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Booking Impact

I am back for another week of #TNANewsBooksImpact and this week is hosted by a special episode of Impact Wrestling as it is Lockdown - "Free" on TV! TNA Wrestling has had Lockdown a pay-per-view show since 2005, so this year's show marks the 11th anniversary. However, the show will be featured not as a pay-per-view but on Destination America. TNA is hoping for a great turnout... And I really want it to be... But, there are some underlining issues that could hurt the show as a whole. On top of that, I think TNA missed the boat and I'll explain why. Let's get started with the booking!

Since TNA already announced the line-up for the show, here it is:

Eric Young vs. Bobby Roode in a Steel Cage match

Awesome Kong vs. Havok in a Steel Cage match The Revolution (c) vs. The Hardys in a Steel Cage match for the TNA World Tag Team Championships Tyrus vs. Rockstar Spud and Mark Andrews in a Steel Cage match

Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Gunner, Austin Aries, ???) vs. The Beat Down Clan (MVP, Kenny King, Low Ki, Samoa Joe) in a Lethal Lockdown Steel Cage match

As stated in the title, this is a strong line-up. Some, if not most, of these matches could be potential show stealers! However, 5 matches in two hours as well as any interviews and segments and we could be cramming the matches. I always feel this is bad because not only will the superstars feel rushed to try to get everything in, but the the audience will get the idea that there was a lot more to be desired which they didn't get. Maybe I am wrong and maybe all of the matches will turn out superb. I hope that is the case.

Before I talk about the build of matches, I want to explain how I would book each match:

Bobby Roode vs. Eric Young

I really feel this match could be a ground and pound brawl. These two, veterans in the company, will not hold anything back. They are going to let it all out. On top of that, these two have great chemistry so I am expecting magic in this match. These two will rip each other apart, and I am expecting blood (at least that is what I would like if I booked it). As far as the ending goes, I would have Bobby Roode go and try to escape the cage through the door, but Eric Young would grab the beer bottle that Roode brought to the ring. Young turns Roode around and smashes it right on the top of his head. Young hits him with the piledriver and is able to successfully exit the cage. The beer bottle, I feel, is symbolic with Roode and his rise to the top. Now, I would take a new route and state the beer bottle is now symbolic with Roode's downfall. Roode still wants revenge after this match.

Awesome Kong vs. Havok

Flat out, I would not have this match. Don't get me wrong, I really want to see Awesome Kong vs. Havok, as I stated that multiple times, but TNA missed the opportunity... AGAIN! I don't understand WHY TNA has to rush stories. In fact, what is the story between these two? The only thing I see is that they want to fight each other. It's lazy booking. The status of Havok is uncertain, so maybe that is the reason why it is rushed, BUT don't you think if a company wants to deliver in a great feud that they have to invest some money in it? Unbelievable!

Anyway, I want this feud to continue as I honestly believe it can go a long way. In this match, these two destroy each other. It is back and forth. Each hit their top moves. I would have them both on the apron fighting each other as the door is open. Both punch each other at the same time and fall back landing on the floor at the same time. It is a No Contest. It is a tie. These two stand and continue to brawl. Officials come out but these two annihilate them. It's just a brawl for the ages. It finally ends when Havok falls down and the officials are able to restrain her as Kong walks up the ramp.

The Revolution vs. The Hardys

This match has a simple story. Not too much build here, but I do feel like it can go even further. Sadly, we all know about Jeff Hardy's wicked bump he takes, so apparently this story won't go any further. Another disappointing effort... But what can you do, Jeff can't go on the United Kingdom tour. I don't know how TNA's stipulation system works for this match because we know Jeff falls to his "almost demise" on the steel steps. He is motionless on the ground. Since his feet touched the floor, does The Hardys win? Or is it that both team members have to exit? Either way, I would book The Revolution over. Hardy takes the bump, but James Abyss is able to exit the ring after and James pins Matt for the finish. The Revolution need to keep the titles. There is so much they can do still.

Since The Hardys appear to be out, or at least Jeff is, I would have a camera in the back shooting The Wolves watching the match on a monitor. They see The Revolution win and then have a little monologue stating that they need to gear up and try to get back their belts.

Tyrus vs. Rockstar Spud and Mark Andrews

In the logical world, Tyrus can destroy both of these stars with no trouble at all, but I have stated for weeks on #TNANewsBooksImpact that Spud needs to look strong. They have been making him, and Mark, strong. It makes it look like a level playing field. In this match, Tyrus destroys each of them at the same time. Ethan Carter III, at ringside, is loving it. He loves it so much that he wants to be part of it in the ring. He opens the door, but Spud springs to life and hits a suicide dive or a flying cross body on Ethan, making him fall... Making Spud's feet touch the floor. I'll call for the bell right there. Spud beats up Ethan with continuous punches while Tyrus goes to help but Mark jumps on his back for a sleeper. Spud gets Ethan up and smashes his face against the cage causing him to bleed. Ethan has never been attacked like this before. Tyrus grabs Mark from behind, whips him forward, and he goes back first against the cage. Mark's done. Spud is terrified now. Tyrus exits the cage and checks on Ethan as he is slowly crawling around the ring. This gives Rockstar the chance to enter the ring again and help Mark. Spud closes the door behind him and while Tyrus wants to assault him, officials come and block the door. Tyrus grabs Ethan and helps him up the ramp.

Team Angle vs. The Beat Down Clan

I felt like it would be better suited to have Team Lashley against The Beat Down Clan, but I like how TNA is making Lashley his own man. He doesn't belong to any side. He goes along with the beat of his own drum. For being the monster he is, that is perfect. As we saw from the card above, Team Angle needs one more member. Throughout the night, I would have Kurt going around backstage trying to find the perfect member for his team, but he only comes across people from The Revolution and The BroMans. No luck at all. Match time comes and we see The Beat Down Clan in the ring and Team Angle with 3 members. Here comes the fourth and final member - Mr. Anderson!

You may know from reading my previous booking shows, I want Mr. Anderson to get involved in the show. There are two things that I don't like about him joining, as well as Gunner. Gunner was announced last week to be a member and while it makes sense as a guy who is proud of the United States of America (fits Kurt's bill), Gunner hasn't been relevant for months. I mean, why do we care that he is involved? The same goes with Mr. Anderson. Why do we care? Well, I am going to make people care.

The Lethal Lockdown match happens and it is just a war inside, and outside, the ring. For the finish, I would have Anderson smash the members of The BDC with a chair, whoever is in the ring - I'll say MVP and Samoa Joe. However, he turns and smashes Aries and Gunner with the chair. Ken drops the weapon and walks away. Kurt is stunned. He enters the ring as MVP stands and hits him with the Angle Slam for the 1-2-3.

Other Moments

I would start the show off with The Hardys vs. The Revolution to really gear things up for the night.

One thing I would rely on throughout the show is the video package concept. I would want one for each match - Explaining how these matches came about. Again, there needs to be a reason!

I would also book some backstage interviews. One would be with Awesome Kong (Which should be short and sweet as it would happen after their match). Simply put, Kong isn't finished with Havok as she has a lot more to show her. Second, I would have The Beat Down Clan explain what they will do to Team Angle later that night. Third, I would have Lashley in the back after Roode vs. Young. The interviewer/camera man asks whether Young should go after the belt next. Lashley doesn't care who it is - He will defeat anyone in his path. Again, he's neutral.

At the end of the show, I would have a camera man walk up to Mr. Anderson as he is walking backstage after leaving the match. Mr. Anderson tells the camera that he's not done by a long shot. "Just wait!"

One segment that TNA is also promoting is a confrontation between Brooke and Robbie E. Here's how I would have it go down. Robbie E calls Brooke out for a talk. She comes out and basically trashes him to pieces with insult after insult. Robbie (as you know) starts to freak out. She then mentions how "he" is smaller than a miniature candy cane. That hit a nerve. He backs Brooke against the ropes, but she goes and slaps him across the face. Just then, Angelina Love comes out and trips Brooke from the outside. Love enters and rips Brooke apart.

Let me know your thoughts and what you might do for this week's show.

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