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TNA's Tag Team Division Is Twice As Thrilling!!!


Hello there TNA/Impact Wrestling fans! I'm here to once again give you, the diehard wrestling fans, an article worthy of your time that will hopefully enlighten even the most dedicated of viewers!

This week I'd like to focus on TNA's tag team division (both past and present, though I'm aware they are now recognized as two different things) and, more specifically, focus on the superior handling of the TNA/Impact tag division in comparison to WWE.

Throughout the decades, we as American wrestling viewers (assuming that's my target audience here) were conditioned to always ask one question: when is the team going to break up so we can finally see them at their individual best?! This idea was drilled in to our young heads by the likes of The Macho Man, blinded by jealousy, attacking Hogan, Animal replacing Hawk with Darren Drozdov, Foley literally turning his back on Rocky and the Rock-N-Sock Connection, Shawn pulling the trigger on The Rockers, Christian con-chair-to'ing Edge, Matt Hardy betraying Jeff in a jealous rage (twice!), Scott Steiner viciously ambushing Rick in WCW, HHH and Shawn destroying one another in every type of match for over a year, etc., etc., etc., I could go on and on. My point is, WWE has, and always will (this I pray I'm wrong about), recognize the tag team division as a stepping stone to greater success and finances.

Isn't that sad?! Disregarding what this has morally taught us (fuck being a team player!), some of the greatest matches OF OUR TIME are tag team bouts! WWE had their series of unparalleled matches between The Hardys, Edge & Christian, and The Dudleys, various matches that showcased how exceptional The Hart Foundation was as a unit, and what became a dream tag team match at No Mercy between Angle/Benoit and Edge/Mysterio! One of my personal favorites!

Part of this lack of appreciation for their roster's tag team potential must be directly related to WWE's obsession with monetary dominance - a super-over tag team will never sell as much merchandise than two completely separate, super-over guys. Another obvious reason is the dramatic, undeniably juicy television that results from a tag team's break up (but how many times can you club that mutilated horse?!).

The demand to implode from within or otherwise fade in to obscurity is the very reason WWE has obliterated all credibility once associated with being a tag team wrestler in thier company, and it is something Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling has chosen to counteract and thrive on. Throughout its history, TNA has consistently delivered us awe inspiring matches with irreplaceable teams, and while doing so, they've tarnished fewer tag team legacies in the process. From what I have personally seen from TNA, the 'break up storyline' has only been used when it seemed absolutely necessary and they have conversely honored the teams that shined brightest as a unit and allowed them to stay unified until the very end (Team Canada had a respectful split and a following reunion, the Motor City Machine Guns ended because Alex Shelley had chosen to depart from the company, Team 3D and the Hardys have never been forced to feud, etc.) Teams like Beer Money Inc., Daniels and Styles, and Voodoo Kin Mafia were made up of thriving singles superstars who needed fresh material and therefore ventured in to the tag team scene - money was less of a priority for a young company that only wanted to validate itself.

Below, I've listed what I think are the best examples of TNA's incomparable tag team division. Please do whatever it takes to witness these life changing matches - #1 is what made me first fall for Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling!!!

3. Impact Oct. 8th, 2014 The Hardys vs. The Dudleys vs. The American Wolves (Full Metal Mayhem for the TNA Tag Team Championships)

2. TNA No Surrender 2006 Lax vs. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels (Ultimate X Match for The NWA Tag Team Championships)

1. TNA Turning Point 2004 Triple X vs. America's Most Wanted (Six Sides of Steel Match, losing team disbands)


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