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Vince & HHH Comment On Lesnar’s Win, Oddsmakers Get It Wrong, Orton’s Reaction To SummerSlam, Rousey’s Return, Nunes Makes History

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Brock Lesnar & Vince McMahon

- We’ve had a great weekend here at the website with Brock Lesnar’s dominant performance at UFC 200. Covering UFC more often is something we hope to do, especially with big name personalities establishing themselves and CM Punk set to debut in a couple of months. I hope our expanded coverage of UFC is of interest to you and that you've had as much fun this weekend as we've had.

- In addition to Brock Lesnar receiving the largest single purse in UFC history of $2,500,000, Rebook paid him another $5000 in sponsorship money. By comparison, Mark Hunt, Brock’s opponent, received a $700,000 purse and $10,000 from Rebook. We’ve detailed everything you need to know about Brock negotiating his return to UFC, the WWE reaction from last night’s fight and his future in our Members content. Please make sure to check it out, it will answer many of your questions.

- Both Vince McMahon and Triple H issued statements to ESPN about Brock Lesnar’s win. Vince commented that "Brock is the most formidable combat athlete in the history of the country." Hunter stated the following: "To come back after all the time and put on that kind of performance speaks to the once in a lifetime type of athlete that Brock is,"

- Again, in our Members content we have a lot more on the WWE reaction and Brock Lesnar’s future both in regards to fighting and in the squared circle. The majority of the WWE locker room was happy for Brock Lesnar. While not everyone always sees eye to eye with guys like Brock coming in and making big money without working the full schedule, most understand the business well enough that when Brock does well in UFC, it’s going to bode well for WWE. Brock is an established former UFC Heavyweight Champion and former NCAA Division I All-American wrestler but because of his WWE involvement, he’s always ridiculed in MMA circles. The oddsmakers made that clear in the betting lines and I don’t think many UFC insiders gave him a chance. Brock dominated in every sense of the word. Respect to Mark Hunt because the majority of people would have gotten knocked out, that guy can really take a beating.

- John Cena tweeted this: ”Odds makers didn't seem to fancy @BrockLesnar last night, it is obvious that those odds makers have never met #BrockLesnar #oneofakind”

- Randy Orton is said to be thrilled with getting to face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam and is glad to be returning to the main event scene. There are several within WWE skeptical because it’s a booking nightmare and Orton is coming back from a serious shoulder injury. Let’s also not forget there are questions about Orton’s neck and suplex city won’t be kind to that.

- Ronda Rousey may return to UFC later this year but it could trickle over into early 2017. The current plan is for her to face whomever is champion when she returns.

- Speaking of who is champion, Amanda Nunes is the new UFC Female Bantamweight Champion, as she upset Miesha Tate with a dominating performance. Nunes landed a blow early that left Tate wobbly and ultimately got her knocked out. Nunes is the first openly gay fighter to hold a title in UFC.

- Brock Lesnar and Jim Miller both fought and won at UFC 100 and UFC 200. Lesnar beat Frank Mir at UFC 100 and Mark Hunt at UFC 200. Miller, who fought in the preliminary fights, beat Mac Danzig at UFC 100 and Takanori Gomi last night at UFC 200.

- Paul Heyman won’t appear live on this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw as he’s traveling to the United Kingdom for his one-man shows. Heyman was in Las Vegas last night for Brock Lesnar’s fight.

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