What Happened To The Main Event Scene?


This Sunday is the WWE pay per view, Payback. The main event features a Fatal 4-Way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship between Roman Reigns, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, and champion Seth Rollins. This is a pretty big match, but why doesn't it feel like that? That reason, is due to the fact that WWE practically has no main event stars to make their top billed programming feel like a must see attraction.

Dean Ambrose is hot with the crowd, but he hasn't had any confidence booking. He just got his first pay per view singles win in a very long time at Extreme Rules. Minus that and a few ending moments of Raw where he remains the last one standing, and Dean Ambrose has just been a directionless character stuffed with other directionless characters in random directionless feuds; sometimes for directionless championships. The new surge of confidence isn't a correction of the wrong. If anything, it almost proves he won’t win at Payback because of how sudden his rise has been. It’s like how the one standing tall at the end of the go home episode of Raw hardly ever wins at the pay per view...oh right. Roman Reigns on the other hand has been pushed with confidence to the point where the fans have rejected him. He has been going over with the fans, but his reactions are so unstable that any huge push would have him booed right out of the arena. Randy Orton and Seth Rollins are the only two out of the equation who are seen has top guys at the moment, but are they treated like that?


The answer is no, and Kane is the reason why. When Randy Orton returned to feud with Seth Rollins, it was a classic revenge story. When Seth Rollins won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Randy Orton was automatically a contender. Unfortunately, their rivalry has been far from the animosity between the two and their past between each other. It has been about Kane and Seth Rollins animosity, with Randy Orton being the good guy that in more cases than one, has been the representative in Kane’s disdain for Seth Rollins and his arrogance. This has continued onto Payback, but instead of just having one guy face Seth Rollins, we have three, and the story has them all set as background feuds to Kane. Think about it, Seth has betrayed everyone he is facing at Payback. He got Randy Orton kicked out of The Authority, he ruined Roman Reigns’ chance of becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania, and he continuously prevents Dean Ambrose from getting his revenge against him for turning his back on The Shield. This entire feud should center around all of these men and their revenge (or Payback) on Seth Rollins. Instead, the main hook is whether or not Kane will help Seth Rollins keep his title, and his job. This is all in relation to WWE Creative’s lack of confidence in their talent’s ability to sell tickets; in other words, they don’t see them as main event stars.

Still don’t believe me? What has been done to elevate this main event. From what I can tell, Kane continues to put Seth Rollins in situations he doesn’t like. He complains to Triple H, who stresses that the two must work together. While this happens, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Randy Orton continue to fight in random matches, sometimes against Seth Rollins. These last few months have been more about building towards a match between Seth Rollins and Kane than anything else. I can’t help but think that WWE feels they have to include more of their known names, because they don’t see anyone else who fits that main event status. The only other guy that could is John Cena, and he is off restoring prestige to the United States Championship. Daniel Bryan was another guy considered to be main event quality, but he is out for injury again.


WWE’s lack of faith in their superstars or the characters crafted for them has left their top matches on their pay per views lacking. That must watch feel we got from other matches back in the day is gone, when we should be incredibly pumped to see all three of the members of The Shield and Randy Orton facing off, but it feels like a B level pay per view instead. No wonder Brock Lesnar is needed so badly, the man creates that must see feel. Too bad Vince can’t tell he created that problem himself. So what happened to the main event scene? WWE lost confidence in anyone to step up and be a main eventer. Whether that is because of the numerous failed superstars they tried to push down the fans throats that got accepted, or because they genuinely don’t see many worthy for that position, the main event scene is practically non-existent, and it has left WWE putting emphasis on older talent than on current talent and their story.

Do you feel the same about the main event scene in WWE? How would you fix it, or who would you consider to be pushed to the main event scene? Let me know in the comments below.

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