What Alberto Del Rio's Return Means To WWE

Alberto Del Rio

The WWE built up Cena to be virtually unstoppable, and then ADR returns to win the US Championship? Someone explain this to me! This is disrespectful to anyone who's faced Cena for the US Championship, from Rollins to Neville, and especially to Cesaro, and even more especially Kevin Owens!

So many men have stepped up and proven, over and over, as Match of the Year contenders with John Cena for the US Championship this year, and it ends up being Alberto Del Rio returning who wins it in an extremely lackluster match? What is the WWE thinking?

The WWE has always been so great at creating characters, and then the WCW stole them. Creating characters was a strength of the WWE, even if they were sometimes too cartoonish. The superstars and the fans worked them out to be something beloved, or hated. But, somewhere in there the WWE, somewhere after guys like Triple H, Austin, Taker, Jericho, Rocky, and even Goldust stopped being weekly main eventers, and the only real main eventer on the roster was Cena, the ball was dropped into a deep, dark, seemingly bottomless pit. The only guys who seemed to get over on any regular basis, other than Cena, were the part-time superstars who came back to bring the ratings or buy rates up. The same could even be said for the Dudley Boys returning to the WWE recently.

But, somewhere in there, while we were complaining that there was only Cena and part-time superstars, Triple H changed the game, and turned NXT into something great. NXT became the breeding ground for characters that the WWE used to have. Some of the best, okay, almost all of the best, young characters, young superstars, came out of Triple H's NXT, and proved they could hang with the big boys in the WWE. Okay, not all of them were great off the blocks, Zayn was injured before he got in the ring with Cena, but he still gave us a jaw dropping match. Ziggler might not have come through NXT, but he's worked hard and keeps hitting that glass ceiling, not making it to the main events.
The only superstar who has truly done well coming out of NXT has been Rollins, even though Reigns has been pushed hard. Possibly the best all around superstar from The Shield, Ambrose, is still wallowing in not even having a decent storyline or feud! Then there's Bray Wyatt who sucked mat as Husky Harris, but is finally proving his family name, but still not in the main events.

Those main events are still relegated to the older and established guys, like Cena, Orton, Kane, Taker, Brock Lesnar, and whoever they might be facing at the time. Yes, Rollins has been in a lot of main events this year, but he's WWE WHC, so he's almost guaranteed to be in some main events. It seems as though the WWE thinks only the older guys can carry the main events, all the while their top face is getting more heat than anyone else on the roster, and there's huge Cesaro sections full of signs for him. Kevin Owens gets more chants and heat than Orton did when he was a top heel. The fans LOVE Ambrose, and even Reigns is getting some solid pop from the fans.

Yes, there's certain demographics that aren't getting covered as much as VKM thinks need to be covered, but the roster is full of guys who are more than ready, more than over, more than beloved or loathed by the fans, yet the WWE brings in ADR to defeat Cena who is taking some time off. What sort of sense does that make in the grand scheme of things?

I know VKM has thought that Rey Mysterio's leaving left an opening that needed to be filled, so they brought in ADR and Sin Cara. Both of them bombed in their own ways. Sin Cara stopped a match for a hurt finger, and that's after proving he had a glass jaw, so he was out. Then there was ADR. ADR who stated publicly that he wasn't happy within the WWE, didn't like anyone there, didn't put his all into his matches, didn't show any heart or soul in the ring or out, and then was released over attacking someone over a racial incident. ADR was already in the doghouse when the final incident occurred. He was on his way out of the company in a huge way, but because VKM thinks a demographic needs to be filled, a man who is a cancer to the WWE has been brought back. It didn't work when they brought back Batista and pushed him over all the promising young superstars who deserved it, and it won't work with ADR!

How far will VKM take his need to prove he's right? How long will it take? How low will the ratings go? What about the buy rates? VKM took over for his father with a vision for the future of the WWF, a vision for the future of the industry, and he took it there in a most glorious way! But now his vision is holding the WWE back, and pulling it backward in some regards. Not pushing the young talents to the top where they belong, not listening to the fans, not listening enough to Triple H and Stephanie is hurting the WWE as a whole. VKM not understanding how the world is changing, the way he felt his father didn't understand his possible future for the industry, is only hurting the WWE and wrestling. Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it, and bringing ADR back to the WWE, over the young superstars who should be in the main events is repeating some of the worst of WWE's history.

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