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Hello and welcome TO THE RETURN OF THE MOST MUST-READ BLOG IN WNW THAT ALREADY STOLE 2 WWE CATCHPHRASES BEFORE THE BLOG EVEN BEGAN - The Weekly Rundown hosted by yours truly, Guy Landau. This is a weekly feature on WrestlingNewsWorld.com where I gloss over the important happenings in WWE & TNA week as it pertains to the companies' respective major shows, in the form of bulletins for the positive happenings (under the "YES!" column, and prefaced with + signs), the negative happenings (under the "NO!" column, and prefaced with – signs), and the ones I could not decide what they were, but felt they were important enough to comment on (Under the "Maybe?" column, and prefaced with ? signs).

So without further ado, let's get started.

Before we begin - This is my return to action, so to speak. The Rundown is now officially back to a being weekly, as I am completely back here on the site after my previous engagements have been completed. 


NXT(yup, NXT is added to the fray. If you have yet to watch it it’s advised that you do, it’s really good)

+ First thing’s first – Regal is completely and utterly brilliant on commentary. He has a new play by play man next to him bi-weekly, but I never notice because he absolutely carries the broadcast. He brings insight into matches in a way that only the most skilled and thinking wrestlers do with their own offense (on purpose) – down to where a kick hits and how that affects the psychology of a match.

+ Bray Wyatt’s gimmick is great. We know so little about it but it’s so intriguing. It inspired me to come up with the gimmick I am currently using, which received rave reviews locally.

+ El Local – AKA Ricardo Rodriguez – is a great all-around talent. You can sense the urgency in his ring work, though he needs to get Elbow Pads that fit, or he doesn’t look like the serious wrestler he can be. This was his first NXT outing. Xavier Woods – AKA Consequences Creed – is also an impressive individual. He used to be a spot monkey but has been with WWE long enough where it was hammered out of him (which I’m hoping will happen in time with Adrian Neville). This was his first NXT outing as well.

+ NXT has some great Divas. From Audrey Marie to Summer Rae (even if her gimmick is a bit too out-there at times) to Paige, these are all true female wrestlers.

Impact Wrestling

+ Bully is #1 Contender without a match? Well, Bully seems to be receiving some benefits from this A&8 thing, isn’t he?

+ While it’s a Hell No rip-off, I like the Aries/Roode tandem. It has the potential to be better than Hell No, actually. They are both comedic geniuses, and they have great chemistry together.

+ The heel psychology in the 8 men tag was great to see. It was realistic at times, and at other times funny, but it worked. Having Joseph play damsel was also a good move.

+ Rockstar Spud isn’t half bad. He has a lot of polishing to do, but he has a good base to go from.

+ Good, some info on AJ. I was starting to fear they’ve just forgotten about him.


+ WWE is doing something very important with the WHC storyline – it touches real subjects and issues in a critical way. Both Zeb Colter and Alberto Del Rio raise important points with real substance that you usually just don’t see in wrestling. I know it’s sometimes “not allowed” in the USA (which is a shame considering the 1st amendment) because people get hurt by everything nowadays, but an extreme political character like Zeb Colter standing opposite Alberto Del Rio makes the audience think one way or another, and that’s always a good thing. WWE gets more publicity and becomes a more respectable product as a result. The next step for me would be removing face/heel boundaries and making conflicts more apparent and less “this guy is right, this guy is wrong”. Then you’ll have some great social commentary along with an interesting product. Shield standing for justice with extreme measures also started great, raising the question of end vs. means, but they were taking to heelville to the extreme. Same goes for Damien Sandow – he started out with a real goal – unignorancifying (I can make up words) the Honey Boo-Boo enthralled masses – but was cartoonised. When he’s pushed, for example, going on a media tour as a realistic(ish) character talking about his cause in a serious fashion will do wonders for WWE and his character. I truly think this sort of move to substance-based content and social commentary will improve WWE to no end – as well as open it up to new audiences and get media coverage. For more read the Landau Landscape I posted a few days ago. [Note: When I say I’m back, I mean I AM BACK. 2 posts a week, how do you like them apples?!]

+ Speaking of the WHC Storyline, I find it funny how Smackdown was in Mississippi of all places, talking about racism. Isn’t it a bit early to spew racial hatred? I mean slavery was just now abolished!

+ JBL is a marketing genius, and it shows in his commentary – ever since he returned he has been creating an image for Smackdown consistently with his commentary as the “wrestling show” of WWE. His “we fight on Friday night” may seem little, but it does the job. “That’s why we love Sheamus on Smackdown [as a response to his brutality and toughness]” and other sayings like that can and do create in the fans’ minds a certain view of Smackdown – it’s a show for the toughest of the tough, for the most physical of superstars. A wrestling show as opposed to the entertainment-centralized RAW.

+ I like the new WWE title belt. It’s elegant, but keeping with some of the themes of the old belt.

+ Colter talking down Barrett was great. I was afraid the gimmick was about to go out the window with Barrett congratulating Swagger, but Colter’s comeback was great and very on par with the gimmick.

+ Smackdown had some great matches.


+ Heyman’s promo before jumping Vince was strong, as is the norm with Heyman’s talking.

+ Well, that escalated quickly. Brock and HHH tore the house down to open the show.

+ CM Punk’s promo, while about a very generic topic that was beaten to death by so many before, was good.

+ This is what The Great Khali is good for. SHORT matches, to make others look impressive.

+ All I’m going to say about MizTV is that it was exactly everything I wanted it to be. This sort of programming is what I advocated in the Landscape and again here in the Rundown.

+ I like the Maddox-Vickie tandem. They appear to have good chemistry together and I like the direction this is going in.

+ I loved the WM 21 goes Hollywood videos. Glad we got a look back at them.

+ R-Truth feuding with Sandow also has a lot of inherent value with Sandow representing Elite culture and R-Truth representing a more earthly approach.

+ Believe in The Shield.

+ So it appears Swagger’s push is still on, and I for one am for it. Not that he deserves it, but I think this feud needs to continue to completion.

+ Well, that’s all there is to say about RAW. Oh wait, THE MOTHER EFFIN MAIN EVENT! That was a great match. Cena looked like he came out with the mentality of putting on the best match possible, and it showed (some very little things by him were done brilliantly in a way you only do when you are EXTREMELY motivated to succeed). I hope this will make Cena critics accept him as the great wrestler he is, as I believe that was his motivation. This match was wrestled very realistically and it made the big spots feel that much more important. There were homages scattered throughout to previous Cena-Punk matches in a beautiful way. This match told a great story. They left it all out there, the ref had to call for them to ease the stiff blows but they were having none of that. They pulled out moves they never use otherwise (PILEDRIVER!). They had just the right amount of finisher kickouts in my eyes (1 each). If this was the end of the Punk-Cena saga, it could not have been done better. Ladies and Gentlemen and others, THIS is how a wrestling match should be wrestled.



- While Wyatt’s gimmick is amazing, for it to be affective he has to get into shape. The fact that he was out of breath after a squash in concerning, and him breathing heavily while controlling Harper and Rowan did not make his character look nearly as awe inspiring as it should have.

- How did Banks vs. Marie get booked on the same day Banks was attacked?

- I am beginning to see an unsettling trend of people relying on Headscissors takedowns. It’s a bad move unless used by people who can make it look good. None of the people using it nowadays can make it look good.

- Graves going after Langston following the taping is a bit… random.

Impact Wrestling

- I just wish companies will start knowing the rules to wrestling matches. For example – you can’t tag a guy in when you’re on the apron. You have to be in the ring, and tag them over the top rope. Now, knowing that, notice how many times guys tag in between the middle and top rope, and in TNA notice the tag move of Kaz and Daniels where Daniels tags Kaz in when they’re both on the apron. I have to give kudos though – Chavo got the pin after the hectic finish to the match, and he was in fact legal. Storm got confused and tagged him in instead of Hernandez and tried to make up for it by tagging in Hernandez (Hernandez came in before the rest did, revealing the mistake), but Chavo was, nonetheless, legal.

- Why were pins broken up in the 4 way ELIMINATION match? That makes zero sense. This goes back to my earlier point. Also – Too many pin attempts were WAY too close to the ropes without there being a rope break by the person being pinned. I get that Tessmacher was supposed to be pinned by that move, but her proximity to the ropes made that spot very bad. She should have kicked out and went to a winged finish. And the way Taryn Terrell pulled Kim off the ropes – I get why it was done, but it was not justified. She should not have counted, which she did correctly. Taking Gail’s hands off the ropes was too much. This might go on to a storyline, but it was a bad way to get it started.


- Too many video packages of stuff we have already seen on other shows. Which is a shame as this was a good Smackdown and I would have loved to see more content on it.


- Remind me again how is a crippled Vince fighting Heyman a fate worse for Heyman than being fired?

- Lesnar vs. HHH in the opening segment, while strong, looked a tad too choreographed for what a brawl should look like.

- What is the point of feeding Dolph Ziggler to RyBack? Dolph is in line for a world title, RyBack is not. It was an enjoyable match, but it had more bad to it than good.

- DONALD TRUMP?! I was afraid of this moment, and now it’s finally here.

- I think it’s about time Hell No broke up. I’m getting a tad sick of this. It’s been a good few months, and now I think it has ran its course.

- Minor criticisms of the RAW main event: Cena called some spots in the match VERY obviously, he should watch for that; The STF to Anaconda reversal was way too forced to work.


? While I’ve been calling for a Barrett/Sheamus feud for ages, where does that leave The Shield? Is Sheamus going to have two simultaneous feuds?

? Some might be wondering why I have nothing against Cena putting his shot on the line. Well, the answer is – I do. However, WWE needed an opt out in case Taker was unavailable, so this had to be done. When TNA did the same thing, they did it for unnecessary drama that made no sense.

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