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Did Triple H Really Bury Chyna?

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I'm sure by now everyone has either listened to or at least read the transcript from the Stone Cold Steve Austin interview with Triple H. While it may not have been the most revealing or groundbreaking of interviews they did touch upon certain topics such as CM Punk, fans booing Roman Reigns and if Chyna should be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The Chyna part seems to be the most controversial of the comments as it has received a certain amount of backlash namely from one Vince Russo who took to Youtube to dish out a 30+ minute rant about Triple H's comments. However before we cover the Russo rant let's address what Triple H actually said that was apparently so bad words like bury and revolting have been attached to it.

So Steve Austin asked if Chyna will ever go into the Hall of Fame to which Triple H replied with the following quotes

"Does she deserve to go into the Hall of Fame? Absolutely."

"Completely 100% transcended the business, changed the business, paradigm shifter of the business."

"Done what no woman had ever done before and was awesome at it and a phenomenal talent."

"From a career standpoint should she go in the Hall of Fame? Absolutely."

Then Triple H spoke about the flip side to the coin and how an eight year old could possibly look up Chyna online and find out about various events that she has participated in since leaving WWE. Triple H made it clear that he wasn't criticizing her lifestyle choices and that he didn't know her reasons or care to know it wasn't a morality thing and it was difficult choice.

At no point did Triple H say she couldn't or wouldn't go into the Hall of Fame and, actually, on several occasions put Chyna over in my opinion. Dare I say it Triple H put Chyna over more in those few brief sentences than Chyna has put herself over the last 14 years.

Still this did not stop other people from looking at the comments differently and indeed Vince Russo took real objection to what Triple H had to say and put this video up. Please be warned that this video goes over 30 minutes and does contain mild swearing.

I appreciate Russo is trying to stick up for a friend but unfortunately his rant was filled with so many mistakes and silly comments that it could be argued that him interviewing Chyna will do more harm than good.

Russo claimed to have not even listened to the interview but just read the notes so he had zero idea regarding the tone Triple H said things which for the record nothing was said in a negative tone.

Contrary to what Russo claims Chyna did not lose her boyfriend and job in 24 hours as it was common knowledge Triple H and Stephanie were seeing each other by September 2000. Chyna officially left WWE in November 2001 some 14 months after it had come out.

Russo questions if Triple H knew Chyna's state of mind when she was on a downward spiral which had he listened to the interview he would have heard Triple H state he didn't and wasn't criticizing her actions. Also how would Russo know what went down as he was in WCW and claiming post concussion syndrome throughout this period? Nor did he offer Chyna a job when he was booking TNA for all those years but managed to get his son of job in case someone says he didn't have that kind of influence.

Russo went on to make other ridiculous claims such as he has never lied, Chyna has been out of contact with the US for the last three years despite posting several videos bashing WWE Triple H and Stephanie last year and giving online interviews. According to Russo he saved Triple H's job after the curtain call incident as everyone wanted him fired and no one else was sticking up for him. Are we really supposed to believe that Shawn Michaels didn't go to bat for Triple H if indeed there was talk of firing him and it was only Russo stepping in that saved Triple H?

Like most times Russo simply didn't know when to stop and started making blatantly false comments such as WWE buries everyone who doesn't work for them. While they may not promote people who don't work for them, why would you?, they also pay for many ex employees to go through rehab and as for the name rights issue that is the case with everyone who works for WWE. Did Drew Galloway suddenly find it impossible to get bookings because he could no longer use the name Drew McIntyre or did Stacy Carter, who was released in the same year as Chyna, turn to pornography as she could no longer be called Miss Kitty? Of course not they both simply went about following their careers, you can hardly blame WWE that Chyna/Joanie Laurer was a flop in Japan.

Granted WWE have double standards but that is nothing new and for that matter so does everyone to a certain degree. Even Russo has said in interviews that he would work harder to get certain guys over more than others because they understood what he was trying to do or made him laugh, is that not double standards?

Also since when did it become disgusting or burying someone to point out a fact? If I said that when you google OJ Simpson it doesn't paint a great picture have I buried the guy or simply stated a fact? Yes others have gone into the Hall of Fame with dodgy pasts and even criminal convictions but that is how WWE has always been. Yes Triple H could have said "Well Chyna can't go in because my wife wouldn't like it" but then he would only get accused of putting all the heat and blame on Stephanie, it was a no win question.

I fail to see what Triple H said that was so bad that it would generate the kind of negativity that Russo was spouting, under the circumstances Triple H put Chyna over, he didn't rule out her ever going into the Hall of Fame and at no point said anything untrue about the woman. If that is truly burying someone then I guess we are all guilty of it and that includes Mr Russo.

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