What If - Roman Reigns Had Won At Wrestlemania 31


Welcome to the first instalment of a new series I decided to start entitled 'What If....' where I will look at scenario's past and present that have happened in WWE, and asked the all important question of what would have happened had things turned out differently. For my first instalment of the series I thought I would go back to an event that occurred less than 6 weeks ago and ask myself what if Roman Reigns had won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 31? Would it have been the catalyst for something big in the next stage of Reigns career? Or would things have played out similar to what we are currently seeing?


With the title in his hands people will question whether or not Reigns would have been able to carry himself as a viable and true champion? I believe he would. Reigns has proved without a shadow of a doubt since making his main roster debut that he is one of the most talented and strong up and coming stars of the current crop of talent from NXT. Roman has shown us he can more than handle himself in the ring and he has had to deal with his fair share of critics over the last few months which I feel he has dealt with exceptionally well, especially considering the amount of abuse that he would get because fans didn't want to buy what WWE were trying to market to us with Reigns as the next possible face of the company. Reigns has demonstrated as a Tag Team Championship holder that he can run with a top belt and I believe in his ability to have a successful run as a singles champion in the coming years.

Would a win at Wrestlemania have done anything for the popularity of Reigns? Like it or not it seems Reigns was destined to be the next top guy in WWE, and while the scenario that played out at Wrestlemania might have always been plan A, it's not impossible that the negative reaction to Reigns since winning the Royal Rumble forced WWE into a plan B situation that saw Seth Rollins cash in and walk out the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. I think once the WWE Universe adjusted to Reigns as the champion his popularity would have grown. It was evident that the WWE Universe had wanted Daniel Bryan to win the Royal Rumble, and the booing of Reigns was intensified because of this. But once Reigns beat Bryan at Fastlane to solidify his place at Wrestlemania 31, the booing and criticism seemed to drop off a little. Given time I believe Reigns could have gotten the WWE Universe on his side, as beating Brock Lesnar would be a huge accomplishment for anyone's career, which brings me to a point about a win legitimizing Reigns as a champion.


A win over Lesnar at Wrestlemania would have given Roman some serious legitimacy, as Lesnar had been an absolute beast in the ring for a good year plus prior to their match. Lets remember that Lesnar ended the undefeated streak of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30, which is a huge deal, and went on to be probably the most dominant champion of the last decade by destroying John Cena on his way to capturing the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam 2014. A win for Reigns in this situation would have solidified him as the next top star in the company and would have given him some strong momentum to go on and become a well respected champion. Reigns would have been booked to look strong off the back of such a big win as opposed to how current champion Seth Rollins has been booked to be more an old school wimpish heel. Reigns could have shown in this situation just how strong he could be and I think he would become a force to be reckoned with that would make him a truly difficult champion to defeat.

With all the talk of a Shield reunion being on the cards in the coming weeks there could have been a possible feud between all three men off the back of Wrestlemania 31, which could have seen a possible failed attempt by Seth Rollins to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase following an attack by Dean Ambrose, and the three meeting in a triple threat match at Extreme Rules, and even continuing the match into Payback. This would have been a very exciting feud to watch play out on screen over the next few months as all three former members of the Shield have gone on to be huge successes in WWE, and could potentially have seen several match of the year candidates as a result. We will get a little taste of what they can all offer in the fatal four way this Sunday at Payback, but the thought of a triple threat between Reigns, Rollins, and Ambrose is mind blowing.


The question of what would have happened if Roman Reigns had become WWE World Heavyweight Champion will not be answered and will never maybe become clear but I believe Reigns has all the attributes in him to make a convincing champion. Yes he still needs work on his ability to cut a promo but the Roman Reigns, who everyone saw as the greenest member of The Shield, has proven to us since his arrival in WWE he is here to stay and to become one of the top guys in the company. While we all wonder how his reign as champion might have gone had he beaten Brock Lesnar, we will no doubt some day get to find out if Reigns really does have the making of a champion.

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