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Vince McMahon Validates A Criticism We've Had Of WWE For Years

One of the recurring criticisms we’ve had of WWE over the years is their inability to do anything in moderation. From flat out refusing to push a talented prospect to giving a marginal talent multiple opportunities in the main event. From having content during the Attitude Era that at times rivaled soft-core pornography to over-the-top PG promos that forced us to change the channel. How about their product over-saturation or insistence on three hours of live Raw TV every week of the year?

Earlier on Thursday, we posted excerpts from an interview that Vince McMahon gave to Muscle & Fitness magazine. The piece is loaded with fascinating information but there was one quote from McMahon regarding his eating habits I wanted to pull out on its own. It seems to reflect the WWE mentality of “nothing in moderation.” Here’s an excerpt:

Vince McMahon describing how he eats:

I look at eating as fuel. I’m not that conscious of the protein I eat, but I know it’s a lot. I think cheat meals are very important, so I do it about once a week. When you cheat, go for it. It’s important from a psychological standpoint. Oreos are my favorite cookie. I’ll eat an entire box. And my philosophy is that the body can assimilate only so much in a given time. If you have two or three Oreos every day, not good. But if you eat an entire package of Oreos at one time, it’s OK. It just passes through. I’ll eat pasta loaded up with meat sauce. Pizza. All the carbs you stay away from normally, load ’em up. I will gorge. It’s almost like I will force-feed myself on a cheat meal. And afterward I think, “Oh, my God, I don’t want to feel like this.” So it gets me back in the frame of mind immediately after the digestive process to do the right thing.

CLICK HERE to read the Muscle & Fitness piece in its entirety.

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