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Weekly Rundown: Recycled Affairs

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This blog reflects my subjective views and nothing more. If you disagree – which is encouraged – feel free to voice your opinion (in a civil manner) in the comments section.

Hello and welcome back to yet another edition of the Weekly Rundown hosted by yours truly, Guy Landau. This is a weekly feature on where I gloss over the important happenings in WWE & TNA week as it pertains to the companies' respective major shows, in the form of bulletins for the positive happenings (under the "YES!" column, and prefaced with + signs), the negative happenings (under the "NO!" column, and prefaced with – signs), and the ones I could not decide what they were, but felt they were important enough to comment on (Under the "Maybe?" column, and prefaced with ? signs).

So without further ado, let's get started.


Impact Wrestling

+ First thing’s first – Gut Check OFN is a good idea in my eyes.

+ Wes vs. Bischoff was a nice chain wrestled opener. A couple of misqueues that are to be expected from two greenish workers, but nothing too bad overall.

+ A very surprisingly long and nice match between York and Hardy. Is it too soon for him to be getting this much offense against the World Champion?

+ I knew that Jesse would be the one to wear the suit, as I’ve stated before he seems to be a great sport, having no problem to make fun of himself.

+ Could the beatdown on EY be the beginning of a turn for the serious again for EY?


+ MizTV was nice, if a bit long. Again. I like this borderline heel Miz, if he was more of a focal point in the shows it would have been a very prominent and intriguing part of the shows, but the little segments right now are also fine.

+ I was going to say how unfair it was that Sandow was getting a title shot before Barrett, but then Mathews mentioned how Sandow also beat Kofi last week, and so it would be unfair of WWE to give Barrett a shot without giving Sandow a shot. Great attention to details by WWE.

+ Oh, Hell No… You crack me up.

+ I really liked Hell No vs. Big Show.


+ Punk’s RAWActive opponent choices were a good idea. The rigness of the end result was not.

+ The Shield’s promo was very interesting.

+ Oh, Hell No…

+ rewatch Cena vs. Ziggler, and try to think about it long and hard while you do – what is the logic behind each move? Except for 2 moments in the match, it was very VERY logical in its subtleties. On the other hand, the camera man did a horrible job in focusing on Cena’s face while he was calling a spot, though it’s arguable that Cena shouldn’t have called the spot from that position in the first place.

+ Cesaro and Sheamus put on a great match.


Impact Wrestling

- Wes’ shoulders were on the mat for the 3 count. It was a tie, and it shouldn’t have been.

- Angle’s comments about feeling the fans and the tempo were spot on in regards to Wes and Garrett. I couldn’t put my finger on it during the match, but they worked it so rushed. They had a script that they were following, regardless of what was going on in the background.

- Alex Silva’s thighs look horrible. If there was ever a wrestler who should not have used tights, it’s this guy. It makes him look like a giraffe for all the wrong reasons.

- Hendrix is still too green to be on TV.

- If the loser of the triple threat wears the turkey suit, why do Jesse and Robbie E care if the other is the winner, as long as they aren’t the loser?

- Well, if WWE is ripping the AJ angle off of TNA, I guess TNA can rip it back off of WWE and use the changes WWE implemented on it. So let’s see how this angle has evolved:

Step 1: TNA has a female authority figure allegedly date AJ, a top face star in the company, and Kaz and Daniels present video, audio and still footage proof of said affair

Step 2: WWE has a female authority figure CALLED AJ allegedly date a top face star in the company, and Vickie Guerrero presents video, audio and still footage proof of said affair.

Step 3: Because the original year-long storyline in TNA wasn’t enough, as soon as the WWE ripoff comes to an apparent close, TNA yet again has a female authority figure allegedly date a top face star in the company, and this time Austin Aries presents… well, only video footage. So far.


- The opening 10 minutes of RAW could have been made to be much shorter, as it wasn’t too entertaining of a segment. It got RyBack over, but judging from his match with O’Neil, he didn’t need to get any overer than he already is.

- Segments like Khali and Hornswoggle’s are why some are still embarrassed to say they watch pro wrestling.

- Vickie was OFF in her backstage segment with Punk. She even forgot Reigns’ name and horridly tried to make up for it.

- I give up… I’m done trying to follow Alicia Fox’s character. Heel? Face? I just don’t care anymore - and WWE clearly doesn't either.

- No no no no no… I don’t want heel Cole back! He’s subtly turning again now that King is back, but he’s so… tolerable as a face! He’s a good announcer when he’s allowed to be himself.

- Oh God, please let this be the last week Vickie is on the whole Cena/AJ thing… This was yet another overly long segment.


? WWE rigging polls. On one hand, it’s cheating the fans who take the time to vote, thinking their votes matter. On the other hand, when you use actual results instead of desired ones, you get Team Hell No instead of Team Friendship… Exactly.

Weekly Comment Question:

Your question of the week is: Do you think it’s justified for WWE to rig RAWActive poles to reach a certain desired outcome? Do you care at all?

Leave your answer in the comments section below, and don't forget to come back next week for a new edition of the Weekly Rundown!

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