants and sleeves. Ethan sends Tyrus back there to get him. Tyrus goes to the backstage. On the video, Spud states that this was filmed earlier today. Just then, Spud comes out from the fans, gets in the ring, low blows Ethan, strips him of his suit he has on now and begins cutting his hair. He takes a couple pieces off but Ethan rolls out and covers his hair as he runs up the ramp.

MVP, King, Young, Joe, Low

I would start the show with this segment. All of them are in the ring and Young, Joe, and Low talk about why they did what they did last week. They were fed up taking the back seat to Roode. They were fed up with management. They saw how much Lashley was elevated being with MVP and they want to feel the same way. In bold fashion, Roode comes out and runs to the ring and tries to fight 5 men but he doesn't succeed. Austin Aries then comes out with a chair and the 5 men scatter. Aries gets on the mic and says he will stick beside Roode and wants them tonight. MVP grabs a mic and picks Young and Low for the main event.

Closing Notes

I couldn't find an opportunity or the right segment to plant Kurt Angle into the mix. I feel like next week would be great to have him side with Roode and Aries. However, I still need to keep him relevant so a small interview backstage would be nice. Kurt can talk about how he doesn't understand Joe's, Young's, and Low's mindset.

One of my biggest problems right now and trying to find something for Gunner. If TNA is going to do this MVP faction, they need an opposing force. I am already building it with Roode, Aries, and Kurt. I can add Gunner to the mix, but if nothing else works. There is just no one that catches my eye for him to fight against. How would you book?

I also feel like the ending is quite weak with just having Lashley stand tall. Maybe that is enough to keep people's interest, but maybe have a video play that was filmed this past week of a limo pulling up to the TNA headquarters in Nashville. The show then fades.

What did you think? Leave your thoughts below and your ideas! I'll check it out and discuss!

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