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Why Brock Lesnar Resigning With WWE Is Best For Business

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Without doubt the biggest news over the last 24 hours is that Brock Lesnar has agreed to resign with WWE, having agreed to an offer from Vince McMahon that Lesnar himself said he "couldn't refuse". The news has been met with a mixed reaction, with some fans feeling this can only further spell disaster for WWE, while others have reacted positively to the news. There are already articles on WWE News from Lee Herbert, who has reacted positively to the news, Zac Krasney, who has reacted unhappily toward the news, and Andrew W, our casual observer who has given his argument for both sides. And now it's time for me to throw my hat into the ring and tell you why this news is best for business.

Brock Lesnar 2015

Lesnar clearly has a broad appeal, with the fact he had to field an offer from UFC to return to the company, especially given the draw and possibility of him being on the same card as CM Punk. His drawing ability since returning to the WWE cannot be questioned, as whenever Lesnar appears on a Pay Per View for the company the show seems to increase it's gross income and buy rate, meaning Lesnar clearly has something special for a part time talent that the fans want to see. Given the reactions Lesnar has received from the fans headed into Wrestlemania, I have no doubt that his popularity is only bound to increase over the next few years while he remains a WWE Superstar.

It also means so much more that he stayed around, especially given that Brock was the one to end the Undertaker's undefeated streak at Wrestlemania last year, probably the single biggest shock in the history of the show's almost 30 year existence. Had Brock simply taken his ball in this situation and gone home at the end of his current deal then it would have felt like such a huge mistake giving him such a significant rub last year. This now gives WWE and Brock, and further opportunity to legitimise him as a destroyer and unstoppable force within the company. The win for Lesnar last year over Undertaker was something no fan saw coming, and his decision to sign a new contract with the company forms a stronger link to the companies legacy and history, and legitimises the moment as one of the biggest in company history and Lesnar's career.

Brock Lesnar and Triple H Small

One huge bonus we get out of this match is we now get another Brock versus Rock match, with the idea rumoured to be something Vince McMahon has wanted to do for some time now. It's no secret that had he been able to do the match it would have taken place at this years show, but with Brock's future unclear and Rock's lack of commitment to having another match the idea was shelved. Rumours now suggest Rock could interfere in Sunday's main event, setting up a match between Lesnar and Rock for Wrestlemania 32, but until the show takes place we cannot be certain. It wouldn't be the first time these two giants of the industry have faced off, with them having met back at Summerslam 2002, a match that saw Lesnar defeat Rock to become the Undisputed WWE Champion for the first of four reigns with the big one. Could the outcome be the same a second time round? No matter what the outcome, we know that Brock versus Rock at Wrestlemania next year is going to be a huge ratings draw for the company and the show.

Finally, the news of Brock Lesnar resigning with the company takes away from what was almost a certain outcome for the Wrestlemania main event this year, with many fans speculating that if Lesnar didn't resign with the company then Reigns would go over instantly. However, now we know Brock isn't going anywhere for some time this puts a whole new angle on the match, meaning we don't know who the eventual winner could be. Who knows, it doesn't even have to be Lesnar or Reigns who walks out of the show as champion. But this now means more fans are likely to suddenly care about the main event and tune into the show to see the outcome of one of the most anticipated matches to take place for some time.

While there will be many fans who feel that it is a bad thing that WWE has made a commitment again to a part timer who has done more harm than good to it's championship, this is a chance for WWE to really immortalise the legacy of one of it's most legitimate and popular stars in Lesnar. While I agree his title reign could have been better booked, and Brock could maybe have brought more to the table since his return, there is no denying that Lesnar has brought legitimacy back to the WWE, and his unbeatable status has made winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship mean something for the first time since CM Punk saw his 434 day run as WWE Champion ended. What the future holds for Brock remains to be seen at this point, but I for one am really looking forward to seeing what the beast can bring to the table for his third stint in the company.

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