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Weekly Rundown: Feed Me More Wrestling Like In Bound For Glory

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This blog reflects my subjective views and nothing more. If you disagree – which is encouraged – feel free to voice your opinion (in a civil manner) in the comments section.

Hello and welcome back to yet another edition of the Weekly Rundown hosted by yours truly, Guy Landau. This is a weekly feature on where I gloss over the important happenings in WWE & TNA week as it pertains to the companies' respective major shows, in the form of bulletins for the positive happenings (under the "YES!" column, and prefaced with + signs), the negative happenings (under the "NO!" column, and prefaced with – signs), and the ones I could not decide what they were, but felt they were important enough to comment on (Under the "Maybe?" column, and prefaced with ? signs).

So without further ado, let's get started.


Impact Wrestling

+ Roode vs. Hardy and Aries vs. Storm is a great idea, as it gives Roode vs. Storm the main event status it deserves.

+ The idea of Bully & Sting vs. Kaziels is also great, and I immensely enjoyed the promo that set it up.

+ RVD is a step in the right direction for the X-Division. However, I have to wonder – what is there next? With Kaz, Daniels, AJ, Jeff Hardy, EY and Aries busy outside of the X-Division, and Kenny King not being used for some reason, what’s left, really?

+ “Bully, GET THE TABLES!”. The DQ finish was necessary to not make the Tag champs look weak.

+ Aries’ worked shoot to end the show was absolutely wonderful.


+ JBL replacing Cole on Smackdown is great, and long overdue. He knows all the right points to hit to put all the people involved in the broadcast over.

+ Tensai vs. Sheamus is logical, has a great reasoning for it and was a good match (not to mention it showed rightful emotion).

+ The Band’s promo was good, and the sooner they become in-sink the better. I would say it’s too silly, but I have a feeling it’s the right kind of silly that works in WWE – the “YES!” silly, the Hell No silly, Ryder’s original heel gimmick silly and Z!TLIS silly. I also liked Slater’s new finisher. Let’s just hope he finally sticks to a finisher. He likes drops on the head and innovation, I think he just found a good balance between them that also looks effective. True, he didn't innovate the Snapmare Driver, but he did just bring it to the WWE.

+ Ziggler vs. Kane not ending clean was the only logical choice. I liked the match, I think their mismatched styles complimented each other.

+ Matt Striker, in pure Striker fashion, came out of nowhere to be the perfect 3rd link for a classic Bryan/Kane segment.

+ Bryan finally used G.O.A.T.! Woohoo! I was really waiting on that!

+ Speaking of Bryan, he’s en route to becoming one of the greatest babyfaces of all time once he turns completely. If you listen to the crowd’s chants in his match with del Rio you can see just how much the crowd was eating off the palm of his hand. That match was an awesome TV main event, by the way.

+ Orton coming out of nowhere was really nicely done – it really surprised me and was an esthetically pleasing sight.

Bound for Glory

+ Nice opening video, summarizing all the long feuds that are being settled in BFG.

+ The X-Division title match was the opener, just as it should have been. And this is what a good X-Division match should be like – impressive spots with relative realism. The only gripe I have with the match is that for an opener, it should have been more fast paced. But overall I thoroughly enjoy Ion’s work. He was green when he injured Sorensen, but you can see how that affected him and how much he worked to improve since. He was working very safe against Van Dam, without hurting the quality of his work (again, except perhaps the pacing of the match). RVD overbumped on occasion though (Ion’s top-rope dropkick comes to mind). While I was expecting Ion to win, here’s hoping this is going to reinvigorate the Division. Here's hoping that all the names I mentioned above as being busy outside the division will be returned to the division to bring new life into it.

+ As I predicted, Magnus vs. Joe was, for me, the most well-wrestled match on the card. It was a bit spotty to start with, but it was masterfully wrestled overall.

+ Storm vs. Roode was what it needed to be – a bloody mess (and indeed it was very bloody and very messy). I just wish it would have been later on in the card. I’d say 3rd to last match.

+ Morgan helping Ryan was interesting. It was a fun little match, if a tad long.

+ The Tag titles match was a spotty mess, but some of those spots were awesome so I’ll let it slide. We also saw a BME which is really rare nowadays.

+ Thank God Tara’s the new Knockouts Champion.

+ Bully coming out to Sting’s clothes and Sting coming out to Ray’s colors was a very nice touch.

+ DEVON! Devon was the A&8 Associate! I did NOT see that coming! This twist and storyline were masterfully done by TNA, finally a twist I did not expect in wrestling. This was the first in ages – and it does make perfect sense considering what we thought were legit happenings regarding Devon’s contract. Well done TNA, well done.

+ In TNA, the champion enters last, regardless. As it should be. Aries entered after Hardy, regardless of how hot Hardy was. Ion also entered after Van Dam, regardless of it being Van Dam. Champion enters last, this is one of the small things that make championships seem important.

+ Aries getting the hell chanted out of his name was a sight to see. He was the heel going in (somehow, as I said I didn’t understand what was the turn) but there was no way the fans who actually paid to see TNA were going to boo Aries.


+ I thoroughly enjoyed Bryan vs. Show. What lead to it was a tad silly (bad silly, not good silly), but it was good for what it was. Show had to win as he is the focus right now in the WHC picture. Kane for the rescue was very interesting and added another layer to Hell No.

+ Punk’s promo to (not) unveil his opponent was good.

+ The Band (or is it 3MB now?) looked much better on RAW with their matching attires. They look more and more like the good kind of silly WWE produces.

+ Heyman is the subtleties superman, the spinoff snake… Other S words to describe the supreme solicitor that is Paul Heyman. The man is good is what I’m getting at.

+ Cesaro vs. Gabriel was a good match for the length it had that showed some new moves for both men – Gabriel used AJ Styles’ backflip into a back DDT, and Cesaro hit a very impressive pop-up uppercut and a knee to Gabriel who was hung in a corner. This match was good in getting both men over.

+ Striker is in a wrestling match for the first time in so many years… That makes me giddy. Kane using Striker’s questioning line over his prone body was funny.

+ I actually agree with Miz in that Kofi got carried through most – if not all – of his good matches. I have gone on record multiple times in saying I don’t think of Kofi as anything more than a midcard worker. He has his place, but if it was up to me that place would not be the main event picture. As for the TiP debacle, I don’t really blame Kofi for the concussion Miz suffered – it was a badly laid out spot that was bound to injure Miz by nature. Straight off a bounce off the ropes with his back turned, Miz was to turn AND take the move safely in an inhuman timespan. Then again, the look on Miz’s face tells me he may have thought he had more time to prepare, so perhaps Kofi did start the sequence of the move too quickly. Regardless, these things happen. Wrestling isn’t ballet and accidents are bound to happen.

+ Great match between Sheamus and Barrett, and again it was wisely ended without a clear victor.

+ Eve is great – when was the last time you've heard a “this is awesome” chant in a Divas’ match? Eve carried the match, and her legitimate martial arts background helped make the match look more like a wrestling match and less like a Divas’ match, which I think should be the standard to every Divas’ match. Mind you, my separation of wrestling matches and Divas’ matches is not a derogatory comment against the Divas, but rather against the booking and usage of WWE’s very capable female performers. Something happened in the middle of the match that took them off mark for some reason.

+ Rhodes Scholars crying “there was no bell” was very apropos for their intellectual Tag Team. Overall they worked brilliantly as a tag team, and other than a very visible call of a clothesline I didn't see anything to complain about in the work of either team and its individual workers, which is rare in tag team competition as I tend to get very nitpicky about the workings of tag matches and the timing of tags, among other things.


Impact Wrestling

- There were too many botches and misqueues throughout the show.

- Zema hasn’t taken out all of the competition like he said he did, TNA just fired and/or hasn't used them.

- TNA tag matches have a tendency of not maintaining legalities

- I don’t think a single fan was chanting for Tessmacher - the "Uber face" - in the arena. Not to mention she still has the worst finisher in the business.


- While I think the idea could work in theory, the opening segment was very poorly done. I did like Show winning and Booker T chillingly saying “Big Show… You’re the winner”. That would be very effective for the audience.

- Mathews argued putting facts out there by saying Ziggler was World Heavyweight Champion “briefly – for like 5 days”. If you want to put FACT out there, why not put the real facts? It wasn’t 5 days, it was 5 minutes. His reign lasted all of 10 minutes and was ended by Edge when Teddy Long returned as soon as Ziggler was awarded the title and booked Edge against him immediately – Edge won in a matter of minutes.

- I don’t think Kofi should’ve been Show’s opponent – he’s got a title match coming up and it really put him and as a result the IC title under if he wins it. R-Truth would’ve been a better opponent. If you want him to stop a kick at its tracks – why not Truth’s Scissors Kick?

- Teddy in a blond wig? This storyline has to end soon, because it isn’t interesting enough to last as long as it has.

Bound for Glory

- This was TNA’s WRESTLEMANIA – arena wise it looked just bad.

- As I mentioned earlier, why was Roode vs. Storm so early on on the card? Since when is a co-main event the 3rd match on the card?

- While Taryn Terrell might be hot, she’s a crummy ref…

- Tara’s boyfriend was… A reality star who I (and no-one in the audience, from the looks of it) have never heard of? In TNA? SHOCKING!

- I was afraid of this – Hardy won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. This is the only creative call in BFG that I’m NO!ing, as overall it was pretty well booked.


- Why was Ziggler included in the match with RyBack? It served no purpose and I can think of 10 guys who would be hurt less by being put in that position.

- A South African is facing a Swiss, while the Nashville crowd chants USA.


? Is anyone else seeing the parallels between Aries’ change in character and Punk’s?

? I don’t know what to think of RyBack being Punk’s opponent… I can see a plethora of booking choices that would leave Punk champion and RyBack undefeated, but we have no guarantee that WWE will take any of them.

Weekly Comment Question:

Your question of the week is: What was your favorite match on BFG? OR How do you see WWE booking Punk vs. RyBack?

Leave your answer in the comments section below, and don't forget to come back next week for a new edition of the Weekly Rundown!

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