Total Drama: Eva Marie Steals The Spotlight


With the fourth season of Total Divas premiering just over a week ago, I had the wild thought of tackling Total Divas in a whole new way with a weekly review here on In this weekly review, I will focus on the main stories, issues, fights, etc. from most important to least important rather than an orderly segment-by-segment breakdown of the episode like you see in other blog reviews here on WNW. Let’s get started, shall we?

Eva Marie Is Taking The Heat

Right out of the gate, it has become very apparent Eva Marie will be a huge focal point in Season 4. The WWE Divas hear that Eva Marie is training with Brian Kendrick for several weeks out in California. So what’s the big deal? Eva is going out of her way to improve her ring work. Great for her!

The majority of the other Divas seem to have a major problem with that. The Bella Twins bring up the fact that Eva could easily train at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando.

Eva seems to be doing well with her training despite the negativity and heat surrounding her. I, for one, am totally guilty of not giving Eva a chance. Yes, her ring work has sucked since the day she debuted, but that’s because she hasn’t had much training or experience to get to a certain level.

Eva Marie and her husband Jonathan seem to be all alone in this battle, although there is one Diva that seems to be understanding of Eva’s situation...

Naomi Defends Eva, Fox Gets Angry

In both the first and second episode, Naomi came to the defense of Eva Marie when Eva’s training situation was brought up in conversations. During the second episode, Paige, Emma, Alicia Fox, and Naomi went out for some food, drinks, and fun. For Naomi and Fox, the night wasn’t exactly fun.

Fox got really aggressive in arguments with Naomi and Jimmy Uso when Eva Marie was brought up. One theme that was also evident throughout both episodes is that some of the girls will stick up for others, but not without putting themselves over. Both Fox and Naomi were strong with their claims that they aren’t going to lose their spot to Eva.

To me, Fox came off crazy and even a little bit jealous. She’s a Diva that hasn’t been really relevant for awhile now, and there are several others passing her up. Could Fox lose “her spot” to Eva?

As for Naomi, she is super talented and gifted in the ring. I don’t think Naomi has anything to worry about with Eva Marie at the moment. Looking at current storylines and booking, Eva Marie will be spending some time in NXT, while Naomi is now back in the spotlight with Sasha Banks joining Team BAD on Raw.

Natalya Just Can’t Catch A Break

Nattie kicked off the fourth season by trying out a potential new gimmick as a dominatrix. Tyson Kidd thought it was a little bizarre and even left the house over it, which I don’t blame him for. Obviously we know the gimmick wasn’t fully brought on to TV even though Nattie was sporting some new attire in the last few months.

One thing that has been very, very apparent since the start of Total Divas is that Natalya can’t catch a break with anything in her life. Here’s a list of the issues I can think of right off the top of my head: Problems with TJ, their cat died, issues with Summer Rae, and personal and health issues with both of her parents.

We already know TJ will be facing a major medical crisis later on in the season as Tyson legitimately suffered a severe neck injury in June. My question is when will the bad luck stop? Will Nattie ever go through one episode without having something in her life going wrong?

Paige Is The Anti-Diva

One theme I noticed in the second episode specifically was the emphasis on Paige’s character. Paige is an Anti-Diva through and through: pale, raven-like hair, dark clothing, and not afraid to speak her mind or do whatever the heck she wants.

Paige met a fan that claimed she stopped her eating disorder because of Paige. The two hugged and had a nice chat about Paige being different. I didn’t really have a problem with the segment, but it almost felt awkward to me. We also saw Paige struggling to find something fancy to wear to the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, as this is the first year she will be attending as a member of the main roster.

I absolutely love Paige on Total Divas. She was the highlight of the season for me last year. Her sense of humor and some of things she says to the other Divas had me laughing on many occasions. I just hope Paige isn’t so serious during the whole season like she came off in the second episode.

The Bella Twins Re-Sign, Personal Issues

I’m not a fan of The Bella Twins whatsoever, so having to watch their segments on Total Divas isn’t exactly thrilling for me. It was revealed during the season premiere that Nikki and Brie re-signed with WWE after rumors and speculation among the other Divas that they were leaving.

Meanwhile, Brie and Bryan want to have kids, but questions about fertility arise. The whole fertility talk and segments were awkward and somewhat unnecessary in my opinion.

The Bella’s have a major problem with Eva Marie, and it looks like we will be seeing more of their problems unfold next week and throughout the season in the weeks to come. Nikki wants everyone to get along even though Brie has made it clear she wants nothing to do with Eva.

Final Thoughts

I certainly enjoyed the season premiere more than the second episode. This week’s show seemed to drag with no direction. In the coming weeks I want to see something positive happen in Natalya’s life, more supporters for Eva Marie, and more comedy from Paige! Most of that is probably far-fetched, but a person can dream, right?

What do you think of Season 4 so far? Do you watch Total Divas regularly? What did you think of my review? I would love to hear from you below in the comments area with whatever thoughts you have on Total Divas.

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