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Top WWE Star Calls Out McMahon, Backstage Complaints, Next Main Event NXT Program

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- John Cena’s post-Rawpromo on Cesaro was seen as a way to “call out” Vince McMahon to the fact that it’s time to push him in a big way. The top of the card is stale when Brock Lesnar isn’t around and Cesaro could bring some energy to it in a feud with Seth Rollins or Kevin Owens. Having written that, there is no set plan in place for either but discussions have happened.

- There remains a disconnect between Vince McMahon and his producers as they get blamed for guys like Sheamus, Big Show, Kane and even Randy Orton not getting over as expected. However, our source connected with WWE producers tells us they believe fans are tired of seeing the same characters, not to mention ones that are seen “past their prime.”

- I heard there were complaints about booking “up and coming talent” with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns essentially lost. Vince feels Rollins looks too soft in his interactions with Triple H. While it’s one thing to be the “slimy” heel, there is concern Rollins isn’t coming off like a legitimate champion. Vince is reportedly pushing for something similar to what we saw in years past with Edge where Rollins is a “dirty” heel but doesn’t take crap from anyone. Triple H, on the other hand, wants to continue to go with the “disappointed dad” angle.

- Finn Balor vs. Samoa Joe is a match we’re expecting sooner than later and we’re not expecting a lengthy NXT title reign for Balor. Vince McMahon wants him up to the main roster and sees a big opportunity with merchandise sales.

- Speaking of NXT, there is such thing as a good problem. With workers continued to be called-up, it leaves the growing standalone brand in a bit of a bind. They need long term planning just like the main roster and do not have that luxury with Samoa Joe not expected to be down long, Balor coming up, Sami Zayn up and down and Tyler Breeze someone that was promised a call-up months ago.

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