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Undertaker Walking With A Cane?, Lesnar Calls Out Goldberg, Daniel Bryan’s Reaction To Raw Getting Cruiserweight Division

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This is our second Exclusive Update of the day! Make sure to read the morning update with a Raw preview and more exclusive news here!

- A fan posted a new photo with The Undertaker on Instagram over the weekend. In the photo, Undertaker was seen holding a cane, which set off a huge reaction on social media. Fear not friends, it wasn’t Undertaker’s cane and he was just checking it out. It actually belonged to a friend of the guy that posted the photo. Here’s the photo below:

- Whenever we write about Undertaker people want to know if he’ll work for WWE again. His WWE contract stipulates that he works one match per year and he’s already had that match this year. We know the channel of communication between Vince McMahon and Undertaker has not been good lately but it’s believe Vince will wait until around Royal Rumble to try and get him back for Wrestlemania 33.

- Daniel Bryan is quoted in a new piece by Fox Sports. In it, he talked about the hardest part of being Smackdown General Manager is being around wrestling and not being able to actually wrestle [remember , Bryan does not have medical clearance to wrestle in WWE]. When the cruiserweight division as a Raw exclusive came up, Bryan responded, “Which is bullcrap, by the way!” You can read the piece at this link.

- Kota Ibushi and Cedric Alexander are garnering rave reviews for their work on WWE’s Cruiserweight Classic.

- Brock Lesnar called out Bill Goldberg in a WWE 2K17 promo that was posted by WWE onto his verified Facebook page. The video featured Brock’s music playing followed by Paul Heyman stating that everyone should applaud Bill Goldberg for being a supporting player in the video game that stars the Beast, the Conquerer… Brock Lesnar. Brock then stated, “Hey Bill. You’re next.” The video has since been removed.

- WWE No Mercy 2016Smackdown pay-per-view. WWE last ran a No Mercy pay-per-view in 2007. Tickets go on sell this Friday.

- We have several big stories currently available in our Members content exclusive to Premium Members. Here’s an excerpt from some of the stories we are featuring:

- Vince McMahon and Triple H are still not in agreement on the finish of Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton at next Sunday’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. Vince wants to keep Brock strong and this match was originally booked as just a way to get Brock a decent win but keep him away from the world title. But Triple H is pushing… Click here to keep reading >>

- We’ve already reported there is criticism within WWE about the company going to Finn Balor’sDemon King persona too early but noted how Vince McMahon was determined to get it on the main roster as soon as possible. We’re told this has been yet another major topic of contention between Vince and Triple H. Hunter wanted to save it for Wrestlemania 33 but Vince was panicking over whether Finn was going to have enough steam heading into the Universal Championship match at SummerSlam and made the call to go that direction right away. Finn Balor has been a… Click here to keep reading >>

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