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Hello and welcome to The Revamped Weekly Rundown, hosted by yours truly, Guy Landau. For those who do not know, this is a weekly feature on WrestlingNewsWorld.com where I gloss over the important happenings in the week in WWE as it pertains to the company’s present and future in RAW and NXT in the form of bulletins for the positive happenings (A.K.A "YES!", prefaced with + signs), the negative happenings (A.K.A "NO!", prefaced with – signs), and the ones I could not decide what they were, but felt they were important enough to comment on (prefaced with ? signs).

Now, without further ado, let's get started.


? On one hand, Shield vs. Punk was solid. On the other, I hate to see The Shield having dissention which could lead to a potential breakup. I think they still have a lot of steam. Also – I’m still looking for that face run. Fingers crossed.

+ AJ vs. Nattie was solid.

+ Rhodes winning was a great decision and that wonderful tag match kept me on the edge of my seat. I saw some botched spots, but they were all covered up extremely well.

+ Miz vs. Kofi is shaping up to be a solid midcard feud. I hope they don’t abandon it just yet.

- While I understand the problem with having both Punk and Bryan go over, I think in this case it was essential.

+ I liked that the WWEWHC match ended clean with no outside interference. It deserved that.


+ I don’t know if it was intentional, but the image of Orton on the ramp in the beginning, with the WWE title in his right hand and the WHC in his left, with the people he took those respective titles from standing accordingly (Bryan Right, Cena Left) with him raising both titles over his head was beautiful and poetic.

+ The fact that with Cena just saying “I wasn’t talking about me” the fans erupted into “YES” makes it obvious that Bryan is the rightful contender (if not champion) to the level of consensus, and that to me proves that his treatment in the Orton feud paid off. Let’s just hope WWE doesn’t drop the ball now.

- The WWE Tag Team Champions are in a match with possible championship implications. Let’s take a selfie and have the camera zoom in on it. TWICE.

- Bad News Barrett on RAW is what happens when you take a comedy gimmick that was meant for sketches and try to make it serious, and work on TVs.

- Summer Rae has got to take acting lessons.

? Well, This week is certainly about Tag matches, isn’t it?

+ I can’t wait to see Brodus Clay’s monsterous…ness come out.

+ Shield in a great match as usual.

+ Brie has really improved lately. She was fluent and solid.

? Bryan vs. Orton was great, except for Bryan no-selling the arm in way too many occasions and Orton no-selling a lot of Bryan’s offense because of his chipped tooth.

+ The image to end RAW, of Orton holding up both belts (again in parallel to the people he took them from) after having such a pathetic display of how un-champion-like he is was also a great image.

NXT (available for free on hulu.com for those in the US)

+ As expected from the participants involved, the opening tag match was awesome.

- I don’t think holding a title for 150 days (in Emma) is impressive when you NEVER DEFEND IT. That’s strictly a knock on creative. How long has Emma been #1 contender now without getting her title match? Paige has only defended the title twice so far – once against Summer and once against Natalya. Emma has been the #1 contender for months now and for some unexplained reason got passed up by Natalya. The women’s title picture is an absolute mess. Also, Sasha can’t act! And the Paige Turner (even if she transitioned into it in a cool way) is a horrible move! /EndRant

+ The backstage segment between Cassidi, Amore and English actually had some solid comedy in it.

+ THE AMERICAN WOL…PITBULLS! (Davey Richards and Eddy Edwards, Billington and Keyhill in WWE) While I despise both men’s lack of psychology, they do have potential under the WWE banner to learn that aspect of wrestling. They had a very polarizing match against one another last year in ROH, with me being on the hating side of it. It had very impressive physical feats and had some very flashy moves – but that’s it. No substance to it whatsoever. It was just move into move into move. In WWE developmental they will learn how to tell a story and could become very enjoyable to watch.

- Case in point – I counted 7 unnecessary errors in their work in this match. 2 had to do with the chain work – Richards (Billington) on both occasions did some illogical move on the arm in the chain of the match, which should be the most believable and fluent part of the match. One was a transition that required the opponent’s full cooperation and would never work in a real match, the other was a very weak arm ringer flip that would never flip the opponent. The third was, again from Richards, a very bad selling of a flapjack executed to him by O’Brien. In a flapjack you can sell the body, and you can sell the face. You can sell both for all I care. But you have to know what you are selling. Richards did not know what he was selling and it was obvious. He agonized in very general, non-committing pain. It was also very unbelievable. The 5th was, after an admittedly brilliant save of a botched spot by Richards (I won’t fault the botch itself, that sort of thing happens and the mistiming that caused it was not necessarily his fault) he sold being dropped on his head after what looked like a very strong move done on him. Then he was covered and Victor got barely a 2 count, when I thought it deserved more of a near fall (especially since he was going to tag Edwards in 10 seconds later, so it didn’t really matter if he was more or less injured because of that move). The 6th was that right afterwards they redid the botched spot, making it allthemore obvious that it was a botched spot, and something that is generally ill-advised, especially considering the spot – a backflip counter to a back suplex, a la Christian - was very unimportant to the match itself. Although for all I know redoing the spot was Victor’s decision. The 7th is the lack of long-term selling. In the final minute of the match Richards looked like in the opening minute, even though he got most of the punishment in the match. (which is also the only reason I believe he stars this “things that irked me” list, as he was the one most in the ring. I haven’t seen Edwards lately but he used to be plagued by the same shortcomings as Richards.).

+ All in all I hope the wolves sign with WWE because that long list above is things they will definitely improve in, and will make them truly great.

- I honestly can’t justify Neville in the Lumberjacks match. There was just no reason to slap Breeze and there was no reason to lay EVERYONE out with a dive. As far as I’m concerned Neville (the character) got what was coming to him.

That’s all for this week, don’t forget to come back next week for a brand new Weekly Rundown.

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