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Weekly Rundown: Because You Don't Get Rid of Me That Easily

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This blog reflects my subjective views and nothing more. If you disagree with me, feel free to voice your opinion in a civil manner in the comments section.

Hello and welcome to The Revamped Weekly Rundown, hosted by yours truly, Guy Landau. For those who do not know, this is a weekly feature on where I gloss over the important happenings in the week in WWE as it pertains to the company’s present and future in RAW and NXT in the form of bulletins for the positive happenings (A.K.A "YES!", prefaced with + signs), the negative happenings (A.K.A "NO!", prefaced with – signs), and the ones I could not decide what they were, but felt they were important enough to comment on (prefaced with ? signs).

As you can see, I found a method to doing these in my new schedule. Every weekend (an Israeli weekend, meaning Friday or Saturday - Sunday is a workday here), the new revamped Rundown will include 2 shows: WWE NXT and Monday Night RAW. This I’m afraid is all I can muster with my new schedule. Also, there may be off-weeks. I’ll make the best effort to avoid that, but they are bound to happen from time to time and I ask you to be understanding.

Now, without further ado, let's get started.


+ For those of you not watching NXT – do yourself a favor and do so. It's available for free on for those in the US, and It’s pound for pound (or… minute for minute, but that’s not a phrase, now is it?) the most entertaining wrestling show out there as far as I’m concerned. You get to see the future of the WWE evolve into wholesome characters, and you get to see some of the most amazing in-ring work and workers you are going to get on TV.

+ First thing to say – the gimmicks in NXT are really good. I sense Disco Inferno’s doing in them. From CJ Parker to Eiden English to Tyler Breeze to Emma to Bailey, they all just work. Whacky as they may be, they WORK. These people are taking even the whackiest gimmicks seriously and that makes for both character variations and quality programming.

+ And here’s one example of great character work: Emma and Santino made a 3 minute entrance very very entertaining. Santino is very comfortable with his character and his playing to the crowd shows that. He could teach Emma a lot for her future.

+ AND Renee Young on commentary is becoming a fixture (at least for divas matches. For now). Thank God, she is really awesome.

? While the opener was lovely comedy fit for the smarter fans, it ran a tad long for my taste. I was laughing throughout it, but it came to a point where it got to be a bit too much.

+ What I love about Kassius Ohno is that his ring-work is very integrated within itself. He knows exactly what his style is and it looks like a real fighter is in there. He has a gameplan and he sticks to it – he is a knockout artist and so the vast majority of his work is a striking game aimed at the head. His in-ring subtleties are perfect in my eyes, he basically doesn’t need any work in the in-ring department as far as I am concerned. Many people are starting to do that more now, but Ohno is above and beyond in that regard.

- That said, one thing his former ROH comrade Brodie Lee, now Luke Harper, whom he faced has over Ohno that I think Ohno needs to work on desperately is fitting a character, a describable character, to his gimmick. His bland persona is the only thing I think he needs to work on, in order to separate him from the pack in the big leagues.

+ In that same token, Enzo Amore has a great character that somehow now works as a babyface. He was so entertaining as a chiwawa heel that they turned him and Big Cas face. Watch his mannerisms even as Big Cas is talking, he is just so great on the mic. Here’s another two guys who understand their characters, although Enzo is by far the leader in regards to selling the gimmick. Cas is the muscle, but he is lucky he has Enzo to help sell the gimmick.

? I reserve judgment on Mojo Rawley until I see him a couple of times. I made the judge-too-soon mistake with Emma.

- I love the Ascension, but right now their gimmick is too similar to The Wyatts to get a call-up. The dark and mysterious works, but they should find something a bit extra to work in the current WWE landscape. A year ago I would call them up as-is in a heartbeat, but there have been major changes in character, especially in tag teams, that make now not a good time. They are definitely the right team to hold the Tag Titles, though. They are the closest team in NXT to be able to work on the main roster.

+ I’m also glad Neville and Graves aren’t champions anymore, as they work much better as singles wrestlers, and were only teamed up because of circumstance.

+ I am still of the opinion that Bo Dallas’ blandness is intentional and his turn was intended from the get-go. The fact that his unknown opponent gets a “let’s go this guy” chant shows me it’s working.

? I guess Kruger is now face. I don’t know how I feel about it. He wasn’t really working before, so I’m going to give it a shot.

- How did the announcers not see that Zayn was dressed as El Local? It was fairly obvious, especially considering they had a match the previous week.

+ Speaking of the El Local switch, the El Generico nod from WWE to Zayn and the fans was nice.


+ Susan G. Komen and WWE’s partnership is a great thing. I am always for the pinktober.

- I have to say I found the opening promo especially weak this week.

+ Langston is coming into his own on the main roster. A decent opener with Punk.

+ I loved Wyatt’s promo. Absolutely loved it. However, why did nothing happen to Kofi following it?

+ And I also loved Paul Heyman’s backstage promo. Firstly I got a chuckle out of the image of RyBack and Axel hiding in wait for Punk. But mostly, Heyman yelling “us” is again a great showing of his true motives in this storyline.

+ Against all odds, I loved Los Matadores’ debut. The Mexican midget wrestler as a manager was a nice, if goofy addition. I really liked how their work complimented their gimmicks. A lot of their offense was “Matadorish” in nature. A lot of evasions and backhand-out spin irish-whips (Matadores evade the bull and stab him with that movement).

+ McIntyre is apparently due a repackaging, and as those of you who are familiar with my work know, I am not against McIntyre getting pushed.

? While it’s not as bad as last week, Goldust coming out with facepaint still doesn’t make a lot of sense.

+ Goldust & Cody vs. Reigns and Rollins is an awesome match for Battleground.

- R-Truth, other than Khali, is the only person in WWE I don’t think should be there. I don’t want him receiving title matches.

? It’s unnoticeable, Brie and Bryan having started dating 2 and a half years ago is problematic from a storyline standpoint – Bryan was with AJ lee just 2 years ago. Thing is – is the storyline really enough to avoid saying the truth in a video montage about the biggest day of their life so far?

+ You know what? Brie actually isn’t half bad as a face. Her match with Alicia was entertaining.

? I find it funny how Big Show talks about having to make the choice he is making between selling out and losing his job, when he had to make the exact same choice a couple of years ago under John Laurinaitis. He made the exact same choice of selling out, but then he was a heel.

- I’m sorry, but watching Big Show act SO furious SO badly was uncomfortable to watch.

? Ryder got an unusual amount of offense against ADR.

+ I liked Heyman “proposing” RyBack to become a Paul Heyman Guy. It was predictable, but I liked it nonetheless. I don’t think it’s homophobic as I’ve heard said. That along with Punk feigning an injury worked to me because we have not seen them before. I think that alone should give them a good score just for the effort.

+ Is it redundant to say The Shield had a good match by now?

+ I love how Cesaro’s Giant Swing has become a staple. This used to get him a huge pop back in the day in ROH when he was face.

? I see a potential swerve in the making with Brie turning on Bryan. I hope I’m wrong.

That’s all for this week, don’t forget to come back next week for a brand new Weekly Rundown.

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