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Where Did It All Go Wrong

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WOW, well it seems like things are working out really well at TNA. The new regime is so great and successful that 3 of the most popular wrestlers in TNA decided to leave the company, WOW just wow. GREAT JOB!!


You see what's happening in TNA nowadays is really interesting but not in a good way. One has to really wonder what the hell is going on?! With Joe out of the picture you don't really have a true face to represent the company. When AJ Styles decided to leave something wrong happened, I got the feeling that a huge part of the company is gone. But I really didn't get this feeling until a couple of weeks ago. I asked myself this question, who is the real face of TNA nowadays?? Who is this guy that truly represents the company?? Who is the company's go to guy?? Honestly?? No one. People like AJ and Joe had something that made people love them. I can't really describe what it is, but you just could feel it in the air. Let's talk about me for example, every time I saw AJ coming out face or heel I got this joy feeling inside of me, IT'S AJ FREAKING STYLES!! Our true hero. Like Daniel Bryan at WWE, every time he comes out people go freaking crazy, they can actually relate to him and so was AJ.


People wanted AJ to end the Aces and 8s, why?? Because he was the guy, the champ, the true star of the company. Not Angle, not Sting, not Hogan, but AJ. Those are really huge names but people wanted AJ. So with AJ out of the picture it made sense to push whoever is next in line and the answer was obvious, JOE. Joe might not be as big as AJ but he has it, people love him and his anti- hero gimmick. Whenever he comes out you hear the ''Joe is gonna hurt you'' chant loud and clear. But what happened?? What did TNA do?? Nothing, and that's the problem. TNA failed in using Joe's popularity and instead they kept giving him uninspired stories and shitty booking, aka the Dresden Bomber Crap - it's so shitty that it doesn't hit any place near the target. So, honestly I wasn't really surprised when I heard that Joe is really gone, I was really expecting this to happen.


Even when TNA tried to make Eric Young a hero and a champ, it didn't take them that long to turn him into a true dickhead. And that's TNA's biggest problem nowadays aside from their shitty work at the talent relations. TNA's booking is really REALLY uninspired, bad and uninteresting at all. Let me be honest with you guys and I hate to say this but TNA's booking is as bad as WWE's, both are boring, don't make sense, and not that engaging at all. The puzzling part is when it comes to matches, yeah, TNA knows how to deliver but what's a good match without a good build?? Last year's Undertaker match was so poorly built-up that if it wasn't for it's shocking ending no one would have given a damn about the whole match. A build up is an important part of wrestling or main stream wrestling in general. And that's the thing, some people just want TNA to be about matches - wrestling only but, seriously guys, we are not talking about an Indy company here, TNA is a mainstream company that mainly depends on the mainstream/normal wrestling fan who want to see interesting stories that lead to great matches. And even with silly stories like AJ's affair it led to the formation of Bad influence, but now the stories just don't lead to anywhere.


It's really hard to understand and digest whatever is TNA doing, hell who wants to see MVP fight for the belt?? Where is Aries?? Or Bobby Roode?? No offense, MVP is good and I like him but do the fans want him to be the champ?? To fight for the belt?? I don't know, only you the fans know the answer...

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