#TNANewsBooksImpact - January 7th Live Episode


TNA Wrestling is back on television with new and original programming. Impact Wrestling will be live on Destination America on January 7th starting at 9PM ET. In my mind, a live show needs the sense of unpredictability. It needs to have people know that anything can happen. Beyond that, this is TNA's first showing on the network so they need to knock it out of the park. They need to impress not only the new viewers but the loyal audience. I have no idea what TNA has up their sleeve for this show, but I am sure they will do some surprises. With that being said, I am going to try to do some surprises myself for #TNANewsBooksImpact.

Opening Segment

TNA Wrestling needs to start out with an education piece for all of the viewers. They need to show where they company first started to where it is now. They need to show some of the biggest moments in company history. The video ends with a graphic saying that a new era begins tonight.

If I was part of the company, I would really throw some pyro into the show... Especially in the opening scene. They need to make it look like an extravagant show. I am also hoping TNA has a new entrance stage. It has to look sleek and fresh. It needs to look modern and hip.

We go to Kurt Angle in the ring. TNA is hyping up a major announcement. I have no idea what that could be, but TNA is advertising it so I need it to be part of my show. Kurt will make whatever announcement he is doing. Again, I don't have the slightest bit of knowledge. However, once Kurt does make the announcement, I would have MVP come from behind and attack Kurt. MVP would grab the mic and tell Kurt that he ruined his 2014 in more ways than one, but this is a new year and this is a new MVP. He's not going to put up with Kurt or anyone that decides to go against him. MVP walks away as Kurt slowly tries to get to his feet.

- Commercial

A video package plays showing the story between Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud from last year. It then shows how Eric Young took Spud under his wing. The video would do a great job hyping this match up and make it mean something.

Ethan Carter III vs. Eric Young (Rockstar Spud at ringside)

These two would have a great bout. Near the end, the match would go in Young's favor, so Tyrus comes out from the back down to the ring. As he does, Rockstar Spud walks over and attacks Tyrus. He actually knocks him down. Young watches this unfold and is extremely proud, but Ethan grabs him and hits the 1%-er. Ethan wins. Spud turns and is disappointed. Ethan gets out of the ring and goes to chase Spud around, but Spud is far enough ahead that he sneakily grabs a steel chair that is under the ring and smashes it over the top of Ethan's head. He falls and begins to bleed. Point of this is to get Rockstar Spud over as much as possible. Give him the sense of being able to actually fight.

The camera goes backstage as it shows The Hardys and The Wolves are talking. They are talking about their upcoming match they will have. They state that the winning team will truly have the momentum and go for the TNA Tag Team Championships. Jeff stops them right there and tells them that he and Matt won the Tag Team Tournament but haven't received their title match yet. The Wolves say that was last year, and no one cares about that anymore. The Hardys get quite angry for The Wolves just blowing off the success they had. The Hardys stare at The Wolves, look at each there, and they stare back at The Wolves and SLAP them across the face in unison. Matt and Jeff walk away. The camera zooms out and we see The Revolution standing in the distance as they watched the whole thing unfold. I want some story going between The Wolves and The Hardys for their match. I am not sure how long Matt will be around for, but I don't think it would hurt to turn The Hardys to be slight heels. With The Revolution as Tag Team Champions, we also need to insert them into the equation.

- Commercial

The camera in the back shows Kurt Angle in a fit of rage. He is pacing back and forth in his room. Mr. Anderson and Chris Melendez walk in and talk to Kurt how they have some beef with MVP and would like to help him out. Kurt books MVP vs. Ken and Melendez for tonight.

MVP vs. Mr. Anderson and Chris Melendez

This match is just what Kurt was looking for as it is a total beat down on MVP, but Kenny King comes out during the match to do some distracting; however, it is apparent that Chris is more distracted than Ken. They are double teaming MVP, but all of a sudden, Anderson turns on Chris and hits him with the Mic Check. He slides out of the ring and MVP gets the cover. King would enter the ring and he and MVP will both attack Chris senseless as Anderson walks away. I been writing since I started #TNANewsBooksImpact that I would turn Mr. Anderson heel. I would do so right out of the gate with this show. Give Anderson a prominent role on the show.

- Commercial

Mr. Anderson is shown walking backstage. A camera man catches up to him with an interviewer and he asks Ken why he attacked Chris during the match. Ken states that he is not playing friend to anyone anymore. He is not going to be someone's lap dog. He is going to be by himself for himself. Ken pushes the interviewer down and walks away.

Taryn Terrell is backstage doing some stretches. Velvet Sky and Angelina Love walk up to her and congratulate Taryn on winning the Knockouts Championship at the end of 2014. They go on to say that she looks a lot like them and they can use a third person in The Beautiful People. Love and Sky try to hint that Taryn will be great in the group. They silently drop the idea to her and wish her good luck for her match against Havok.

- Commercial

Havok vs. Taryn Terrell

This is a non-title match but this match certainly shows what the Knockouts are about. It is a back and forth battle that really impresses the crowd. Havok is gaining momentum and is about to put Taryn away, but Sky and Love walk onto the stage and down the ramp. They grab a hold of the ropes like they are going to enter the ring, but quickly back up. Havok gets distracted. She turns and Taryn does a small package for the win. Taryn rolls to the side after and The Beautiful People wink and nod at Taryn and then walk away.

The camera shows Low Ki and Tigre Uno backstage. They are both talking and then shaking hands. The commentators state that these two have respect for each other and will have friendly competition next.

- Commercial

Low Ki vs. Tigre Uno

This match is quick and furious, but it is also short. These two battle it out only for Samoa Joe to come out, get in the ring, and attack these two to shreds. He just demolishes them. He takes a mic and starts bad mouthing the X-Division, the company, and management. He delivers, what you can say, would be a "pipe bomb". Just as he does, mysterious music hits. Joe stops and waits. Smoke fills the stage. Just then, here comes... GOLDBERG!!! He comes out and stands on top of the stage. Goldberg mouths, "You're next," and then does the cut throat motion. Reason for this is easy - Let's make Samoa Joe unstoppable again.

The camera shows Lashley warming up for his match later. We then see Bobby Roode also warming up for his match at a different area. This short timeframe hypes up the main event.

- Commercial

Magnus and Bram are backstage. Bram is telling Magnus that he needs to be more ruthless in 2015. He tells Magnus that he needs to be violent and dangerous. He tells him he is was too weak last year. He tells him he just wasn't up to par. He tells Magnus to go out and find someone on the roster and attack them senseless. He wants him to report back. Magnus tries to defend himself but Bram gets crazy on him and Magnus slowly walks away. As he does, we see Samuel Shaw in the distance. He is staring at Bram and Bram sees him and stares back.

The camera switches to Kurt Angle as he is walking backstage calling out MVP's name. He is looking in the corners and down narrow hallways. He turns and he sees Kenny King walking away from him from behind. Kurt runs up to him, grabs him by the shoulders and pounds him against the wall. He turns him to face forward and asks him where MVP is. King doesn't know. Kurt says he isn't playing around, but King just laughs. Kurt knees King in the gut and then does a headbutt. He falls to the floor holding his head. Kurt is on a rampage!!

- Commercial

Bobby Roode vs. Lashley for the TNA World Championship

Roode and Lashley have a classic match. It is a back and forth battle that really hooks people from the start. These two lay it all out there. Lashley tries to win clean with pinfall after pinfall, but he fails each time. He starts to get frustrated and gets various weapons from a steel chair to a trashcan lid, but Roode fights him off before he can use it. Roode is able to prevail and gets the win with the Roode Bomb. Roode celebrates in the ring, but Lashley comes to and attacks Roode from behind. He then destroys him as he tosses him all around the ring and then uses the steel chair and trashcan lid. Roode bleeds from the head. He looks like a wreck. Lashley had enough. He takes the TNA World Championship and walks away.

- Commercial

Before the end of the show, we see the camera in the back. A limo pulls up and stops. The driver gets out and opens the back seat door. First we see Dixie Carter... As she returns. She turns and waits. We then see Alberto Del Rio exit the limo decked out in a five star suit. He walks forward. We see Gunner and Austin Aries on the side talking. They stop and turn to Alberto, but Alberto walks right up to them and attacks them both. He turns back to Dixie and she nods with a smile. The show fades.

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