Weekly Rundown: The Final Edition


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Hello and welcome to The Final Weekly Rundown, hosted by yours truly, Guy Landau. This is a weekly feature on WrestlingNewsWorld.com where I gloss over the important happenings in the week in WWE & TNA as it pertains to the companies' respective major shows, in the form of bulletins for the positive happenings (A.K.A "YES!", prefaced with + signs), the negative happenings (A.K.A "NO!", prefaced with – signs), and the ones I could not decide what they were, but felt they were important enough to comment on (prefaced with ? signs).

Before we begin, as announced last week this is the final edition of the Rundown. I am going to the army (which is mandatory here in Israel) to the Intelligence unit, which will take up a lot of my free time which is now being used to watch wrestling. More on the future of my postings here on the site can be found in the end of the piece.

Now, without further ado, let's get started.

Impact Wrestling

+ It’s an interesting way to start Impact, asking Magnus how he feels about almost getting it done.

- I don’t care if TNA wanted to start a feud between E.G.O. and MEM, they should not have tainted the finals of the BFG series. It could just as easily have been done in the Magnus/Roode Semi-final match instead.

+ Sabin is turning heel. I knew there had to be a reason for giving him a month-long title reign. Don’t be confused though – I still don’t think it was worth stopping Bully’s reign, it’s going to make AJ’s BFG victory less meaningful.

? I am going to reserve judgment of Hardy going over clean, perhaps he’ll get a title shot or in some manner be involved in the title picture.

+ Great attention to detail in EY coming out to celebrate with ODB.

? I’m torn on Bully’s treatment of Brooke. While he is a heel and should show abhorrent behavior, there’s demeaning and then there’s tying a girl to a chain.

- Regardless, there’s a huge dissonance here. Bully carries her out with a chain and then defends her against the club? All this can do is create the false image that chaining your girlfriend and walking her like a dog is a show of respect.

+ I like the A&8 implosion instead of defeat storyline. By BFG Bully will be left alone because from the start A&8 was only about helping him, and they are finally starting to realize it. Bully’s ambition was his rise and will be his downfall, and I like it.

- The Tag Team Titles match between the Mexes and Beer’d (Beer+Beard, copyright pending) was announced a day before that Impact Wrestling. What on earth could have happened in that day to change plans?

- I have to say Stiffler looked horrible refereeing the main event. He had zero control over the match, he saw every other dirty spot and did nothing about it, because frankly he can’t end the match early by DQ. The match was horribly booked with Sting allegedly winning against Daniels behind the ref’s back and having the win stolen – but neither Sting nor Daniels were legal!

+ Great worked shoot by AJ. I agree 100% about what he said about the X-Division, as I am sure he really believes. And while Dixie needs some acting classes, I am all for this direction for her character. I just question the timing. One would assume TNA would want to start this storyline AFTER BFG, when AJ is already champion and the A&8 have been taken care of for good. My assumption is that from watching WWE the idea of a corrupted owner seeped in and is manifesting itself now.


+ I liked the opening video to Smackdown. The subsequent segment was also OK.

+ An 11 on 3 handicap gauntlet match sounds interesting.

+ Naomi vs. AJ was a solid match. Naomi is the type of diva you rarely see and she is a very valuable asset to the division.

- I found it funny how Zeb Colter talked about that European wrestler of not being legally in the country and blaming him essentially of not being an American. You know, the former US champion, a person who apparently disrespected America and the United States. Antonio Cesaro…’s partner, Swagger, faced that person, Santino Marella.

I was going here for the hypocrisy of Zeb for aligning with Cesaro, who during his reign for months would hamper the USA, and then goes around and bashes Santino for being European, when Santino never actively criticized America as part of his gimmick.

+ Heyman calling himself “Best in the World” is a great way to generate heat.

+ RyBack squashing jobbers is what he excels at, he should do that more often.

- Here’s the problem with putting Bryan last as “punishment” in the gauntlet. The last person in is the most fortunate. He either doesn’t go in at all, because The Shield have been defeated already, or he goes in against The Shield when they are most exhausted.

? I was loving the gauntlet, until it was stopped. It progressed logically, although I don’t think RVD would or should have won.

? This is completely random, but has anyone noticed there isn’t a single babyface champion in all of WWE?

? Putting Ryder and Gabriel against The Wyatts is a brilliant idea, it gets them TV time and it gets the angle over. However, just once I would love to see them in a match that lasts over 2 minutes. That’s about all 4 men.

+ The subtleties of Triple H’s character are lovely to see. He tries to look like a face while being completely manipulative. He always gets away from looking like the bad person he is, because either Vickie or Brad do his dirty work. He then scolds them and gives superstars pseudo-gifts that are concealed punishments.


+ I love how I can clearly see the logic behind each and every one of Triple H’s actions against Bryan. Remember, he’s the cerebral assassin, and he knows how to manipulate people under false pretenses. And even the use of the WWE app as a source of corruption (the way Stephanie said that you can only vote through the WWE app was definitely done in a way that was meant to generate heat) is very well done. The great thing about a platform like WWE is that even when something is being done very subtly they have the announcers to explain it to casual viewers via talking about it. Those include his attempts to drive a wedge between Bryan and the faces, and the fact that most of the participants in the 11 on 3 handicap match are in brutal matches in earlier in the night.

+ Kofi vs. ADR was a really solid opener. Kofi has been really improving recently, although some of his offense I still can’t stand. The thing is his unorthodox style is very important to include in programming, as WWE doesn’t (or didn’t) have many diverse styles. However, stuff like the Boom Drop and the chops he uses during his comeback really irk me.

+ Finally The Wyatts are in a match that’s longer than 2 minutes!

? Miz TV had its ups and downs. I didn’t like what Miz was saying to Show, Show punching Dusty was done to prevent The Shield from doing worse and was absolutely the right thing to do. But then Stephanie came in and said a lot of harsh stuff that rings very true to Miz’s character, which was very well done on her part. And then Big Show’s absolute lack of restraint in knocking Miz out shows some development in his storyline which is nice to see.

+ RVD being destroyed by Orton when he still has another match later on works well for both storylines. I love it when dynamic parts of a story come together well.

+ Finally Los Matadores are about to debut next week.

? Is Brie babyface now?

+ It’s great to see Fandango incorporating more dancing into his ring work. He pulls it off well, it looks like he took some dancing classes for his character which is always a nice level of dedication.

+ CM Punk is the best even in getting cheap hometown pops. Did you see that?! And I could listen to Punk and Heyman for hours on end.

- I realize it was due to time constraints as Punk/Heyman probably ran long, but there’s still no way that a 10 person match ends in less than 2 minutes.

? Rhodes and Goldust attacking The Shield is a great little addition to the programming, but Goldust having his face paint on is really unrealistic. I understand it was done so he would be recognizable, but the announcers could have made light of it being him without the face paint.

+ Shield vs. the faces made The Shield look like a million bucks, and it did so realistically the way only The Shield can. The Shield eliminated 7 men realistically in a tag match. Let me say that again because as a wrestler that’s really impressive both from a booking and from an in-ring standpoint. 3 men eliminated 7 in a fair tag match atmosphere. Also notice that the only men not eliminated are the number one contenders for the corporate-held titles – the WWE (in a sense), US and Tag Team championships. It was subtle enough, but it was the case.

+ Here’s the reason I think Triple H made the 11 on 3 handicap match – He was already shown throwing people off the bus with Scott Armstrong being ‘fired’. The Shield being put in this environment is a small price to pay for the chance to alleviate the pressure off him and focusing it on The Shield. The Shield, being very strong characters, took it upon themselves happily. And they proved their worth, eliminating more than twice their own number.

+ This is the final Rundown, at least in its current format, but I am glad I’m leaving when the wrestling world is in a peak period. WWE programming is the best it has been in years and TNA is heating up towards BFG and going in a new direction. Now I don’t know what will happen with my regular posting on the site, I will have to see what my new schedule will allow. Whatever happens, this version of the Rundown is definitely done. At most I will be able to post RAW Rundowns and PPV Rundowns, at worst I will only be able to post the occasional opinion piece. I will do my best to remain at least partially active here, though. Thank you all for the continual support and feedback, and with that in mind, I wish myself the best of luck in my future endeavors. :)

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