What Justin Bieber Could Have Done For WWE


It was revealed that this week the WWE had been in negotiations to have pop star Justin Bieber compete in a match for the company. When this news was released I could hear the collective grown of the WWE Universe, mixed with a sigh of relief that the company perhaps dodged a bullet that would have felt more like a suicidal blow had it gone down. The match Bieber was claimed to be involved in would have seen him team with John Cena and the Big Show to face off against the Wyatt Family. While we are not exactly sure how far negotiations between the two parties got it appears clear that WWE appear to have the interest in working with Beiber, and he is willing to work with them. So you’re probably all wondering what we the writers of WWENews.Net think about such a story. Well I’m here to tell you why this would have been a POSITIVE move for WWE and it would have been great for the WWE Universe too.

Justin Bieber

Imagine the worldwide press and buzz the appearance of Justin Bieber in WWE would have generated. Bieber headlining one of WWE’s biggest events of the year would have generated a cross stream buzz, meaning more people than ever would have purchased Summerslam on traditional Pay Per View methods or even subscribed to the WWE Network. Like him or not, Bieber and his Beliebers would bring a huge audience to the product. Bieber would have most likely being the one getting the pin for the victory too, which would only have benefited his image. And it's not just Bieber that WWE could have attracted with this. The company could then look to bring in other celebrities, obviously if it is right for the product and not just because they can, and continue to make WWE one of the cool places to go for celebrities again. Remember it was all the rage back in the Hogan era and the company could become that same juggernaut again.

Of course it’s not just pay per view rates that would have benefited and increased for the company too, as there would need to be a build up to the match, meaning Bieber would have to appear on WWE television. This is a move that would surely have driven up ratings and increased the popularity of the product, meaning the creative team would have had to write more compelling television to keep those ratings up. Bieber has a hugely dedicated fan base who will literally eat up anything Bieber does so the lure of checking out what he is up to on WWE television is sure to be enough to get them tuned in. Not only that but the demand for tickets to WWE shows is bound to increase from this. Even if Bieber isn't on the house shows there is bound to be a section of his fan base that are converted into fully fledged WWE fans. It then brings on a chain reaction as any celebrity involved in the WWE is bound to bring and convert some of their fan base with them.


Not only could this move together have been a good move for WWE and Bieber, but it may even have benefited John Cena, who it was said would deliver an Attitude Adjustment to Bieber post match because he would get annoyed with Bieber celebrating like he just won the World Series. Even Cena’s biggest haters would surely have loved to see Cena do that and would pop big style for it. Everyone keeps saying Cena needs to do something different with his character and while many will agree this would just be a small time move that generates a cheap pop it could still make a huge impact on the character long term standing. As painful as it may sound to some it also sets up another possible money making match pitting Cena and Bieber off against each other. It doesn't have to be at Wrestlemania, in fact it could be at one of the B-level shows as it is likely to at least generate more interest in the show.

It’s possible there are still plans for WWE and Bieber to work out some kind of deal in the future especially given Kane’s recent reference to Seth Rollins as the Justin Bieber of WWE. This most likely isn't just coincidental and is very likely to have been a deliberate planting of a seed for something later down the line. Whether that proves to be at Summerslam this year or at another show the company runs remains to be seen. It's possible the two parties could reach an agreement to even bring Bieber in to work on the biggest show of the year in Wrestlemania 32. Whatever the case this news story is likely to only fare up the rumor mill around this story, and it isn't impossible that this could even restart the negotiations between both sides. Either way this move wouldn't be as bad for WWE as many fans seem to believe it would and in my mind could be quite a good thing in the long run.


So are you convinced Justin Bieber and WWE could have been a match made in heaven? Or do you still think the company would be crucifying itself by even thinking up such an idea? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below and let us know what you think.

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