Total Drama: Tyson Kidd Chauffeurs The Exotic Express


I was about half way through this week's episode of Total Divas when something occurred to me: We are witnessing realistic portrayals of how relationships work. And I'm not just talking about marriage, etc., but about family and friends. We saw in-laws go back-and-forth. We watched friends fight and then make up. We witnessed interaction between three married couples. It seems random, but I really appreciated the fact that we saw realistic relationships this week.

Paige & Alicia Fox's Guy Problems

One of this week's major storylines featured Paige and Alicia Fox in their "first fight." Paige has a new boyfriend, Kevin, and wants to move in with him even though Fox was under the assumption that Paige was moving to Fox's new place. At Alicia's house-warming party, Fox spilled some beans to Kevin about Paige's past. When Paige tried to confront Fox about the issue, with Emma as a witness, the fight began.

Maybe it's their personalities, but it really didn't seem like Paige and Fox were fighting. It just seemed like comedy that I laughed at. Those two have odd ways of expressing their feelings.

By the end of the episode, Paige and Fox kiss and make-up. It isn't long before Fox reveals to Paige that she is still in love with her ex, Wade Barrett! This just keeps getting interesting, doesn't it?

Nikki Bella vs. Daniel Bryan

Right off the bat to start this week's show, Nikki Bella began to express her disgust for Daniel Bryan's jokes. Bryan would constantly poke fun at Nikki for random things. There was even a point where Bryan took Nikki's clothes out of his closet and placed them in a barn. Brie Bella's reaction to the barn incident was funny: "At least we hung it up there."

Nikki and Bryan discussed their relationship over the phone one night and things seemed to be resolved. On a light-hearted note, Brie reminded Nikki that Bryan bought Nikki flowers for Valentine's Day one year because Nikki didn't have a Valentine. How sweet is that? I'm glad Brie brought that up.

Tyson Kidd Chauffeurs The Exotic Express

Natalya wrapped herself up in a couple situations she couldn't escape this week. First, Nattie agreed to watch a cat from a shelter. What she thought was one cat turned out to be eighteen! You can bet TJ wasn't happy about that. Later on, Nattie tells Titus O'Neil, Adam Rose, and Heath Slater that they can hitch a ride with TJ after that night's tapings.

TJ isn't thrilled about the idea. They all aboard the "exotic express" and end up stopping at a strip club thanks to Slater. As you could imagine, TJ didn't want any part of it and went back out to the car. After Nattie tried out the pole, she convinced the guys to head out.

In the end, TJ told Nattie she needs to learn how to say no. I agree! While this week's storyline wasn't so much about bad things happening to her like in previous weeks, it did involve a life lesson. I guess I'll take the life lesson over sadness.

Driving In Drama City

One of the highlights for me this week involved the lengthy segment with the cars. Here's a breakdown of the vehicles:

  • TJ drove Nattie, Titus O'Neil, Adam Rose & Heath Slater
  • Jimmy Uso drove Naomi (with the late addition of Paige)
  • Alicia Fox drove Paige & Emma (before Paige left them for Naomi)
  • Brie Bella and Nikki Bella took turns driving (included phone call with Bryan)

It was in these vehicles that we saw laughter and arguing, but all of it was entertaining to me. I always enjoy seeing other non-cast members such as Emma, Titus, Rose, and Slater appear.

Next Week - Paige Returns Home

Next week's episode of Total Divas will feature the UK tour. Paige returns home, but apparently gets involved in a spat with Nikki Bella. Eva Marie returns and something with Jonathan comes up. Alicia Fox begins to chase Wade Barrett down again, and we see Rosa Mendes appear.


I thoroughly enjoyed this week's episode. You may be able to tell by my random analysis. It was nice to take a break from the Eva Marie discussion. Like I mentioned in the first paragraph, I was very pleased with the refreshing realistic relationship storylines that were presented this week. I hope to see the same continue this season.

What did you think of Total Divas? Aren't Paige and Fox an odd bunch? I'd love to hear from you below in the comments area! You can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24.

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