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Watch Undertaker Return, WWE Facing Booking Nightmare

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The Undertaker returned to WWE at last night’s Battleground pay-per-view, interrupting Brock Lesnar’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship match against Seth Rollins and presumably setting up a SummerSlam match of Undertaker vs. Lesnar. You can watch the return in the video embedded below:

WWE now finds them in a very complex booking situation. Does Undertaker avenge his Wrestlemania 30 loss? If so, does that diminish Lesnar being the man that ended the streak? Is Lesnar heel again? If Lesnar goes over, what’s left for Undertaker? Is Lesnar still must-see if he does the honors? Could Lesnar take another loss at this juncture?

There are a lot of questions that will have to be answered as WWE progresses forward to SummerSlam on August 23, 2015 from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

As for the scoop on Undertaker returning, rumors surfaced late last week it was going to happen. I spoke with a source who was able to confirm WWE had booked him to be in St. Louis on Sunday and that he would be available for Battleground if needed. WWE obviously decided to begin the build to SummerSlam at the pay-per-view last night.

Undertaker is expected for Raw tonight in Kansas City but is not confirmed or advertised. He is, however, heavily teased. We’ll have more in our Raw preview.

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