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Why Brock Lesnar Re-Signing With WWE Is Horrible News

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Brock Lesnar & Triple H with new WWE title belt

WWE publicly announced today that Brock Lesnar has re-signed a contract and will be staying with WWE. This is the worst news I have heard in a long time. Oh and let me be clear before I start delving into why I hate this news, I have nothing against Brock Lesnar. I think he is a really talented guy and deserves to be booked at the top of the card if he wrestled full time. I have nothing but respect for Brock. My issue with Brock Lesnar is how WWE books Brock Lesnar. There are so many things about him re-signing that both scare the crap out of me and just make me want to punch a wall. It's not a risky statement for me to say that Brock Lesnar's time as champion has been a failure. Now with his re-signing there is the potential for that absolute failure of a championship run to continue. What's even more terrifying to me as a fan is what Vince could have done to lock down Lesnar. When I first heard the news my first thought was, "If Brock retains the title and walks out of WrestleMania as champion, I'm done with pro wrestling." I know there are a lot of fans who say that, but I'm not kidding. I love professional wrestling, with a passion that many people would, and have, mocked me for. I can take being told by almost every non-wrestling fan that wrestling is fake. I can take the cheap plugs and have the phrase "$9.99" shoved down my throat. Hell, I can even take The Authority being unstoppable with no consequences for nearly 2 years. What I can NOT tolerate a second longer than 11:59 p.m. on March 29th, 2015, is a WWE Champion that DOES NOT SHOW UP! I am sick to DEATH of having to watch every single hard working wrestler on the roster have no where to go and no championship to chase! This is the WWE, not UFC, and the WWE Champion working a regular schedule is NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Everyone has knows this phrase by heart by now, "My client, Brock Lesnar, the reigning, defending WWE World Heavyweight Champion." It is repeated week after week by Paul Heyman, and every time I hear it I wonder if WWE is trying to rib us! Calling him a reigning, defending WWE World Heavyweight Champion is like Curtis Axel saying he holds the record for being in the Royal Rumble the longest. If Brock is booked as a fighting champion why isn't he, I don't know, FIGHTING?! Having TWO championship title defenses, one of which Lesnar lost by the way, in SEVEN MONTHS does NOT make someone a fighting champion! In fact, it makes them a pretty terrible champion. Meanwhile, the WWE roster has had to find a way to keep fans interested for all the times that Lesnar isn't around. It got to the point where the WWE Champion and Championship faded away and into the background. That is absolutely, unbelievably unacceptable!

Let's be clear here, Brock Lesnar is billed as this unstoppable monster, the "Beast Incarnate," yet, he doesn't have that great a record. When first came back he lost to John Cena, he lost to Triple H at Wrestlemania, he lost to John Cena again by DQ at Night of Champions this year. He is only winning 70% of his matches since his return. The fact is Lesnar is bad for business. People who say that the numbers pop when ever he shows up are right, he does spike numbers. Then again, shouldn't your champion boost your numbers? On top of that, does the small boost in numbers balance out the low numbers that are done when Lesnar isn't around because the programming drops off? No!

The most terrifying question I had to ask myself, and everyone has to ask themselves, about Brock signing a new contract is this: What did WWE and Vince McMahon have to give Brock Lesnar to convince him to stay and not even field other offers? Thinking about the answer to that questions literally gave me chills. It absolutely terrifies me to my core. Think about it, when Brock Lesnar left UFC and WWE didn't have any real major competition for Brock, they offered him a long term, part time contract, for something in the range of 5 million dollars and included a WWE Championship reign. That's the most we know, there's obviously more to his contract, but that's a pretty sweet deal when WWE didn't have competition. Now, nearly three years later, Lesnar had options on the table. Options from big companies, with deep pockets. What did WWE, Vince McMahon, and most importantly what did the fans have to sacrifice to get Lesnar to stay with WWE? We have seen Brock wrestle only TEN matches in nearly THREE YEARS. That means Brock earned a half a million dollars per match. Daniel Bryan has probably wrestled more matches in one week than Lesnar has in three years. Vince reportedly offered him the most lucrative deal WWE could muster. I can only imagine the things we as fans are going to lose because Vince was determined to keep the king of part timing on the roster. Let's be clear, no matter what, Vince will get his money's worth. Brock will earn his money, no more, no less. The people, the fans, are the ones who really pay the price for Lesnar re-signing.

If you're overly optimistic about Lesnar's new contract with WWE then you haven't been paying attention. By spending as much as they have on Lesnar, WWE is forced to put Lesnar in main event positions. They're forced to continue to book him as an unstoppable monster. It's not like some other part timers where they can pay them a higher amount for a short time contract around WrestleMania season. Lesnar is a long term, part timer, and so they are paying him a lot of money, for a long span of time, and are promising him whatever he wants, essentially, to work in that time period. This also means that since WWE will be practically forced into shoving Brock into the main event of any major PPV Event, that another wrestler WON'T be getting that spot. There are only so many main event spots and because of the money going into Lesnar, he automatically gets a cut the line pass straight into one of those spots. Those guys that work their ass off all year round? They might get a spot, if they're lucky. Those guys that put their bodies through hell day in and day out? They can fight it out for the Intercontinental Championship, because the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is for part timers. You think the Main Event of WrestleMania is for full time wrestlers? Think again. The main event of WrestleMania is for part timers, most of whom spend the rest of the year doing anything but wrestling. Like I said earlier, it isn't about Lesnar the person, it is about how WWE books their part time talent. Lesnar just happens to be the face of part time talents who are getting more for less.

How long can WWE survive on part time talent? How long can they put over guys who are past their prime in order to bury the up and comers? The worst part is that they bury the up and coming talent and then say that no one is reaching for the brass ring. Brock Lesnar is the epitome of part time talent. Brock Lesnar is the face of putting over part time talent and burying full time workers. As long as Lesnar, and guys like him, are around there will be a staph infection in the WWE that needs to be cut out, but they just keep throwing a z-pack at the problem instead. If Brock Lesnar walks out of WrestleMania as WWE World Heavyweight Champion it will mean that WWE has decided to keep going with Lesnar as WWE World Heavyweight Champion. It means WWE truly doesn't listen to their fans, nor do they care to, even a little. It means the wants of one man, Vince McMahon, out weigh the pleading of literally millions of fans. And I can't stand it anymore. The McMahons always say that no superstar is greater than the WWE, yet they're sure acting like Lesnar is bigger than WWE. They are bending the company to please him. WrestleMania 31, put up or shut up. Either WWE tries to start a new chapter, or they continue the spiral of failure they'll been on for nearly 9 months.

Brock Lesnar

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