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#TNANewsBooksImpact - January 30th Episode

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Booking Impact

Welcome to the first #TNANewsBooksImpact on Every week I would bring you my script for Impact Wrestling on I would book the matches that I would have on the show (Except the ones that TNA already advertised during the week as that would be false advertising on my part), and then go over any segments that would progress the story lines in TNA along with character development. I would pin my show against theirs and see how things compare and contrast. I usually do a different format for this series each week depending on how TNA sets up Impact for the week. Let me dive in!

Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss in a Monster's Ball match

There is two things I want to point out right off the bat. One is Impact Wrestling's viewership. I wouldn't use the word "shocked", but I am quite "surprised" that Impact's viewership is on an incline within the past 3 weeks. In fact, last week's show received over 500,000 viewers. It's pretty cool to see the numbers rise, and I hope it continues. People are finding the show again and they are watching; however, I am very curious if TNA will be able to make it above the 1,000,000 mark. Secondly, while the show's viewership is increasing, I must say that the only reason why they are increasing is because the hardcore TNA fans are tuning back in. TNA had a loyal fan base of around 1,000,000 people, give or take. These viewers are now getting Destination America so they can watch the show. Now, the real challenge is getting the casual viewers, and I don't think TNA is reaching them at all. Why? There's just nothing that will grab them. There's no engaging stories.

That is where this match comes into play. I understand that The Hardys are up against The Revolution as The Hardys are Number One Contenders for the TNA Tag Team Championships and The Revolutions are the champions. James Storm pulled a great little promo last week about Matt Hardy which set up a match for later that night. This match though? Again, Jeff Hardy produced a little promo and this match was made. There's no layers to it. It just happened. Dixie Carter said in great pride that Impact will produce stories and will "pull back the curtain", but I'm not really seeing too much of that.

For this match, I see The Revolution being involved somehow. It only makes sense. They come and attack Jeff, but Matt comes out and "saves the day". In my book, Jeff Hardy picks up the win against Abyss. That gives The Hardys another win over the team.

The Hardys/Revolution Continuation

I would produce two more segments after this match. One segment will be short and sweet and it would feature Khoya, Manik, and The Great Sanada talking. They are trying to formulate a plan. What is interesting is that James Storm is not around to control them.

Later on in the night, the next segment would have The Hardys walking backstage to their car. As they do, Manik, The Great Sanada, and Khoya attack the team. They take Jeff out and then go after Matt. They lead Matt to the streets of New York. They go to a car that is parked near the building, but Jeff runs over with a steel pipe. He knocks Khoya and Sanada down. Matt comes two and grabs Sanada. He and Jeff attack him and actually toss him in the trunk of the car. Matt and Jeff get in and speed away. It's obvious - The Hardys take the game plan out of The Revolution's playbook. The Hardys don't have to be full fledge faces doing only face tactics. They can play the card too... I mean, they are experience enough to do so.

Other matches

Taryn Terrell (c) vs. Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne for the Knockouts Championship

This match is actually advertised for this week's show and I truly don't understand why. Yes, Gail Kim beat Havok last week via DQ, but Taryn wasn't even involved. What about Madison Rayne? Where does she even fit into the equation? Simply put, this is lazy booking. I'll put Taryn Terrell over in this match as she would pin Madison Rayne. I want to create two stories involving the Knockouts. One is Havok vs. Awesome Kong. The other I want to do is Brooke vs. Taryn vs. Angelina Love.

In order to do this, I would have Taryn win this match, but then have Love come down and attack Taryn after the match. A promo would follow where Love shows her frustration about Velvet Sky being fired. They were great friends with great chemistry, but since she is gone Love will dedicate her recklessness to Velvet. Love wants the belt to not only show dedication but to show what she is all about by herself. However, Brooke comes out out (or in a backstage segment) and states that one Beautiful People member is gone, and now she has to get rid of the other. Brooke states they are cancer to the division and to the locker room. Look what it did to Robbie E! We'll see a brawl between the two until officials break it up.

Mark Andrews vs. Ethan Carter III

Obviously this match is simple - Ethan wants revenge from what Mark was able to pull off last week against Tyrus. Ethan literally beats Mark up to shreds, but Spud is able to come and distract Ethan. Mark goes for a quick cover but Ethan kicks out and quickly hits the 1%-er. He gets the win, but Spud enters and literally knocks Ethan out with his Feast or Fired briefcase. Spud grabs Mark and leaves the area as Tyrus comes to the ring. Why was Tyrus backstage? Ethan told him to stay back as he doesn't need help in this match. Tyrus checks on Ethan. He's out cold. Spud and Matt get the upper hand once again.

Kenny King, Samoa Joe, and Eric Young vs. Austin Aries, Kurt Angle, and Bobby Roode

This bout has everyone showcase their talents during the match. Each person has their time to shine. At the end, we see each person enter the ring only to be knocked out. The last two men are Austin Aries and King. Aries is able to attack King with his famous running dropkick in the corner and then the Brain Buster. He picks up the win. Aries celebrates in the ring while Joe beats Kurt through the crowd and Young and Roode brawl through the crowd. Just then, Mr. Anderson comes out from the crowd and attacks Aries with a Mic Check. MVP and Low Ki come onto the stage and looks on. He smiles as Ken stares at him. King slowly starts to rise to his feet, but Anderson turns and hits him with a Mic Check as well. MVP's smile turns upside down. He and Ki runs to the ring but Ken runs off. Low follows Ken. Lashley runs down from the stage at the last minute. He slides in the ring. MVP turns and Lashley hits him with a full on spear. Lashley stands tall. That's the closing.

Opening segment

I would start the show off with not only a video package of what happened last week, but then lead into a segment from what happened after Impact went off the air. It is Roode and Lashley staring at each other on the sidewalk outside of the Manhattan Center. Roode walks up to Lashley and slowly hands him the title. Lashley looks at it and then at Roode and takes it. Lashley then extends his hand and Roode slowly shakes it.

A video then shows Roode talking backstage stating that the belt is Lashley's as he deserved it; however, he (Roode) still has his eyes on it. He has gained respect for Lashley. A video then has Lashley talking backstage. He says saw Roode's passion through his eyes last week. Not only does he respect him, but he wants to fight him one more time to see who is the better man. Lashley is all about competition. He doesn't care who stands in his way.

It then goes to The Beat Down Clan backstage. MVP tells King, Joe, and Eric that they are fighting in a 6 man tag team match tonight. As far as MVP, he will be watching but he tells them they need to stop Lashley. They need that belt. The number of foes is getting larger every week, and they need to take care of it.

We then see Austin Aries and Kurt Angle talking backstage. They are teaming up tonight but they are worried about Bobby Roode. They need him focused. They need him on the team to take on The Beat Down Clan.


In a backstage segment, I would have Bram walk up to Magnus. Magnus is stroking his Feast or Fired briefcase. Bram is very jealous. He's upset, but he tries to hide it. He tries to persuade Magnus that he (Bram) would make for a great tag team partner for the TNA Tag Team Championships. Magnus ponders the thought but doesn't really like it. Magnus wants to explore his options. Magnus goes to stand, but Bram pushes him down back in his seat. Bram starts to freak out stating that he is the one who made Magnus mean and violent. Without him, Magnus would be a crying baby. Magnus can't forget that. Magnus stands up and gets right in the face of Bram. He tells Bram that he is now in control. Magnus walks away.

Awesome Kong/Havok

I like the staredowns TNA did over the past three weeks. The little brawl last week was just what I wrote on my booking sheet. Kong got the upper hand last week, so this week I want Havok to get the upper hand. However, I am over the staredowns. Picture this - Awesome Kong enters the building. She walks down the hall only to be struck by Havok from around the corner. Havok takes Kong down and thens starts to mock her. Havok quickly leaves but Kong is right back up. She's on a war path now. Later on in the night, Havok goes to Kong's locker area where she starts going through her bag. She finds a picture of her little girl. Havok admires it but then rips it to shreds. Let's get personal!


I'm trying to get as many people featured on the show as possible. Simply put, the roster is filled with talent. I've been wanting to use Mr. Anderson for quite some time and that story would be told next week. However, I'm looking to use Gunner and The Wolves, but I really don't see any programs for them or where they could fit. Any booking ideas?

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