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Vince Reveals His Favorite, TNA Talent To WWE?, WWE Shows Facing Cancelation, Our New Quiz App

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What is your reaction to Vince McMahon putting over The Undertaker as his favorite Superstar?

We first covered this in February but it’s coming back to light now that the full Muscle & Fitness interview is available online. I am not one bit surprised with Vince McMahon putting The Undertaker over as his favorite superstar, for all the reasons he described. Vince loves talent that are committed to their character in and out of the ring. There are right ways to do it and their are wrong ways to do it.

John Cena is a great example. While a “company man” through and through, John comes off as very real regardless of the platform. He’s so committed to the hustle, respect and loyalty character that it’s engrained in everything he does. You can see it on social media, in interviews and of course on WWE programming. He works hard but it’s always character above personal.

That’s why I crack up at talent that “refuse to play the game.” If you want to impress WWE or more specifically — if you want to impress Vince McMahon — you have to show a deep commitment to your character. It’s becoming a lost art in the business — especially in the days of social media — but I believe we’re starting to see more of it and it’s working. Seth Rollins is a great example of up and coming name that’s committed to the Rollins character. I can see it in everything he does. The most successful workers are those that have the most commitment to their characters.

Do you know if WWE has any interest in James Storm and/or Austin Aries?

I am not aware of WWE having interest in any of the recent names that departed TNA Wrestling and that includes James Storm and Austin Aries. While Samoa Joe was an obvious exception, WWE doesn’t usually bring talent over directly from TNA. Vince told us on a conference call after Wrestlemania 31 they brought Sting out from obscurity and made him an attraction, which I thought was a very revealing comment. As always, anything is possible but I cannot confirm interest at this time.

I read the viewership numbers for WWE Tough Enough and Total Divas yesterday and can’t help but feel they’re underwhelming. Are you aware of the reaction within WWE regarding the numbers?

Prior to the airing of this week’s episode of Tough Enough or Total Divas, we reported here on Premium that both shows could be facing cancelation. The USA Network has been very disappointed with Tough Enough’s ratings and unless the show turns it around, it won’t get renewed. This week’s viewership was slightly up but still off from expectations. WWE is planning a Season 2, regardless if they have the support of the USA Network as we’re told it will likely move to the WWE Network if canceled.

As for Total Divas, E! feels the show is running its course and Season 4 could be the last. This week’s numbers seem to suggest that but we’ll just have to see how it plays out. Total Divas won’t be easy to transition to the WWE Network because the entire concept is to get people that wouldn’t normally watch WWE, watching WWE. Check out our exclusive below:

Two WWE Shows Facing Cancelation

I see you all are heavily promoting this new Pro Wrestling Trivia Challenge App… What’s the backstory?

About 3 months ago, two of my friends came to me and asked if I would be interested in releasing a WWE-themed game App. I thought about it and decided to come on board for the project and had a lot of fun participating. Basically, it’s a game that you download for free on your iPhone or iPad and play for points. There is an option to pay to remove the ads and we have the ability to do more with it as it grows. I’m not sure it’ll be the next Candy Crush sensation but I’m pleased with how it turned out. You can download for free at this link or click the gigantic box below.

Download our WRESTLING QUIZ App for iPhone and iPad.

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