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What Now For Daniel Bryan?

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The breaking news today is mainly centered around the removal of WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan from the companies current overseas tour. When asked to comment on the subject earlier WWE simply told Wrestling News World "Daniel Bryan has been removed from the remainder of WWE’s UK tour as a precautionary measure". The current belief is Bryan's removal from the tour is far more than just a precautionary measure, with many fans believing the removal actually relates to the same shoulder injury that kept Bryan out of action for around eight months last year. With that injury being the sole focus of this story what remains unclear now ois what the future might hold for Bryan if he is unable to recover from this injury?


One of the most concerning things I think about in this whole story was the way Bryan was almost seemingly rushed back into competition headed into 2015. Bryan had just come off the biggest moment of his career at Wrestlemania 30 by winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, and successfully defended the title at Extreme Rules a few weeks later. While Bryan was out it was unclear just to what extent his injury had affected him, with there ending up being a scenario where Bryan had one surgery, and it was speculated on several occasions he may have needed a second. The quest now needs to be asked; did Bryan really need to have the second surgery and didn't have it because he wanted to come back early? Did he feel pressure from the higher ups in WWE to get back to action sooner rather than later? Or did he really not need it and this is just unfortunate?

While there's a part of me that believes Bryan legitimately didn't need that second surgery the thought remains in the back of my mind there must have been some internal pressure on him to make his return to the ring. While we will never know if this is the case, unless either party speaks on the matter, there will always be questions around this. What makes me think is there was internal pressure on Bryan is the way his return was handled. WWE promoted Bryan as being a part of the Royal Rumble, yet at the time he hadn't actually received the medical clearance to return to action with clearance only being given that night. Surely the company should be putting the health of it's talent first and should have waited in Bryan's clearance. Having him as a surprise return at the Rumble might actually have reduced some of heat directed at Roman Reigns for being the winner. By announcing Bryan before hand the company got the fans hopes up of a Rumble win for the returning Superstar, a move the company would very quickly realize was just stupid.

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This isn't the first time Bryan has had to miss out on a WWE overseas tour. I remember going back to last year when WWE came to Europe, and literally about a week or two before it was announced Bryan had to leave for the emergency surgery that would keep him out of action. While he managed to compete on some of the UK dates this time this will be another huge blow to Bryan and the company as many fans across Europe will be left disappointed over the remaining four nights WWE is over this side of the pond and refunds will no doubt be potentially offered again. While this hasn't been ideal for Bryan, I'm glad to at least see that WWE is taking measures to ensure he remains safe and does not continue to work and aggravate any potential injury further.

While details remain sketchy about what the future holds right now for Daniel Bryan, the question now turns to what is going to happen with regards to his in ring future? Clearly Bryan had not recovered from the original injury he sustained, leading me to question if he can indeed recover from this. Remember, Bryan had to have neck surgery, something that can very easily spell the end of someone's career. Given the high flying, fast paced style that Bryan wrestles as well he will have done himself no favors by not toning down his style. Whether the problem is with his neck or right arm this is not good news for Bryan, or for WWE, as ultimately if the issue cannot be resolved then it's possible Bryan's in ring days could be numbered. Even if he comes back from the issue there is also the risk he could become labelled as injury prone, meaning his days at the top could well already be numbered. I hope this isn't the case but the fact he came back and still isn't feeling right leaves me to question if Bryan can recover from this set back.


Bryan is now on his way back to the US, and I have no doubt as soon as he touches down he will be going straight for some kind of assessment on his injury to determine the extent of what is wrong and the time he could be out. Hopefully taking a few weeks out to reset and recuperate again will help him recover, but if a second surgery is needed it has to be a concern for all involved and will lead to much speculation about Bryan's future. If Bryan has to miss a year of action to recover then I would rather that happened if it meant he could come back and wrestle again than see him rush back and potentially cut his career short through further injury. Until any news comes out about what happens next for Bryan, I'm sure there will be plenty of speculation over the coming days and weeks. All I know is I believe Bryan came back too soon and is now paying for it. Fingers crossed right now that this really just is precautionary and it's nothing serious and lets hope we see Daniel Bryan back in that squared circle sooner rather than later.

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