Where Does The Beat Down Clan Rank As Factions?


Since the formation of the Beat Down Clan (BDC) in 2014 I have been wondering will we remember this faction in 20 years? If you have a memory like the lead character in TV show “Unforgettable” a fan may remember them in the future. If you have watched TV show, you will get my point. When we think of memorable factions we think of the legendary ones such as the NWO, Four Horseman, Devastation Inc., and Degeneration X. Every major promotion has a faction that changes the landscape within the organization. There are some that are put together that simply just don’t work. Sometimes there is no chemistry, pop, or even fizzle. Something is missing.

I think ideally when a promotion bands 3 or 4 wrestlers you are hoping one of them becomes a major star. This is where I think TNA goes wrong. When you look at The Beat Down Clan I am not seeing the performance of the group elevate. They are solid wrestlers individually but don’t see “it” collectively. MVP is the leader but he isn’t Hollywood Hogan, Ric Flair, or Triple H. MVP doesn’t have what they have. All three of them are legends but they were leaders that made their factions. They seemed to carry and be the gel that holds their factions together. Samoa Joe once part of The BDC had already proven himself as a star. He was already born. Bobby Lashley was already a star too. I can’t see or not seeing Low Ki becoming a major player. I like Kenny King’s talent but again I’m not seeing him as major player down the road either. When the creative team assembles a faction they need to watch closely the dynamic of the group. Is it progressing? How are the fans reacting? Are the wrestlers within the faction making each other better? These are the questions that TNA should be asking themselves. The storyline and angle is important, but it’s not as important as the development of talent.

This comes back to my original question. Will we be comparing The BDC to WCW's Dungeon of Doom 20 years from now? Is it that bad? I don’t think it’s that bad but we can’t put it up there with the Four Horseman or NWO. I think it’s a 100 feet below from the Main Event Mafia and 5 feet above Fortune. It’s just there.

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