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Weekly Rundown: I'm Back, Bay-Bay!

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This blog reflects my subjective views and nothing more. If you disagree – which is encouraged – feel free to voice your opinion (in a civil manner) in the comments section. Also, I am always open to constructive criticism of the writing format, phrasing, etc.

Hello and welcome back to yet another edition of the Weekly Rundown hosted by yours truly, Guy Landau. This is a weekly feature on where I gloss over the important happenings in WWE & TNA week as it pertains to the companies' respective major shows, in the form of bulletins for the positive happenings (under the "YES!" column, and prefaced with + signs), the negative happenings (under the "NO!" column, and prefaced with – signs), and the ones I could not decide what they were, but felt they were important enough to comment on (Under the "Maybe?" column, and prefaced with ? signs).

 So without further ado, let's get started.

Quick note: After a hectic couple of weeks I am back in full force, as evident by what I think is my best Rundown yet below.



+ Thank God Cesaro won the US title. Santino has been butchering every bit of prestige that Ryder & Ziggler restored to it for way too long. Now with the brand extension sort of over, I hope they take this Swiss opportunity to make the US title what it has truly become, both geographically and prestige-wise – the European title. It's much below the IC title, no matter what WWE says. And in that spot it actually has room in the WWE. The Midcard title, as it were, below the upper-midcard IC title that leads to one of the main event titles.

+ FINALLY WWE called it like it is. They keep saying Jericho hasn't won a "big match" since returning, only during Summerslam did they say what they meant by that – that he hasn't won a PPV match.

+ Is the chops ban in WWE finally over? Well, it makes sense now that Flair is potentially back.

+ Bryan is slowly becoming my favorite performer in WWE. I never thought that his acting and character would be more impressive than his ring work, but it's starting to be just that.

+ I really enjoyed Miz' work in his match with Mysterio. It was a great match, continuing a trend on the show.

+ I was afraid AJ was losing her crazy touch, but I am gladly mistaken.

+ I noticed how well del Rio has been building his Cross Armbreaker – almost never do you see anyone get out of it. When he locked it in on Sheamus, you could see the crowd jumping because it has been planted in their "wrestling lingo" that this move is a devastating, arm-breaking move, which made Sheamus getting out of it that much more impressive. Look at the reactions to that from the fans, the announcers, etc.

+ Big Show, Punk and Cena all did a great job in making Show seem unstoppable, and then stopping him. The amount of times he was taken off his feet towards the end was excessive, though. Also – Punk going over was the absolute right choice.


+ Heyman gets how to put his man over. He put Triple H over so much that it made Lesnar's victory that much more important. I'm glad the name ban on referees is over as well.

+ I had to pause RAW and laugh out loud after seeing the participants in the tag match. Ryder & Kane vs. Bryan & Miz is brilliant – especially considering both Kane and Bryan have turned since their individual feuds with these men and are now of the same alignment as them. This is some genius booking right there as far as I'm concerned

+ I like the Mahal/RyBack feud. It is quite original – keeps RyBack squashing while having a feud.

+ Michaels' segment was powerful if slightly melodramatic, especially with (most) of the crowd going along with it and staying quiet and letting it sink in.

+ Having Ziggler go over Jericho for his career the night AFTER SummerSlam, in the main event, is absolutely the right choice.

+ I love mic work between Cena and Punk, and RAW was no exception.


+ I like the idea of a different announcer for each match based on current storylines.

+ I think it's great that Slater's stock has improved in WWE. He deserves it.

+ Del Rio beat Orton CLEAN! I did not see that coming.

Impact Wrestling

+ despite all that was done to get there, I like Taryn Terrell being the new knockout referee. We know she's capable of being a good on-air character from her time as Tiffany in WWE.

+ I know some don't like him, but Robbie E works so great. His nuances are nothing short of brilliant

+ I've never heard this stipulation for the BFG series before, but it makes A LOT of sense and solves a problem I've been having with the BFG series – every competitor faces all the other ones once. That way everyone has the same amount of matches, which would have otherwise been my problem with the BFG series. I'm not sure they announced this at all before, but if I haven't noticed it than it probably didn't get enough emphasis.

+ Very impressively directed segment to end the show.



- Jericho was a bit off for the first couple of minutes for his opener with Ziggler – and come to think of it, in general, ever since turning. In this match he had some ugly-looking spots as well as very visible spot-calls.

- Sheamus didn't sell the arm at all during his match. That's a big switch from it being taped on Friday.

- The double tapout finish to the WWE Championship match would've worked much better had it been possible for Cena to actually lock the STF on Show… It was not possible from that spot, simple as that. Besides, the whole thing was redundant.

- Why was the live performance necessary? It wasn't very good and it just took away PPV time. The divas were VERY unnecessary for it. "Summerslam make some noise!" "[a very apparent lack of noise from the Summerslam audience]". The camera looked at the very few that were rocking to the song - mostly the employees that were paid to do that (i.e. Lillian, Cole, Justin Roberts). It's a good song, it just doesn't belong on Summerslam as a performance.

- I must say HHH vs. Brock disappointed me. It was a brawl, but it didn't have the same air to it that Cena vs. Brock had that made it magical. It was intense, but it bored me at times. I knew that the Pedigree, nor the F5 would end it, as that was just too obvious. In a different note I'm not sure how I feel about Lesnar using the F5 – it doesn't fit him anymore.


- Cole saying "Lesnar broke the spirit of the entire WWE" doesn't go well with the cheering Brock was receiving at that moment.

- Heel Cole being the one to know Little Jimmy isn't real says something about the storyline… Are we really expected to believe Little Jimmy is real?

- Seriously, WWE has got to stop with these D-List, trashy celebrities as social ambassadors.

- Truth called a spot so vocally and obviously that he realized it and covered his mouth in a very unsubtle way once he was in a Chinlock by Titus. It's not a big deal, we all do that, but then again not all of us are champions in the biggest wrestling federation in the world. He acted rookiely, which should not happen with his seniority and position.

- Cody should seriously not be losing this much.

- A #1 Contender Divas Battle Royal. OR: What you do when you have no creative plan. Regardless, it was a horrible match.

- RAW's Jericho vs. Ziggler was way too choreographed as opposed to the match they had the previous night. It was just spot after spot. And here's something that was really weird to me – On SummerSlam, Jericho kicked out of the ZigZag following the knees to the ribs, with nothing whatsoever being on the line. Then, on RAW, he doesn't manage to kick out of the exact same spot – in a much shorter and less grueling match - to save his frickin' career? That doesn't add up to me. What probably happened is that the stipulation was originally slated for Summerslam, but they wanted Jericho to win a PPV match, so it was moved up to RAW on a moment's notice. So, they went with their planned match and added another minute of content to make Jericho victorious, and then re-did it the following night. However, the whole thing was poorly planned.

- "The great career of the legendary Chris Jericho is over – now let's go on to a movie trailer!"

- 3 hours of RAW – 3:15 actually from what I understand – and there's no room for the only title change of Summerslam, the US Champion. Let's face it – the US title is the European title, and we should call it that now. There's no point in treating the US and IC titles as equal, because they are by far not that.


- Is it just me or are the piped in crowd responses becoming increasingly obvious… and annoying?

- I said it before and I'll say it again – I hate seeing Cody reduced to feuding with Sin Cara. That being said, he described Sin Cara pretty well on commentary when he spoke about metaphorically taking his mask off. Just to show how bad Cara is – he botched the back DDT by Slater. You can see he started falling too soon (though Slater masterfully held him up despite it) when he actually shouldn't have helped Slater in the move at all.

- Santino's segment was terrible. When a person loses his title and that's what he does, one might wonder what said title means to said person.

- Ziggler has too many failed cash-in attempts. It makes him look bad.

Impact Wrestling

- I never understood how the evidence stacked up against Storm. If Storm was behind it he wouldn't have had Angle beat down because that stops him from getting points. I would also have never had the guys NOT beat me up cause that's a sure giveaway. In fact I'd be one of the first guys getting beat up just to clear my name. Storm not getting attacked by them even after being accused shows he doesn't control them. On the same token, Storm getting beat up by them doesn't clear his name because it's just one beatdown that he could've arranged to clear his name. If anything, Storm finally getting beaten down after so long and so many accusations is what makes me suspect him – but I still think it's Hogan as he's the only one who's beatdown was never seen.

- Brooke losing then winning the title was really unnecessary. Also – she's still very tacky with her performance on the mic, too green in the ring and her finisher is still the second worst in wrestling history after The Stroke. She's OK overall, but definitely not worthy of taking the title off Gail Kim, especially when she still needs so much work. Tara, on the other hand, was great and showed some subtle veteran work.

- I don't know how a broken shoulder X-ray looks like, but I highly doubt it's THIS obvious.

- Oh god… A paternity test? Telenovella much? "I'm sorry to my fans who had to put up with this crap" – you don't know the half of it, AJ. At least (I hope) this storyline is finally over, after maybe one more match between AJ and Daniels.

- Chris Lewis SUCKED. Plain and simple. He was out of shape, and out of his league. He's a bad wrestler, no two ways about it. That was a very bad performance. He didn't know where he was in the ring, too many luls in the match when he was in control, AND when he did perform moves he did that very badly. If there was ever a person who should not get a contract, it's this guy. Gunner was afraid to hit him with the TKO, and justifiably so. Gunner was great, Lewis was not.

- From a points standpoint Anderson just couldn't afford to win via pinfall. He needs 10 points to tie with #4, and a pinfall got him 7. So why on earth would he even go for a pinfall? I realised that as soon as they showed his original score, and any pinfall attempt that followed that could have potentially won him the match was rendered illogical at that point. Early covers to tire Bully Ray out are fine, but for example a cover after a neckbreaker has the potential to win him the match and make sure he is out of the BFG series standing.

- There have been too many Superplexes and Superplex attempts throughout the show.

- Very basic: Anderson can't be using the Kenton while Jeff Hardy is also using the Swanton. Kennedy stopped doing that in WWE when Jeff returned, because every wrestler should have a unique offensive arsenal. When Anderson is using it as a signature and Hardy is using it as a finisher, what does that make of the move?

- What ever happened to Crimson? He used to be such a mainstay on the roster, but since his loss he appeared once, to job to Devon.


? Ziggler vs. Jericho was NOT a good opener. Now, before you go and flame me in the comments section, let me explain: Ziggler vs. Jericho was a showstealer, not a crowd warmer. The opening match can't be wrestled like a main event, because that makes the rest of the card look bad and potentially burns the crowd early. Think of 'Taker vs. HHH from this past WrestleMania – the amount of residual content needed to make the crowd hyped up again for Rock vs. Cena was big – I think 2 throwaway matches and 2 comedy segments, but don't quote me on that. Ziggler and Jericho wrestled a main event caliber match. It was a good match, but if they knew they would be the opener (which they probably did) I'd think they'd work the match accordingly. As far as I'm concerned it should've ended after the knees to the ribs followed by the Zig Zag, which would have already been a very high caliber level match. Another point that I should be taking into account is that this show stealer of an opener was followed by Bryan vs. Kane, which kept the fans vocal while lowering their expectations from the action. So I don't know what to think about Jericho vs. Ziggler's placement on the card. Either way the match did do wonders to Ziggler's stock. Even in loss he looked SO strong (not to mention his victory the following night).

? I don't know if Lesnar return is a sudden hint at his character or a WWE oversight. He could be returning because he won so he knows he can win (after quitting because he lost to Cena), OR WWE could just be forgetting that Lesnar quit before SummerSlam and that his "return" was a one-off against Triple H – AND that there is still a lawsuit pending against Triple H.

? Sheamus' victory overdel Riowas weird, especially since it doesn't REALLY seem to be going anywhere.

? Was Vickie… coming (sexually) for Ziggler's offense in his match on Smackdown?! That's… Ugh.

? FINALLY Antonio has a new theme! BUT it doesn't fit him one bit!

? While I liked seeing all 5 tag teams in a single segment on Smackdown and the implications that we may see Gabriel & Kidd and The Usos more often, the fact that an entire division can fit in a single segment is disturbing

Weekly Comment Question:

Your question of the week is: What did you think of Ziggler vs. Jericho, both on RAW and on Summerslam? Did you like how WWE did things? What would you have done differently?

Leave your answer in the comments section below, and don't forget to come back next weekend for a new edition of the Weekly Rundown!

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