Tyler Breeze On Creation Of His Character, Embracing Technology


Jim Varsallone of The Miami Herald has a new piece online to promote the WWE NXT live event from Miami, FL on Friday featuring quotes from Tyler Breeze. Below are the highlights:

The creation of the Tyler Breeze character:

“Tyler Breeze is actually a mix of a few of things,” he said. “It started out as an idea from what I’d seen from a couple of people who came for tryouts from different walks of life -- acting, modeling -- who didn’t really know what wrestling was or what it was all about.

“I used to help [WWE NXT Coach] Norman Smiley, and we would train them for about a week. We would teach them the basics, see who was getting used to it, who was taken to it. As we were in there, it wasn’t their fault, but they would say things that were kind of funny.

“I thought that would be a funny character, somebody from the outside looking in saying, ‘Wrestling looks easy. I can do it.’ I figured let’s go off that and see what happens. [Tyler Breeze] formed from that and bits and piece from other things. Obviously some ‘Zoolander’ mixed in there; some Ben Stiller from ‘Dodgeball’ mixed in there as well; and it turned into what it is.”

What it is...is a persona capturing the attention of NXT audiences.

The idea behind taking selfies when he enters:

“It was actually Triple H’s idea [to use the iPhone],” Breeze said. “The initial idea when I first started doing it was with a pocket mirror. I found a nicer one that you could go out and get. It was working, but when Triple H saw it, he said, ‘We’ve done that. We’re past that. There’s a lot more we can do.’ He suggested the selfie. ‘The selfie movement is really big right now, so what if you had a cell phone, taking selfies all the way to the ring and during matches.’ I immediately said, ‘Yea.’

“You can’t go wrong with technology type stuff. It’s always advancing, and especially now more than ever, there’s so much stuff you can do. Everyone is glued to their phone. It’s 2015. Everyone always has their phone on them. They’re constantly checking stuff, checking Twitter, checking Instagram. Everybody wants to know what’s going on. There’s nothing wrong that can come from doing this.

“So I had the phone, tried that out, and it went from there. We figured out how to stream it up onto our big screen that we have for the entrance, and at the last [NXT] TakeOver [special] we did the Periscope app where everybody was watching as I was making my entrance. Any new app that comes out, any new technology that comes out, I can be the first one to tap into.”

It’s innovative.

CLICK HERE to read the piece in its entirety.

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