Weekly Rundown: Payback Rules (Ryback - not so much)

Weekly Rundown

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Hello and welcome to The Weekly Rundown hosted by yours truly, Guy Landau. This is a weekly feature on WrestlingNewsWorld.com where I gloss over the important happenings in the week in WWE & TNA as it pertains to the companies' respective major shows, in the form of bulletins for the positive happenings (A.K.A "YES!", prefaced with + signs), the negative happenings (A.K.A "NO!", prefaced with – signs), and the ones I could not decide what they were, but felt they were important enough to comment on (prefaced with ? signs).

So without further ado, let's get started.

A note to begin with: I am sorry for this week being late as well as limited (no IW rundown). I am going through the last stretch of high school and thus am under a lot of pressure. However, high school will be over by next weekend, and then I will be back full force. There is a strong possibility that because of all that I have to do I won't have time to watch wrestling next week (Ironically enough, a big part of that is a philosophy dissertation about Pro Wrestling that I'm doing that's due next week), so there might not be a Rundown unless I can get someone to cover for me.


+ As expected, the opening segment was great. It was both funny and touching.

+ Great opener between Cesaro and Sheamus.

? I usually hate sponsorships, but this one was done relatively well.

+ I’m a happy camper if 3MB are winning. They are 3 great talents that are unfortunately mostly used for their immense ability to put others over.

- I thought of this after the fact – why did WWE not put Big E in instead of Axel for the IC title? They could have gotten the title trio they wanted for Ziggler’s stable as well as have one for The Shield.

- I think The Shield’s first defeat was badly handled in my eyes. My first pick would be that The Shield never lose in 6 men action. You can do that and break them up for other reasons down the line. When these 3 careers get big you can do special unifications like DX and the Brothers of Destruction do, as The Shield has already become one of the best 3 men teams in history. The heat will be there, and you could always bill them as undefeated as a trio and thus creating yet another wrestling history legend. If that wasn’t an option and I had to have them lose, I would definitely do it on PPV. The pop their defeat got was wasted on a free taped show. They don’t have to defend at every PPV, and I think there could have been a better time to have them drop the streak.


+ You know how I am about entrances, so it’s good to see the IC champion entering last despite being the arguably smallest star among the 3 competitors.

+ What a great opener! Hot crowd, great opener pace, inventive finish. There is really little more one can ask for from an opening contest. Axel winning the IC Title on father’s day could not have been more perfect, and how emotional he got because of it made it even better.

+ While it wouldn’t work for anyone else, Vince congradulating Axel & Heyman makes sense even though he had a feud with Heyman a little while back, simply because of his vindictive nature. He’d do anything to get unfer Triple H’s skin about now, and it shows.

+ AJ vs. Kaitlyn was an absolutely superb match. Great story, great performance by both women, and I was gripped from start to finish which is rare in Divas matches. This is what the Divas division could and should be. Only in Chicago would a crowd yell “you tapped out” after such an emotional scene from Kaitlyn.

+ Here’s an idea for WWE – Miz is babyface, and so is R-Truth. WWE is lacking credible contenders for Hell No, so why not have Awesome Truth, who main evented PPVs against The Rock and Cena, contend for the titles while building back other face teams as credible contenders for The Shield’s dominance.

+ Ambrose vs. Kane was a great match psychologically. Ambrose had a gameplan throughout and he stuck through it, all the while taking a lot of abuse, biding his time to strike the final blow and win via countout. Watching the match back can give you some insight, as Ambrose took some shots on purpose in order to get ahead. He let Kane kick him out of the ring, he let Kane reverse Old School, and it all culminated in the slap to send Kane’s judgment out the window. Beautiful showing which I’m sure will be overlooked by many as just okay.

+ RVD returns in MITB, after being the 2nd Mr. MITB. That’s great for WWE, as it’s bound to freshen things up.

+ Ziggler & Del Rio did a great job of keeping the face/heel divide relevant for the Chicago crowd. Del Rio was the de facto heel in the match for the crowd, as Ziggler played damsel for most of it. Del Rio was absolutely brutal in working over the head of Ziggler in the match, as working over his opponent is arguably his strongest attribute. This match did a lot to get Ziggler over as having great endurance, whether he turns face or stays heel, he will be seen as a strong wrestler after this match in the eyes of a casual viewer. I have no idea why Ziggler dropped the title, but I’m guessing there’s more to it than just bad booking.

- Del Rio’s post-win promo was very odd though, considering how he was a full-blown heel in the match with Ziggler, yet acted as a full-blown face in the promo

- I have to say Punk vs. Jericho didn’t do it for me for some reason. It may have been the excessive use of false finishes, it may have been the fact that they switched from gear to gear far too quickly and remained in 5th for far too long consecutively, it may have just been me being tired by the time the match started. I don’t know what it was, but I wasn’t as captivated as I expected to be. The false finishes didn’t work for me either, and them being the major selling point of the match means that I wasn’t sold on the match.

- Why did The Shield come in before RK-No?

+ Nope, it wasn’t that I was tired for Punk-Jericho as Shield-RKNO held my interest throughout. There were a lot of great subtleties in that match, as with any Shield match.

+ Cena vs. RyBack was explosive. It was everything it needed to be.

+ As you can probably see, I think Payback was a great effort by WWE. The glitches in it were few and far between.


+ Del Rio works so much better as a heel, it’s good they turned him back.

+ How big was Payback that we got so many turns and so many title changes that the landscape is immediately changed a lot in WWE after it? Ziggler (one would assume) and Punk are faces, Del Rio is heel, AJ is the new Divas champion, Axel is the new IC champion, Del Rio is the new World champion. And it was a B level show!


+ I like how Vickie is credited for all of the wonderful booking of tonight. Colter and Heyman should be made co-head writers of RAW. Or one over RAW and one over Smackdown.

+ Rhodes Scholars vs. Sheamus was wonderfully done. Sandow beat Sheamus and it made sense.

+ I am not against Bryan going after the WWE Championship.

+ Orton was showing heel tendencies against Bryan. I’m not talking about the rakes of the eyes, as that’s just Orton under no DQ. I’m talking about breaking the 10 count punches on 7, the worst possible number to break on for the audience. I don’t mind heel Orton. His out of character talk to Bryan afterwards was a really classy move on his part.

- It’s a shame Bryan got injured. I hope we get to see this match get to a finish in the near future.

+ I like Stephanie’s character. Her telling Kaitlyn not to interrupt her paints her in a more realistic, shades-of-grey light.

+ Vince keeps fighting HHH passive-aggressively and it’s working.

- Here’s my problem with Cesaro & Colter’s alliance. Colter told Barrett, an ENGLISH speaking foreigner, that he’s just as much a part of the problem as Sin Cara and Del RRRRRio were. This pairing goes exactly against his previous claims. I also find it funny that the word Colter said right before Cesaro’s Swiss-German rap song came on was English. This pairing is unnatural and it shows. At least their hypocrisy is being called upon by the announcers.

+ Cesaro and Regal had a great match with the time they were given.

+ Let’s all just take a minute to applaud Mark Henry’s performance. Just… Wow.

+ I am loving the struggle for power storyline going on here.

+ What a great ending to RAW. Heck – What a great RAW!

That’s all for this week. Don't forget to come back next week (if I can manage to find a way to get one up) for a new edition of the Weekly Rundown!

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