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Vince McMahon's Favorite Superstar, WWE's Future, Training w/Mark Henry

Muscle & Fitness published their complete Q&A they did with Vince McMahon back when he did their cover. I find everything Vince says extremely fascinating, so I recommend checking out the entire piece at this link but below are some highlights:

Training with Mark Henry:

VM: I trained with Mark Henry once. We were training back that day, and the World’s Strongest Man could not keep up.

Creation of the Mr. McMahon character:

I grew up dirt poor. When you’re in that class, a lower economic class, everyone is, quote, “above you.” And there were a number of individuals who thought they were above me because of their economic situation. It always bugged me that people would think they were better than me. I developed a philosophy that no one’s better than me, and at the same time I’m no better than anyone else. Even though I am one, I don’t associate with rich people, generally speaking. I don’t belong to country clubs. It was easy for me to feel that [Mr. McMahon character] psychologically. As far as being mean, my background is a varied one. I had a violent stepfather. It was easy for me to feel what that was like. Really, I’m more like “Stone Cold” Steve Austin—I’m the common man. To this day I am. I drive a nice car and what have you, but I think one of the keys to WWE’s success, quite frankly, is that I remain who I am.

What will happen to WWE when he retires or dies:

Our future from a corporate stand- point is extremely strong because we have so many talented executives, and they all bring different strengths to the table. Steph and Paul will certainly have significant roles going forward. I think when I kick, the organization is going to change, and I think for the better, because there’s no one person who can do all that I can do because of my background. There’s no one individual who’s going to take my place.

Advice to aspiring Superstars:

Reach for the brass ring. Don’t be happy with just making the team. It’s important to not be concerned with failure and not be afraid of making a fool out of yourself. You know, when I was my character, I did all kinds of things that to the normal person would be humiliating. But it was a character, and I think you can’t be afraid of failing in front of a live audience. You need to be able to learn from it and accept it. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

His favorite Superstar:

That would be Undertaker because of his loyalty, his longevity, and his extraordinary commitment to his character. We have lots of fun creating fun. [Superstars] try to crack each other up from time to time, and we all have tried to get Undertaker to break character, and we can’t do it. He is such a professional and an extraordinary human being behind the character. He’s committed to his craft and has worked through injuries.

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