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Here we are with another week and that day approaching with a new Impact Wrestling. Last week's show certainly surprised me on the way they produced the show. I liked and really enjoyed it. It really gave me an idea on how TNA Wrestling will make their shows look from now on. There's lots of segments and lots of cameras. This week on #TNANewsBooksImpact, I will be discussing some major points for the show from the stories that are going on to the Feast or Fired match that they will be having.

Ethan Carter III (with Tyrus) vs. Jeremy Borash (with Rockstar Spud)

The whole story between Ethan and Rockstar Spud has been brilliant, to say the least. This leads all the way back to when Rockstar Spud was Chief of Staff for Dixie Carter and that was this time last year. It's amazing where this story has gone. I liked how they brought Borash into the situation as he, as Ethan stated, is the face of TNA. This gives Carter added heat. First shaving his head and now fighting him in a match.

Booking wise, Ethan can't lose this match. He is undefeated and still needs to be. With that being said, Jeremy Borash will be going under, but I want to see Rockstar Spud take come control here. I can see it happening either in two places. One is during the match where there is a referee bump. Spud comes in and attacks Ethan and is able to keep Tyrus down. Borash goes for a cover but is unsuccessful. A more effective way to make Spud look hot is to have him attack Ethan at the end of the match. Spud can crawl under the ring to Tyrus, hit him with a sneak low blow, and then enter the ring and beat the snot out of Ethan. Ethan rolls away like a coward. Ethan wins against Borash but Spud shows his strength.

Feast or Fired

This is one match... This is one concept that I would absolutely not have at this time. Here's the thing - TNA needs to establish themselves on what Impact Wrestling is all about. They need to show what "pulling back the curtain" actually means. Yes, they can do that with this show, but leave the concepts/gimmicks behind for a little bit. While there are probably all loyal TNA fans watching Impact Wrestling, I like to think there are some new fans watching as well. With that being said, they are still trying to learn about the company and the show. Throwing these concepts and gimmicks their way may confuse them. They may feel overwhelmed. While I like the Feast or Fired concept, I really find it a great idea, I would of had it down the line. I would book it several months from now. TNA probably likes the idea of people carrying briefcases to get a shot at Championship gold as it makes it more unpredictable, but what about build up for the match? Hype it up. Make it worth watching.

Since the company advertised this match last week, I must commit to it instead of false advertising to the world. The Feast or Fired match features Jessie Godderz, DJ Z, Samuel Shaw, Robbie E, Crazzy Steve, Bram, Gunner, Rockstar Spud, Davey Richards, Eddie Edwards, Magnus, and Austin Aries. I am curious who will get what briefcase as it will really set the tone for the weeks, and months, to come. First off is the X-Division Championship. The X-Division is focused around Low Ki and Austin Aries right now with a simple story. However, the division needs to continue to build. In order for that, they need more stars participating. I feel like DJ Z would make a good X-Division briefcase holder. He has held it before, but I feel like he is a great talent and very charismatic. He could help the division greatly.

Next is the Tag Team briefcase. I may actually throw a wrench into my original plans. For weeks, or more so months, I have been stating that I want to split Magnus and Bram apart. Magnus needs to break away and shine again; however, I feel like this could be a great set-up. Bram can win the Tag Team briefcase and within the weeks that follow, Magnus feels like he will be the one teaming up with Bram to fight for the Championships. Bram isn't impressed with him though, and pulls the rabbit out of the hat where he reveals Samuel Shaw to be his actual partner. Shaw and Bram, as I mentioned last week, would make a great team and I really like this set-up.

The TNA World Championship briefcase. This is a tough one as I would have picked Magnus or Bram to win this briefcase, but I like the story I have going with them (above). Looking at the other stars involved, there's really only one person who is believable and that is Austin Aries. But, I would actually like to see Gunner win this briefcase. Yes, Gunner hasn't done anything relevant in awhile and he did win the TNA World Championship briefcase last year, but I feel like that whole opportunity was wasted. They need to continue to develop him and I feel like this is a great way to do so. It will make him relevant again. Show him each week and we will see a star in the making.

Now to the Fired briefcase. I really wouldn't want to fire anyone, and since the whole Fired briefcase seems legitimate, it seems like someone may not be coming back. I would have to go with Crazzy Steve on this one. The Menagerie has been one of the biggest flops in TNA history. There was lots of hype for it to only be filled with nonsense. It was a total waste of time. Steve is great. The weird clown is cool. He could make an impression in the X-Division, but I just don't see it right now. Sorry, Steve.

Khoya vs. Tigre Uno

I actually saw this match advertised around 1PM ET here on Wednesday. Again, I can't false advertise, but I really wish I didn't see it. This match is just a squash match, in my opinion. Sure, that's fine by me, but let's add some more layers to it. Let's really develop Khoya's character. He goes on to defeat Uno in an easy match, but Khoya looks impressive. He shows his dedication to James Storm. He bows down to him. Even James is impressed. Khoya goes ahead and attacks Uno after the match. He assaults him to the extreme enough where Uno is motionless. Khoya shows that he is the real deal. I would even have Khoya pick up Tigre and carry him to the back to ultimately discard him in a dumpster or something.

That's all of the matches that are advertised for this week's show, as of writing. With that being said, I will add several matches to the card and discuss where I want to go with certain stories:

The Hardys/The Revolution/The Wolves

The Hardys are Number One Contenders for the TNA Tag Team Championships. In fact, they were in the first place since they won the Tag Team Tournament. I really want to add The Wolves to the mix in the next several weeks. These are the top tag teams in TNA, so let's capitalize. I would book a simple Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm match with Matt Hardy at ringside and Abyss at ringside. However, before the match I would have a backstage segment involving The Hardys and The Wolves. The Wolves congratulate Hardys on winning last week, but The Hardys come off as arrogant and egotistical. The don't even shake The Wolves' hands. Now to the match. Jeff is about to go for the win, but The Wolves come out on the stage to get a closer look. Jeff is distracted and James picks up the win. This not only elevates The Revolution but it also builds the story between Hardys and Wolves as well as Hardys and The Revolution.

Bram/Samuel Shaw/Magnus

I explained this in the Feast or Fired match, so I am not going to go over it again, but I wanted to remind everyone of this story.

Brooke/The Beautiful People/The BroMans

I think a backstage segment would be real good here. We have Brooke approach Robbie E and discuss "privately" their time on The Amazing Race. They let all of their feelings out... Even their feelings about how they were in a relationship. Let's reveal that they actually enjoyed their time together but it went down hill. Robbie starts to throw some cheap insults at her and Brooke can't believe it. We see this change in Robbie because the camera zooms back and The Beautiful People walk into the area. Robbie wants to impress them. Brooke slaps Robbie because she had enough, but Sky and Love attack Brooke from behind in a heinous attack. They start ripping her clothes and tossing her into different objects backstage. It looks real physical. Sky goes to Robbie at the end and they make-out.

Awesome Kong/Havok

Two weeks worth of staredowns is enough, in my book. Let's continue to develop it. Let's build upon it. I would book Havok vs. Taryn Terrell this week for the Knockouts Championship strictly because Havok can issue her "rematch clause" for when she lost the belt back in November. We have both fight, but it ends with Havok getting disqualified. Havok continues to beat up Taryn only till we see Awesome Kong come out from the stage. She enters the ring and goes right up to Havok. This time, she pushes Havok back into the corner. Havok starts pushing back. Kong grabs her by the throat but Havok grabs her by the throat. It's more than a staredown... It's actually getting physical. That is when officials break it up. Before the match, I would have stated that this is Havok's last chance at the belt for now, so with her being disqualified, she can't focus on Taryn yet she didn't get pinned yet. Now we have Havok and Kong and we start making the audience mouths' water as the anticipation continues to grow.

The Beat Down Clan

One thing that I absolutely loved about last week's show was the flow of the main story around The Beat Down Clan. Not only were they shown throughout the show, but the heavily impacted the first hour and even ended the show. It was a great story that unraveled through the night.

This week, I would start the show off with Lashley coming out of his limo and on a huge man hunt for MVP and his clan. He makes his way to the arena like a sniper. The camera will then change to MVP and his clan backstage. MVP is in front of Low Ki, Samoa Joe, and Kenny King. He just finishes the plan that he set-up for tonight. He says they will make it work. MVP has the belt around his shoulder. They need to do everything they can to keep it with them.

Throughout the show, we see Lashley going around the backstage area looking for any members of The Beat Down Clan. During the show, we see Low Ki jump Lashley. Another segment shows Kenny King jumping Lashley. Another segment shows Samoa Joe jumping Lashley. Lashley is able to fight back but the members all run off. At the end of the show, we see Lashley leave the building as he sees MVP on the outside. He has the belt around his shoulder. Lashley attacks him from behind. MVP fights back and they brawl through the parking lot or even outside of the building on the sidewalk. A limo pulls up right beside them. Just then, Kenny, Joe, and Low come from the building and attack Lashley. MVP runs, gets in the limo along with Joe, King, and Low. However, Lashley grabs the belt out of King's hands as he picked it up from the sidewalk. They close the door. Lashley looks at the belt but throws it to the side. The window opens and MVP pops his head out with the actual belt in hand. The limo speeds off with Lashley watching.

Mr. Anderson?

Want I really want to do is have him in a program. I still want him to battle Chris Melendez as I feel that can really get into detail, but does anyone have anything in mind for him?

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