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Weekly Rundown: Great Format For RAW

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This blog reflects my subjective views and nothing more. If you disagree with me, feel free to voice your opinion in a civil manner in the comments section.

Hello and welcome to The Weekly Rundown hosted by yours truly, Guy Landau. This is a weekly feature on where I gloss over the important happenings in the week in WWE & TNA as it pertains to the companies' respective major shows... and NXT, in the form of bulletins for the positive happenings (under the "YES!" column, and prefaced with + signs), the negative happenings (under the "NO!" column, and prefaced with – signs), and the ones I could not decide what they were, but felt they were important enough to comment on (Under the "Maybe?" column, and prefaced with ? signs).

So without further ado, let's get started.



+ Emma should debut as Fandango’s embarrassing sister or stalker fan. Let the comedy ensue.

+ I can’t wait for Wyatt’s debut. I like how he took his nickname out of Skyrim… “Eater of Worlds”

+ I’m not sure if it made it to every broadcast, but Kane and Bryan had a fantastic, British-style humor segment.

Impact Wrestling

+ Am I the only one really liking this “reform Fourtune” idea? Bad Influence + AJ + Storm + Dirty Heels (why not throw Aries into the mix as well?), being mostly heels but also fan favorites, because who doesn’t like Dirty Heels and Bad Influence, really? Having such a team that is usually dysfunctional take on the A&8, especially considering everyone involved, could make for some quality TV.

+ 3D! Bully and Devon could win the Tag Titles and hold 3 titles. As long as they are all defended regularly I wouldn’t mind it.

+ I am liking Jesse’s new pairing with Robbie E. It makes perfect sense.

+ The X-Division is really shaping back up, talent-wise. Now it just needs to get shaped back up format-wise.

+ The backstage segment between Aries and Roode was actually really touching. It was two tough men who have too big of egos to actually admit they need each other, although it’s really obvious.

+ The idea of the fans picking a wrestler for the X-Division contender match is interesting (format’s still rotten from the core in my eyes, though). One thing that caught my eye in the vote – these are the 3 names you can offer? A guy who isn’t on the roster in Cameron, a guy still in development that we have seen but once in Spud, and someone from Bad Influence in a different outfit in Suicide? The talent pool is that thin that you have to recycle talent? Why not just let the major names who rose from the X-Division still compete for it? Why Suicide and not just Kaz/Daniels? Why not Aries or Styles or Hardy in general for that matter?


+ There’s no denying Fandango is working as a gimmick. You may think it’s excessive, but the best gimmicks are. Also, Summer Rae debuted as his dancer. It’s good as she’s a great wrestler.

+ The story of the two piranhas going after each other’s injured limb in Del Rio vs. Swagger was very well executed, for the 2nd week in a row.

+ Great promo by The Shield towards the Ambrose/Undertaker (who thought we’d get to see this?!) match.


+ The idea of the triple threat is nice, though unfair, but I’m guessing the point is Big E dominating and Teddy making a heel move. Ricardo’s recovery appears to be a tad too convenient, though. Wasn’t he all cast-y last week? Everyone getting involved made all the sense in the world, what with it being Triple Threat no DQ and all. Well done, I figured WWE would take the easy way out for this match and just let Big E dominate.

+ The Make A Wish thing was touching and also the one time I think WWE isn’t doing something like this strictly for the PR.

+ I don’t know why we got a random Rhodes vs. Orton match. I don’t care why we got a random Rhodes vs. Orton match, it was awesome. It was a really great TV match that worked on every level, from camera angles to announcers to the crowd to, of course, the ring work. It was just one of those matches that work, and I urge WWE to raise the default quality to this match or near it.

+ Ziggler vs. Kofi, while very different from Orton/Rhodes (and in the style wrestled more fitting for an opener), was another great match in its own right, though if I understood the finish correctly it was badly executed (Kofi tried for a splash but missed, as Ziggler was nowhere near where Kofi landed at any point during that interaction). Either that or my interpretation of it is wrong in which case I have to say it was stupid (Kofi tried for a crossbody but Ziggler wasn’t even on his feet).

+ I really hope Kaitlyn’s secret admirer is Rhodes. It ties the storyline back, and it gives both characters an extra something to set them apart from the run-of-the-mill WWE every-character.

+ I don’t care what anyone says about Maddox, I love the guy. He had 1 line in that backstage segment with Vickie and RyBack and his delivery stole the whole segment for me. His interaction with Cena was great as well.

+ Del Rio vs. Cesaro was another great match in its own right. It’s amazing how we have seen 3 great matches in one show, each with its own style of work. If this show was done like this because of a lack of talent, I think WWE needs to re-evaluate how they see talent. And also how they book shows. This show was the highest rated regular RAW since going 3 hours, and while it’s probably a coincidence, what if it isn’t? What if the reason for this rating was that great wrestlers were allowed to wrestle greatly? I hope this is the beginning of a turn in programming, though I remain doubtful. There was a perfect mix of action to story advancement in this show. There were 3 great, long matches, because a 3 hour show can afford that without giving up on story advancement. Allowing for longer matches will also help relieve some writer burnout.

+ While the dance-off was unnecessary and just a way for Fandango to advance his feud with Jericho, I just want to point out how he HOOKED. THE. LEG. IN. THE. RUSSIAN. LEG. SWEEP. He didn’t the last time he did it, I just attributed it to the move not being a leg sweep as it was sort of a standing variation of whatever sort of Neckbreaker the ZigZag is. I don’t know if the leg sweep was because of the size of Khali, or because he forgot the only other time he did the move, but it was there. So few sweep the leg in a leg sweep it’s absurd.

+ Not only were there 3 great singles matches on RAW, but there was also a very solid main event with some excellent psychology.


Impact Wrestling

- Try to sell it as you might, the “Calf Killer” is a horrible move. I can see the intention behind it, but it’s sloppy, slow and ineffective.

- “Aces & Idiots”? Boy, Storm really got them.

- It seems Tara has really become irrelevant since losing the title, as she has been appearing less and less.

- It makes no sense for Taz to say that Hogan better not come back when Bully wants him to answer the challenge. In A&8 unity is important as it’s a key factor for the group.

- I have checked out the new Knockouts site. You know... journalistic duties and whatnot. As it turns out it has nothing more than lingerie pics. Real step up for the knockouts…

- Is that really how it goes down? Hogan goes over Bully by his lonesome after knee surgery? That was a very weak ending to Impact Wrestling, and the Sting surprise did nothing for me either.


- What a crying shame giving Regal vs. Barrett all of 1 minute.

- Show/Sheamus/Orton/Henry is the “meh”iest storyline going on TV now. I feel there really isn’t anything to it. It seems like no one in it is actually putting any effort into it. I would like to see it culminate in a fatal 4 way for the #1 contendership for the WHC, with Sheamus pinning Orton, or one of the other two after Orton hit an RKO on them. Then, Orton should cost Sheamus the WHC, turning heel in the process. That is the ONLY saving grace I can think of for this storyline.

- I think Ambrose vs. Taker would have benefitted more from Rollins & Reigns coming in right before Ambrose tapped and causing the DQ. It's a very small nitpick though, and I really liked the post-match stuff.


- There is something about shameless American promoting (i.e. Domino’s Pizza) that is absolutely pathetic in my eyes. JBL made fun of it (at least I hope that’s what it was) by throwing in random “I love Domino’s” during these segments.

- Um… Tug of War? I was half waiting for him to say “THAT’S WHAT I DO” after pulling Tons of Funk over the line. That would have been hilarious. Same goes for the dance segments. I’d replace those with serious story progression and leave the structure the way it was this week for all future RAWs.

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