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Why Is It So Hard To Be Creative?

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Last night we saw the Money in the Bank ladder match, a match that is typically a standout moment on the WWE calendar. While the show itself was actually pretty good, Cena and Owens tore the house down, Ambrose and Rollins lit fire to the rubble that had been left, Titus O'Neil finally got his first WWE championship, but the actual ladder match itself wound up being a bit of a let down. Overall the spots were impressive for the most part, don't get me wrong, but you can't put on a face paced, entertaining matchup and wrap it up with a tease of an amazing twist only to just go back to the same thing WWE has done year after year. The possible moment literally had me on the edge of my seat, I actually got ready to mark out like I haven't in many years, but in a flash it was right back to disappointment. While I'm not really mad about Sheamus possibly being a main eventer again, lord knows the man has the ability to pull it off, but to have him win the Money in the Bank is completely absurd and should have never happened.

Missed Opportunity

Sheamus, even with his ridiculous new hair style (I don't mind the beard, but seriously, a freaking bright red mohawk?), has proven time and again that he can go with almost anyone and in his heel days he's been able to handle the mic a lot better than when he was playing his cheesy babyface gimmick for so long. I won't say he doesn't deserve to be in the main event, but at the end of the day he's got the cache to be in the title picture already, he shouldn't have to Money in the Bank to reach that level. A match like Money in the Bank should mostly be utilized to elevate someone who is currently outside of the main event picture into that role, not to push an established star back into the fold. The only thing I can hope for is that WWE decided to go with Sheamus because he's established and can handle a loss in his cash in without losing any real momentum. I like Sheamus, I've campaigned for him to be a heel for quite some time, but they've reached a massive “not like this” moment by having him win the briefcase, now it's pretty much a given he'll given a title before WrestleMania, and what exactly is the end game then? It's poor planning of a storyline at it's finest.

If you didn't see Money in the Bank yet I'll give you a spoiler alert, but it's your own damn fault for not having WWE Network for on demand viewing anyway. First off I was shocked that such a high profile match like the Money in the Bank would be curtain jerking, but that's cool, it gives WWE a chance to do more in the match. Hell, one thought was that the person who won (obviously we all expected Reigns in that position if we're being honest) cashing in either during the main event or immediately after in order to take the title. When we got to the point where Reigns had the ladder set up and he started climbing with nobody else up to stop him it seemed like he would get his chance to screw Rollins out of the title as had been done to him earlier this year. Then the lights went out and Bray Wyatt's video opening started to play when the lights came back up we saw Reigns on top of the ladder and Wyatt standing at the foot of the ladder ready to shake Reigns off like fleas from a dog. Wyatt knocked Reigns from the ladder, hit Sister Abigail, and I instantly sat up and took notice, something big was about to happen...but, once again, I was let down.

You see, for years I've advocated something I've seen done on the independent scene, something that makes a ladder match just a little more “must see” than you typically think one should be, someone not “officially” listed as in the match climbing the ladder and walking out with the prize. When you think about it, the one thing you always hear is that the first person to climb the ladder and grab the title will be crowned champion, this should also hold true for the Money in the Bank match. When I saw Wyatt drop Reigns I thought we would finally see someone take advantage of this seemingly massive loophole, Wyatt taking that briefcase would have been an amazing moment and would have sparked a crowd alive like never before. He could take the case and still started his feud with Reigns, Roman would then be looking chasing Wyatt in order to try getting back the briefcase that he felt was stolen from him by this man who had absolutely no place in the Money in the Bank match. It would be the classic babyface chasing a heel champion storyline, while part of me would want to see Wyatt keep it and eventually win the title, but letting Reigns chase after this case, once he finally got his hands on it the sky would be the limit.

I swear, the more I watch the more creative for WWE pisses me off with these missed opportunities. Sure, they have moments that make total sense like Owens dropping the second match in his series with Cena, but to have a potential GAME CHANGING moment like Wyatt stealing the contract from from Reigns slip through your fingers is utterly ridiculous. We have the potential moment of moments for this year staring us in the face, instead of that we get Sheamus winning the contract. Seriously? You're on the precipice of an amazing moment, instead we see a man who just two weeks back wasn't good enough to beat Ryback in the IC title match getting an all but guaranteed WWE World Heavyweight Championship run. There was so much greatness staring the WWE in the face, and instead of what could literally set the world on it's ear we're now faced with people literally hoping that this was all done in order to have the man with the briefcase fall short this time around. Maybe we'll see Sheamus try pulling a Rollins at Battleground, trying to sneak in to get the title only to be caught in a roll up by Rollins allowing Seth to retain and angering Lesnar to the point where we get a feud between two beasts. If you want to try making a positive out of such a massive misfire, I suppose that would be it, then again I've never been able to wallow in ignorance. Seriously guys, get it together already.

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