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Weekly Rundown: Bi-Weekly Rundown

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This blog reflects my subjective views and nothing more. If you disagree – which is encouraged – feel free to voice your opinion (in a civil manner) in the comments section.

Hello and welcome back to yet another edition of the Weekly Rundown hosted by yours truly, Guy Landau. This is a weekly feature on where I gloss over the important happenings in WWE & TNA week as it pertains to the companies' respective major shows, in the form of bulletins for the positive happenings (under the "YES!" column, and prefaced with + signs), the negative happenings (under the "NO!" column, and prefaced with – signs), and the ones I could not decide what they were, but felt they were important enough to comment on (Under the "Maybe?" column, and prefaced with ? signs).

So without further ado, let's get started.

NOTE: This is both this week's and last week's edition combined. I didn't have time to post it last week, so here it is. Further more, from now until late February, The Rundowns will be done on a more flexible schedule - be it not every week, or just partial. I am currently toying with the idea of doing them strictly PPVs until then.

Week 1


Impact Wrestling

+ Kenny King is back!

+ Christian York looks to be getting a very big push. I am not sure he deserves it yet though.

+.Snow is gone, and D-Lo replaces him? Now, if D-Lo and Wes are both part of A&8 then this is a good way to make sure Wes gets into the roster. Good idea by TNA to not leave it to luck for Wes to get into the roster. Both Bruce and Taz’s votes were very honest – it wasn’t a good match and they aren’t going to make it out to seem like one.

+ Great title match to end the show. The no contest finish was also the right decision to end it with.


+ Great match to open the show, but I wonder how much it benefitted the flow of the show as it was a main event wrestled as the opener.

+ Oh, Hell No! YES! YES! YES! I like their siriYES! side.

+ Damien Sandow’s search for an apprentice was awesome.

+ Ziggler’s promo was the kind of work that really got him to the dance mic-wise.


+ I’m all for Shield vs. Hell No, and the build to it was well done, all things considered (I’m assuming the opener and how it played out would have been the same had Punk not been injured). The Shield’s actions reminded me a bit of The Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, and that’s a good thing for them. It’s a great way for a group to operate.

+ AJ vs. Tamina is a move in the right direction for the divas, as in the people competing are those who deserve it.

+ Punk and Heyman’s segment was great. They were spot on in every single thing they said from their perspective. And they were right about 3 hour RAWs are dismal. And while he was green as a face, Miz is on the right track.

+ Oh, Sandow…

+ Maddox is back!

+ Del Rio vs. Sin Cara was built very differently than usual, and it was a nice change of pace.

+ Ziggler vs. Cena for the briefcase, IF Ziggler wins as I suspect will happen.

+ Interesting RAWActive choice in which title is on the line. AND it created a great match.


Impact Wrestling

- Telenovella Drama in the opening segment. If I were a person giving wrestling a chance for the first time, and the first thing I’d have seen was the opening segment I would have justified every last Wrestling stereotype I had. “You slept with my daughter!!!”


- Cena having a scheduled match with del Rio seems a bit too comfortable…

- Has McIntyre wrestled even once, since joining the 3MB? Though to be fair, he did break his hand and is still recovering…


- Why did PTP change their theme?

- It’s “Dean”, Michael. Not Daniel, Dean.

- Cena’s backstage segment with Sheamus was horrendous,

- I was dreading this… WWE is back to Ziggler being with Vickie as she’s the GM and goes after AJ. I was hoping the romance part of this storyline was over.


? This is not really important, I just found it funny that all of the TNA announcers’ names begin with a T – Todd, Taz and Tenay.

Week 2


Impact Wrestling

+ I would just like to note that the main event consists of Fortune, and Jeff Hardy. In that sense TNA did an excellent work of pushing their own guys. And Jeff Hardy.

+ Joey Ryan’s “look at me, pay attention to me” made it obvious that Morgan was going to interfere, but in a good way – his character isn’t too smart, so their tricks are obvious. It also made sense that Mex Pain (don’t ask…) didn’t understand it, as it’s Ryan and him saying “look at me, pay attention to me” is right up his alley. However, I and most likely you as a viewer understood what was about to happen, because Ryan’s character is very obvious.

+ TNA is a master of subtleties seen in hindsight – and this is admittedly something great introduced to TNA by Eric Bischoff. Notice how slowly Wes and Garrett walked down to the ring, and then sped up when they saw Joe was also coming out. They were going to let A&8 get a few more shots in on Angle before “saving him”, but when Joe rushed out they figured the attack was going to be stopped anyway, so they rushed as well. In the segment right after the match, The long-haired and short A&8 members were not with the rest of them, but they were there for the main event. These were Wes and Garrett, as there were 6 A&8 members in the ring. These same members would be the participants in the 4 on 4 tag match, on both teams.

+ Good way to keep Abyss/Joseph relevant with a phone call, and the process one would actually have to go through would be sort of what Hogan described.

+ Zema Ion is slowly becoming a favorite of mine. For what little time he was in TNA he has grown so much in the ring. I know some still want to hold a grudge against him for injuring Jesse, but not only do these things happen, it wasn’t just his fault. Jesse was supposed to catch him in a certain way and didn’t – hitting a moonsault like that is all on the receiver to make sure the landing is safe for both men. Since then, Zema Ion has earned his stripes and has become a mainstay in the X-Division. His mannerisms are great and is work is good as well when he isn’t trying to be too flashy (and again he’s improving and has been improving constantly.) Kash and King were way too choreographed throughout that match. King can work, but he needs to keep his focus on the substance as opposed to the flash of his work.

+ Great main event, Hardy did a phenomenal job of being the damsel.


+ Very strong opening to the show after the contract signing, in the Bryan/Show match and its aftermath.

+ Sandow was in good form.

+ Brodus introduced Gangnam Style to his dansenal (dance arsenal.) Way to stay relevant.

+ Just as I was complaining about it – McIntyre is back in the ring.

Turning Point

+ Aries vs. Bully was brilliant, as you can expect from these two ring masters.

+ AJ vs. Daniels was yet another masterful encounter.


+ Ziggler’s promo to open RAW was great, I felt Sheamus and Big Show interrupting was unnecessary.

+ Vickie plays the stressed-with-boss role great.

+ AJ bursting into the mens’ locker room was a cute little segment.

+ Cody’s back, and it seems he brought his friend Mr. Moustache!

+ It should be noted that finally, after MONTHS of begging, I finally saw a good Russian Leg Sweep in WWE. So thank you Primo.

+ Of course a crowd chanting “Cody’s Moustache” will cheer for Ziggler against Sheamus. This is no ordinary crowd, ladies and gentlemen.

+ It’s been a while since we’ve seen Ryder, but frankly I didn’t miss him too much. That isn’t good news for Ryder, but this is in the YES! because Ryder was on RAW, and had a good outing against Del Rio.

+ Maddox is the ref between AJ and Vickie! Brilliant!

+ Solid outing between Kofi and Cesaro.

+ As expected, Rhodes Scholars on MizTV was awesome. I think Cody’s Moustache deserves a main event push, it was over like rover.

+ The chaotic end to RAW was very well done. It built all 3 main events towards the PPV well.


Impact Wrestling

- I have to say Kaz as a heel doesn’t really work for me… He’s too generic and vanilla. Attacking the crowd and nothing more, no substance.

- That’s… An anticlimaxic way to change a title.

- The knockouts promo until Velvet came out was just terrible… They looked like they had no idea what they were doing. Velvet was also rusty, but at least everyone knew what was supposed to happen then.

- Could Robbie E.T.’s commercial have been any more obvious?

- I hate Hardy’s voiceover with a passion.

Turning Point

- Hillbilly crowd… Kaz was heel, but he was spot on with every word he said of the crowd.

- King seemed to have had some big match pressure, as he was a bit off with his offense. Either that, or he should consider lowering the amount of flash he has in his offense as it seems to be hurting his overall performance.

- Turning Point was the perfect opportunity to turn Wes and Garrett, for once I do not agree with TNA prolonging something.


- A 4 team elimination tag match doesn’t make sense in the fact that realistically, every person in the ring will tag a member of a different team so as to not tire himself when he doesn’t have to. In game theory this is called “The Nash (not Kevin) Equilibrium” – If everyone knew each other’s intentions, which is something they should be easily able to figure out (no one wants to tire out before they are one of the final 2 teams), no one would want to start this match out, or tag their own partner. If it wasn’t scripted, this type of match never would have worked.

- “I thought this was supposed to be a family show” I thought so too, Vince… I thought so too.

- Maddox not counting for AJ made no sense – AJ hired him. Vickie pit him against Orton.

Weekly Comment Question:

Your question of the week is: What do you think the relaxed format until late February should be? PPV only, some weeks on and some off, or an "Option C" I didn't think about it.

Leave your answer in the comments section below, and don't forget to come back next week for a new edition of the Weekly Rundown!

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